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Over a hundred machines filled the construction site, as the workers went about their assigned tasks.

Some workers were busy leveling up the fields, while others were marking up other regions within the territory.

They had marked up about 80 acres of land,  which was the average size of regular zoos.

On average.... most Zoos take 2 to 3 hours, for visitors to completely walk through them.

So they had a lot of land to mark up and level.

But because 65% of the Zoo was going to be outdoors, it took relatively less time for all 1000 workers to work on the other 35%.

And 9 days later, the men had successfully leveled up all areas that would have buildings, roads, fake ponds and so on.

Also.... during these 9 days, the new recruits who later joined the group on the 2nd day... were busy learning all they could from these construction veterans.

They had been overwhelmed with surprise, curiously and amazement.. as they went about their new professions.

It took a while for their excitement to sink in.... as even before their eyes, they realized how larger than life Baymard was.

To be specific.... they looked at his majesty in awe and reverence, while wondering how one could come up of all these things.

He was their lifesaver, as well as a God.

They immediately wanted to prove themselves as being worthy of his trust by doing the best they could at work.


"Senior, what is this?"

"It's called a measuring tape.

When you measure a certain distance.... always write down the S.I units as well.

That way, we'll know if it's in inches or centimeters."

"This machine is a mixer.

We use it to mix cement, sand, water and aggregates together.... so that we can form concrete."

"Concrete? What's that?"

"Ermm.... you those smooth stone-looking buildings around Baymard? That's concrete.

It's one of the materials used to replace stone when we do construction."

"Senior... am I doing it right?"

"Hm.. you're getting better.

The problem is that when you mark the fields, you don't follow a straight pattern.

Your markings are somewhat crooked."


With the land marked and leveled up, Landon quickly decided to focus on the zoo's entrance.

Immediately, he divided the men into 4 groups:

•Those that will pave the car parks, train and bus stops.

•Those that will place underground pipes, cables and so on.

•Those that will make the gate and fence

•And those that will pave the massive entrance space between the Zoo's massive gates and the car park.

This entrance space was supposed to be very huge and wide.

In essence, it would take one 6 minutes to walk from the car park to the entrance gate.

Landon wanted it to have statues of various animals at different points around the entrance.... as well as a large billboard that shows the zoo's logo, opening/closing days & hours, and so on.

Of course since the Zoo's name was already on the massive Gate up front, Landon felt like it would be redundant to add it to the billboard again.

And while all this was going on, the group that was meant to place the cables and pipes... also did their jobs

Since the pipe and cages trenches had already been dug days ago.... all they had to do was place the pipes and cables in, all the way into the park.

Landon had decided to let them continue this routine until they succeeded in completely piping and wiring up the entire zoo.

As for the gates and fences...  Landon had decided to use golden rod-like fences, like the ones used at the French palace of Versailles... back on earth.

The golden gates had to be 2.5 meters tall.... and will also be as wide as a 2-lane road.

For security purposes, 2 security posts will also be added at each end of the gate.

As well as several other security posts along different positions all around the zoo's premises.... Just in case someone tries to sneak in, or cause any troubles.

As for those who made the car park, Landon had instructed them to make the bus stop somewhere within the car park itself.

As for the train stop....Landon had also decided to place it at the left hand of the car park.

So all the workers had to do was pave a pathway for the visitors to walk from the train stop to the car park.


The workers worked swiftly, and after 2 more days, they had successfully completed the Zoo's front entrance.

They completely tarred and painted the car park.... as well as paved the entrance space using the pavers, spreaders, and other heavy machines.

Up next, Landon focused on building the first sector of the park.

This sector would have that massive building for entrance fees, booking tours and so on.

This sector also had another bus park there for the Zoo's tour buses, animal ambulance cars, and so on.

This building would be 3 Stories high... and would also be extremely wide.

On the ground floor..... one section would be dedicated to the Zoo's fire station and trucks.

There will also be multiple sections for visitor check-ins, Tour and activity bookings, A massive Food court, Zoo store for buying zoo merchandise, and the Zoo's main Security Station all at the ground floor.

Some of these facilities may even occupy up to 2 floors.... like the fire station.

If anyone back on earth had ever gone to a large mall before, then they would instantly know what Landon meant.

There were some stores in the mall, like H&M or Gucci... that had both upstairs and downstairs compartments within their stores.

So for the fire station section within the building, Landon wanted to give them 2 floors.

They would have a pole at the center and slide right back down if need be.

The Zoo's police station would also have this privilege... as they may need a cell to lock up any troublemakers, until they get transferred to Baymard's main police station.

The 2nd floor will also have First aid & Childcare center, conference rooms, Staff rooms with lockers and rest areas.

And the 3rd floor will be filled with offices for the accountants, secretaries, and so on.... and more other conference rooms too.


Construction continued as usual... and very quickly, Landom and the workers had proceeded to work on different areas around the zoo.

Apart from focusing on animals, most zoos also gave the opportunity for biological studies of certain birds and plants.

Hence Landon had also decided to create certain garden scenes around the zoo.

The plants would be labeled... and in the future, biology students could come here on field trips and learn more on them as well.

There would also be a butterfly house, and bird house for visitors to see as well.

Time flew by.... and Baymard had already entered its 3rd week of July.

Yes... it had been opened to the public for the time being.

But who knew about it being open apart from Santa?

Right now.... all he was looking forward to, was the arrival of his special guests.

A few more days, and he could finally start discussing the Treaty.