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 "Your majesty, the construction materials have already been loaded up into the trucks...  and the workers and myself are ready to go." Tim said excitedly.

He felt like today was his birthday.

Usually, he would only help out at the construction sites from now and then.

But this time, he would be involved throughout the entire process.

So how could he not be excited?

Prior to Landon's arrival in Baymard, he had always been a person who had always been fascinated by creating things in his blacksmith workshop... as well as aiding the people in building thing homes.

So when he became overseer, he didn't have the time to take on an entire construction project on his own.

But now, his majesty had givenhim the opportunity to do so.

Excitement and eagerness was written all over Tim's face, as he hurriedly looked at the design plan that Landon had given him yesterday.

In truth, he was wholeheartedly amazed by Landon's thorough design.

His Majesty's design plan had taken in to consideration 2 main criterias:

•The number of people coming over

•And how long they would be stopping by at each attraction site.

If their experience was super short and boring, then it wouldn't leave a lasting impression on the visitors.

One needed a way to captivate them, making them feel like the trip was worth it.

Plus, more people meant more money for Baymard.

Hence the design plan had to be flawless.

So far, Landon had successfully collected 11 types of Ferocious animals from his mission.

He got: Hangols, Boundals, Letchuns, Catylones, Mountain Lions, Pumas, Snow Wolfs, Cougars, Blue Bears, Green Bears and Saber-toothed Tigers.

Even though some of these animals were familiar to those back on earth.... they're skin colors and sizes were completely different.

Take for example Blue bears.... these bears looked like regular bears, but their skin tones were blue, and they could only grow up to 5 feet tall.

But for some reason, their teeth and claws were longer than regular bears... and they literally had ears that were as long as a wolf's.

Even the Saber-toothed tigers had strawberry colored skin, and were as huge as a Moose.

Infact, most animals in this world were something else altogether.

And luckily for Landon, he had successfully acquired 327 caged animals of all 11 species.

Now apart from these 11, Landon had previously asked Santa to bring 15 more types of animals when he arrived in July.

These animals were: Deers, Reindeers, Moose', Elks, Geese, Wolverines, Hedgehogs, Guinea Pigs, Ducks, Turtles, Hares, Bisons, Lynxs, Woodpeckers, and beavers.

Buying these animals wasn't particularly hard, as they were all almost everywhere within the Pyno continent.

Owning animals was seen as a sign of prestige.

People owned tigers, mountain lions and so on....just to brag to their friends, so Santa could easily get these animals for Landon.

Birds like the Woodpeckers, were very expensive and was mostly owned by several noble women.

Of course in future, he would get things like Apes from the other parts of the world.... but for now, he could only get the ones found within this continent.

Apart from the animals that would get placed at the zoo, Landon had also requested for Santa to bring in several dogs as well.... especially the Eskimo dogs that were mostly found around the empire of the empire of Deiferus, and the North and East of Arcadina.

Santa could buy these dogs from Carona as well, since merchants had been selling them all through the Pyno Continent.

Some of those dogs would be trained for the military, guard and police forces... while others would be taken care of and placed at a pet store.

Landon felt like if anyone wanted a dog, then they had the right to get them as pets.

Anyway concerning the Zoo, Landon had made plans to have 26 different types in total.


As for the structure of the place, Landon wanted to organize each animals territory based on their preferences.

So rather than placing them in tight caged spaces, he would prefer to keep them outdoors like most zoos do.

Each animal species territory, would have massive areas that are enclosed by either fences, glass walls and so on.

The key point is that the ferocious animals needed  more space to run, climb and so on.

So most zoos would create man-made rooks, lakes, caves and cliffs for them.... as well as strategically plant several trees as well.

Of course when designing these things, one needs to take into account how high and far the animal can jump from each fake cliff.

No matter what, these animals should never be able to escape their enclosed territories.

Bottom line, with all the animals and their massive territories.

To put it simply, a visitor could walk for more than 5-10 minutes around certain animal territories without stopping... like Saber-toothed tiger that was as huge as a moose or the mountain lions.

Even smaller animals like beavers, needed to have their space to build dams around the man-made streams in their territories.

Imagine 150 beavers in that same area... ... heck!, they needed all the space they could get.

That's why most outdoor zoos gave the option of having Tour rides around the zoos.. which could even take up to an hour, when passing elephants, giraffes and so on.

For Landon he had a lots of ferocious animals that needed a lot of space to form their packs or herds in that space.

Hence things like fake cliffs and caves took a lot of space to begin with.

Also, due to how high the animals enclosed space may be.... most zoos would have several wide tourist bridges at different elevation points, so that the guests can view the animals from above.

In some zoos, these bridges could even go up as high as those fake cliffs.... making the guests come face to face with the animals on top of those rocks.


As for the safety and medical care of these animals... Landon had decided that each animal's territory should have a massive building that would cater to their needs.

These buildings would have passages and compartments that connected the animal's territory to the building.

For example when it was time to for feeding, if the animals were friendly.... then the caretakers could just walk through a door from the building and step into the animal's territory.

But if the animal was ferocious... then the caretakers would stand on tall long bridges that extended from the 2 or 3rd floor of the building, and throw chunks of meat down to the animals.

In fact, one could imagine the scene in 'Jurassic World', where Chris Pratt was feeding the Dinosaurs from a bridge as well.

And just in case it was raining, they could still place the food in a large mechanical box that would dispatch the food out to the animals.

Of course when it rained or snowed, the animals could take shelter at the various caves, and other structures around their territory.

Also, when they had to be treated or vaccinated, the animals would be shot with tranquilizers to keep them down... lest they injure the workers.

Landon had based his architectural designs... as well as safety precautionary methods, from more than 12 famous outdoor zoos back on earth.

For the fact that it was outdoors, Landon just had to focus on building the roads, enclosing areas with fences, glass and other protective barriers.

He also had to create fake ponds or lakes, rocks, cliffs and other natural scenarios.... as well as construct several buildings for the Zoo.

These buildings would mostly focus on the entertainment aspect and day to day running of the Zoo.

Up first, Landon had also decided to build several one floor buildings after every attraction.

More specifically, these buildings would have drinks and foods like fried wings and icecream... and of course restrooms as well.

Also for friendlier animals like the hares and turtles.... the guests could pay to go into their territories and feed them too.

There will also be a new cub section..... where the guests would be allowed to feed bottled milk to baby tigers and other wild animals as well.

Mobing on.... Landon had also decided to have a massive building at the front of the zoo as well.

This building will take care of multiple services like: entree fees, lost & found, first aid, baby care centers, and Handicap services.

It also had an area for booking Zoo tours... as well as rest rooms, dinners, shopping stores for products like Zoo logo printed shirts with animal design on it and so on.

In addition at the front of the park, there would also be a bus stop, car parking and train stop too.

In short, Landon had made sure that this Zoo would appease people of all age groups.


Looking at the well detailed plan, Tim couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.

"Your majesty, Can we go now?"