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 The next day, Landon woke up early and headed over to the estate where the newly arrived slaves were staying.

This batch was the largest that they had ever received... and would also be the last batch of slaves that Landon would take in for the time being.

They had welcomed a total of 19,498 people from all 3 underground camps.

Everyone was young, fit and able.... with the women being all below the age of 26, while the men were all below the age of 34.

58% of the population were female... while the rest were male.

During their mission to the last 2 underground camps, they had realised that the city lords of these places had kept over hundreds of slave boys locked up in several large estates.

Apparently, these city lords had been slowly torturing and training them tirelessly... so that they could become knights under their rule.

The men were trained to be fighters, while the women were typically used as objects for lust.

These men were never allowed to leave the estates, until they had given their loyalty to these city lords.

In essence..... they resembled those ancient Roman gladiators back on earth, who fought and lived in the Colosseums their entire lives.

Spartacus was an example of such gladiators.

They were never allowed to leave the Colosseum, until they fought for their freedom about a hundred times.

Sometimes, they would battle each other... while other times, they would fight ferocious beasts.

Some had ended but fighting for more than 30 years without even winning their freedoms back.

The amount of winnings needed for freedom were just too much.... it was almost like the Roman's didn't want them to leave.

The only difference between these rescued men and those ancient Roman's, was that these ones weren't fighting with each other in front of a massive crowd.

These ones would never be freed....  they were being trained as part of Nopline's army for future wars.

Freedom was not an option.

The people of this world thought that it was a total waste to have men kill each other just for fun... so they let the women do those fights in the underground camps instead.

Men were seen as valuable resources for power.


Anyway, when they had sucessfully rescued some of the women at the 2nd camp... a few had said that they wouldn't leave without their brothers, which had left Landon thoroughly surprised.

He had no idea about these estates... so they quickly made up another plan that same night, and hurriedly rescued those 'gladiator' men.

So of course after rescuing those at the 2nd and 3rd  cities.... he had no choice but to go back to the 1st city that he had attacked and free those other 'gladiators' as well.

This while ordeal made him spend more time than he'd planned on this mission.... but it was definitely worth it.

Some of these men had been in those estates since they were 9 years old.. and had never left the place since then.

They had probably been whipped, bullied and beaten by their instructors for being weak.

Some had been there for more than 9 years now, making them had more combat experience when compared to other.

This was perfect... as he needed more military men for the Marines, Navy and so on.

But amongst these men, he was also sure that there would be many who wouldn't want to ever touch a sword again.

This was still okay, as more workers were still needed around Baymard as well.

No matter how he looked at it, this mission was truly a blessing in disguise to him.

Baymard had gotten more money, animals, over 18 carts of free grains.. which he would've probably bought from Santa.... as well as more people.

It was definitely a win-win situation for Baymard... as well as Carona.


Standing before the crowd, Landon quickly gave a shirt speech that summarized Baymard's rules and regulations and so on.

Amongst the group of 19,498 slaves:

•1,207 were children below the ages of 15 (public school)

•370 volunteered to join the hospital.

•92 decided to be teachers at the public school.

•419 decided to join the Business Academy for training accountants.. and so on, since they were learned.

•398 Government Officials... for working at agricultural council, Environmental safety council and so on.

•112 decided to be caretakers

•251 decided to be cooks

•And 7,620 volunteered to be in the military and other citizen protection forces.

From this group that still chose to still fight, Landon had decided to send

▪1,000 to the army

▪1500 to Navy,

▪1500 Coast Guards,

▪1500 to the Marines

▪800 as Police Officers

▪800 as Security Guards

▪520 as Firefighters

Of course when Landon had made it clear that women could join in as well, several girls had volunteered too....as they felt like they had to  get strong enough to protect their younger ones too.


Overall, after clearing out all the volunteers, Landon was left with 9,030 workers... which he divided up amongst all the industries and workplaces around Baymard.

He sent some to the newly established Oil industry as well.

Ever since Winter, he had specifically told them to start building individual industries for several products.

Previously, oil production was a branch under the Alchemy industry.

But now, they had finally finished construction on its separate industry.... a little distance from the Alchemy industry.

The overseer for this industry, was one of Wiggins friends... as well as the Supervisor who used to look after the oil production department.

So with his expertise and experience, Landon felt like he had left the industry in safe hands.

Apart from the oil Production plant, several other industries like Rubber, Plastic, Light bulb production industries..... were still under construction.

So once they were done, they would move out immediately as well.

Of course many departments like the car manufacturing companies, the weapon manufacturing industry and so on.... had already moved out long ago.

Bottom line, construction was always going on in Baymard... and several projects were already underway.

"Now that you all are settled, please kindly follow these officials and get your Identification cards done immediately... as well as sign non-disclosure agreements too."


10:43 A.M

After dealing with the new recruits, Landon quickly looked at his watch and hurriedly made his way to the Construction Industry.

Yesterday, he had told Tim to select 1,000 construction workers for today's project.