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 After leaving the Coastal region, Landon immediately headed towards to Lucius' office.

It was time to train Baymard's first Firefighters... as well as other military Forces.


"How do we train these 'Firefighters'?" Lucius asked.

This son of his had always managed to suprise him everytime they saw each other.

It was like his brain was an entire warehouse filled with ingenious ideas.

From what Landon had told him, these Firefighters were also seen as rescuers.

They could rescue people from trapped spaces like mines.... as we as aid people and animals during other emergency situations.

They also rescued people from within hazardous materials, poisonous gases, chemical spills, and so on.

Lucius felt like having firefighters was definitely a must.... especially for the city.

And apart from that, they also took care of fires anywhere... be it in burning buildings, burning forests and so on.

If someone accidentally lit the trees in the National park on fire, then the people were to send for the Firefighters immediately.

With radio waves and Walkie talkies around.... the police officers at every point within Baymard, could report these matter to the Firefighters as well.

Presently, the Baymard's protection forces.... like the army and police Station, all had several communication rooms within their premises.

These rooms were filled with wires, receivers and so on... that aided them in contacting their different office stations around Baymard.

Within these rooms, they could even send Morse codes.... as well as talk to each other from various offices as well.

If Landon were to describe these rooms, he would say that they were very much similar to how army communication rooms in the 18th century were.

Everything was too big... and required more soldiers to maneuver the entire thing.

On a daily basis, these rooms were filled with several soldiers that sat there for hours... as they paid attention to the radio frequency communication devices all around them.

Typically, if any emergency occurred at the other stations.... then they would get the message instantly, and quickly relay it to their supervisors.

Likewise, the police station had those as well.

For them, they would wait patiently for messages from those officers who were around the city.... as we as relay message back to them again.

If a police officer called for backup, then they'd be able to send reinforcements A.S.A.P.

Anyway, the Fire Stations would also have their own communication systems as well.

It would be good for them to rescue people faster, just in case a fire really did break out.

"So will you open an Academy for them?" Lucius asked while reading the notes in his hands.

"Yes.... but it's going to be short.

They'll study and graduate after 3 years.

And while they studied, they still needed to attend the classes at the public school as well.

Of course they would work part-time while studying... and when they graduate, they'd get hired as full-time workers by then." Landon replied.

Fires weren't the only things that Firefighters focused on.

They also had to take training and certifications for chemical identifications, leak controls, decontamination, smoke rescue situations, and so on.

Firefighters alone had to get over 7 certifications before they could go on the fields.

So when they graduated, they would get these certification liscenses, and begin their full-time jobs.

One should know that these certifications could only last for 1-2 years..... so once they expired, the Firefighters would have to keep renewing them by taking several theoretical and physical exams again.

In every field, things change all the time.

Hence, it was important for these men to stay ahead of the game when it concerned the safety of others.

"For their teachers... we'll get more warrant officers to sign up for that as well.

As for the campus building, we'll use the estate that's close to the Police academy.

I'll tell some workers to renovate the place while they study there."

"That's good then..... So now that we've concluded with the Firefighters, let's move on to the next group.

With the completion of the Boot camp at the upper region...and the Facility at the Coastal region, how do you plan to train these new military forces?" Lucius asked.

He was really curious about this particular topic.

"Well their training is somewhat similar to that of the army..... with just a few differences here and there." Landon replied.

Prior to leaving, he had asked the workers to build a boot camp or an academy.... as well as the Navy and Marine Facility at the Coastal region.

Of course with everything done, he felt like he should start training these recruits immediately.

He planned to train Coastal guards, Marine forces... as well as Navy soldiers.

Navy armed forces were only supposed to handle water based operations.

They typically dealt with any approaching enemies that tried to attack Baymard form its shores.

These forces used ships, submarines and so on... to invade their enemy's defenses.

As for the marines, they were a typical infantry force... that specialized in supporting Navy and Army operations at both land and sea.

In essence, these marine soldiers could hop from one ship to another, capture ships, and so on..... hence they were sort of seen as stealthy Pirates.

Sometimes, they could even use these ships, sail towards the shores... and raid their enemy's camp.

As for Coast guards, they were usually there for doing things like Search and rescues, and enforcing a country's Ocean laws.

If someone went out swimming, and was reported missing... then they had a responsibility to keep searching the waters, until the corpse was found.

The Coast guards were also in charge of Port security and Military readiness... as well as environmental protection for all sea life.

Lucius read through their duties calmly, while nodding his head in agreement.

As for their ranks, he was also impressed by them as well.

The Navy and Coast guard rankings were exactly the same, and were divided up into 3 categories: The enlisted, Warrant officers and Officer Grades.

The soldiers would start from the enlisted category and move up till they were at the Officer Grade category.

The ranks were as follows:

~Enlisted Grade: (takes 6 months to move up a grade as well)

•E-1: Private (Pvt)

•E-2: Private First Class (PFC)

•E-3: Lance Corporal (LCpl)

•E-4: Corporal (Cpl)

•E-5: Sergeant (Sgt)

•E-6: Staff Sergeant (SSgt)

•E-7: Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt)

•E-8: Master Sergeant (MSgt)

•E-9: First Sergeant (1stSgt)

•Another E-9: Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt)

•E-9: Sergeant Major (SgtMa)

•E-9 special: Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SMMC)

~Warrant Officers (takes 2 years to move up a grade):

•Rank W-1: Warrant Officer 1 (WO1)

•W-2: Chief warrant Officer 2 (CW2)

•W-3: Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3)

•W-4: Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4)

•W-5: Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5)

~Officer Grades: [Most take 2.5 years to rank up]

•O-1: Ensign (ENS)

•O-2: Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)

•O-3: Lieutenant (LT)

•O-4: Lieutenant Commander(LCDR)

•O-5: Commander (CDR) [3 tears to rank up]

•O-6: Captain (CAPT) [3.5 years to rank up]

•O-7: Rear Admiral- Lower Half (RDML) [4 years]

•O-8: Rear Admiral- Upper Half (RDMU) [4 years]

•O-9: Vice Admiral (VADM) [4.5 years]

•O-10: Admiral Chief of Naval Operations/ Commandant of the Coast Guard (ADM) [4.5 years]

•O-11: Fleet Admiral (FADM) [5 years]


"Let me guess, I'll be the Fleet Admiral as well?" Lucuius asked playfully.

He was the currently theonly one within Baymard who could assume such a role... so the answer was very obvious.

"Yes.... but I want some Captains and Warrant officers from the army, to also join the Navy team as well.

They have a lot more experience when handling weapons... so I'm sure that they'd be able to lead several the recruits in attacking any enemy ships successfully." Landon replied.

What if he wasn't around, and Lucius was at the city wall attacking Baymard's enemies..... then who would protect the waters?

What he needed were capable soldiers that could ensure Baymard's victory.

Hence he was thinking of having Trey and Gary focus on Battleship wars.

And since they would join this team, they could also act as Marine corps and go on missions as well.

Of course he wouldn't force them to leave the army, since he wanted them to decide on what route they wanted to take on their own.

For now, he would just give them the best of both worlds.... and after a certain time frame, he would ask them again to pick a side.

Either way, they would still maintain their positions and would still be working under Lucius.... so he didn't think that it would be a huge issue for them.

As for the Marines, their ranking system was also as follows:

~Enlisted Grade: (takes 6 months to move up a grade)

•E-1: Seaman Recruit (SR)

•E-2: Seaman Apprentice (SA)

•E-3: Seaman (SN)

•E-4: Petty Officer 3rd class (PO3)

•E-5: Petty Officer 2nd class (PO2)

•E-6: Petty Officer 1st class (PO1)

•E-7: Chief Petty Officer (CPO)

•E-8: Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)

•E-9: Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)

•Another E-9: Command Master Chief Petty Officer (CMCPO)

•E-9 special: Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)

~Warrant Officers (takes 2 years to move up a grade):

•Starts at W-2: Chief Warrant Officer 2 (CWO2)

•W-3: Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3)

•W-4: Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO4)

•W-5: Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CWO5)

~Officer Grades: [Most take 2.5 years to rank up]

•O-1: Second Lieutenant (2ndLt)

•O-2: First Lieutenant (1stLt)

•O-3: Captain (Capt)

•O-4: Major (Maj)

•O-5: Lieutenant Colonel (Col) [3 tears to rank up]

•O-6: Colonel (Col) [3.5 years]

•O-7: Brigadier General (BGen) [3.5 years]

•O-8: Major General(MajGen) [4 years]

•O-9: Lieutenant General (LtGen)[4 years]

•O-10: General (Gen) [4.5 years]


After talking with Lucius for a while, Landon immediately went back to the castle to rest.

With all those caged animals from his mission, it was finally time to add in another attraction site for his visitors.

Tomorrow, he would start construction on Baymard's National Zoo.