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 Landon was currently seating in a conference room within the new 'Coastal Port', for visitor check-in and checkout within District I.

The hall was massive.... and seating across from him, were more than 30 people who were the heads of their individual professions.

Be it the chief cleaner, chief bank manager, chief Accountant for the construction Industry....or even the chief overseer for the horse Ranch, everyone was here.


"Great!.... I called you all first and foremost, to thank you all for your hard work and commitment during my absence.

Even though I don't know how far your individual workplaces had gone with our original plans, I'm sure that everyone must've done their best during this time frame.

So once again... Thank you all!" Landon said while bowing to them.

"Your majesty, it was nothing... please raise your head"

"Your majesty, it was our honor"

"Your majesty..."


They all spoke embarrassingly, as their hearts got filled with warmth.

Which king could do what his majesty had done?

Their king was neither proud nor haughty, when facing them.

He was always polite and friendly... as well as very patient, when telling them what to do.

If they made a mistake, he would never kill them or punish them harshly like other kings.

He was their backbone... and they had been grateful to him ever since his arrival at Baymard.

Landon looked at them and smiled, and his heart felt warmth from within as well.

It's been over a year since he started this crazy journey with them... and since then, he too had felt a close connection with  them as well.


"Let's talk about July.

Soon, visitors will storm this place on a daily basis... so here's what I need you all to focus on.

Let's start with Food, Chief Lyore... How was the assignment?"

"Your majesty... At the beginning of April, we had a lot of issues without your guidance your majesty.

But by May.... everything had picked up well, and we've been improving these products since then.

We've successfully made:




•Pretzel sticks

•Waffles and Pancakes store packaged mixtures

•Boxed Fried wings with different seasonings.

•And lastly, icecream." Lyore said excitedly.

Heaven knows how hard he had worked on these products.

He only hoped that his efforts were good enough to please reach his Majesty's expectations.

"Chef Blake... Chef Benita... what about you both?"

"Your majesty, using some of the ingredients made, we were able to make Pretzel buns and 7 types of Pizzas" Chef Benita replied.

"As well as 15 types of Sandwiches and several different Pastries (cupcakes, and so on)

Your majesty, it was a complete success." Chef Blake added.


Chie Lyore.... within this time frame, I want you to create these listed here.", Landon said while passing a notebook towards Lyore.

The earlier he made these drinks, the sooner his mission would be completed.

After dealing with Lyore, Landon focused on giving new drug formulas to the Pharmaceutical industry.... As well as giving new demands for Tim's industry.

Previously, he forgot to create bicycles..... but now that the thought about it, it made no sense for there to be skateboards and roller skates without bicycles.

Hence he had decided to create them as well.

Also, he had realised something while walking into the Coastal port.

There were no Luggages for travelers to buy and place their things in.

Here's the thing..... he wasn't going for all those fancy luggages.

No!... on the contrary, he just wanted simple made luggages with wheels on them.

In this era, people used worn out clothes to sew bags and dump all their clothes into.

For larger items, they would wield metal trunks and carry them all over the place.

Wasn't it easier to roll their luggage through, rather than carrying it on their heads and shoulders?

Hence he decided to make simple clothed luggage bags that were fibre made, and not hard cased or luxury brand types.

These ones were your average wheeled traveling bags in Walmart and so on.

With this, travelling should be made better for the visitors, when they arrived at Baymard.

Landon also wanted several sizes as well.

From extra small to XXL.


Time passed by and the meeting was reaching its conclusion.

"Lastly.... let's talk about money.."

From all 3 missions, Landon had spent his time counting all bags of coins with the soldiers... and had already labelled how much was in each bag.

Of course after settling Santa and giving the slaves enough money pay for 2 months rent and their daily needs..... Landon was left with atotal amount of: 215 Gold Coins (21,500 Silver Coins or 21.5 Million Copper Coins)

This was indeed a lot of money.

Hence he decided to split it up like so:

•5% Stays with the Royal Family.

•35% stays in Baymard's personal bank account incase of any unforeseen incidents in the nearest future.

Things like wars, natural disasters, hunger and so on.

•30% will be kept in all bank accounts of National forces... be it army, police and so on.

Of course since he planned on training the navy Firefighters this month, then they would also be included in this amount as well.

•And 30% will be shared amongst all businesses within Baymard and kept in their bank accounts.

This money was emergency money... and would only be used for expanding their workplaces or investing in projects and so on.

This was the only time that they would have this benefit... as in the future, Landon was hoping that with more customers they would have enough money for their paying for such projects.

Right now, Landon gave this away as Capital for major projects.

For example prior to leaving, Landon had footed 42% of the bill for remodeling the old school estate and changing it into its new appearance.

Of course the school had also taken a loan from the bank, which covered 17% of the total cost needed... as for the rest, they paid it up front using their profits from tuition.

Previously, they never used to pay for tuition... but from January this year, it all changed.

Landon used to foot the bills for the teachers salaries..... but he couldn't keep doing that forever.

And since everyone was somewhat well off in Baymard, then it was time to pay for then to pay for their children's tuitions.

Of course those who were orphans had government plans which took care of their matters.

How else were they supposed to pay their teachers?

What if the school wanted more desks, chairs and so on... where was the money supposed to come from?

Tuition was a must.

The only thing was that, he made it cheap for those in Baymard.

The real people who would spend money, would be the international students.

In fact... Landon felt like these times were Baymard's baby stages, so it needed all the help it could get.

But once more international students, visitors and customers come... then their profits would soar high up into the skies.

Not to talk of the profits that they would get from all the goods that they had produced.

In fact, they needed customers for their city to boom... as well as merchants who would take their products throughout the Phyno continent and the world.

"Meeting adjourned!"