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 Time passed by quickly, and just like that, Baymard had entered the 3rd week of June... and Landon was finally back.


"Welcome back your majesty!" Said the soldiers, who were around the harbor.

Landon looked around and smiled, everything looked as it should be.

When they were closing in on Baymard from the ocean, they could see several buildings and structures on each Coastal District.... with most buildings having a huge arrow sign on top of them.

All the arrow signs pointed towards 'District I', which was where the visitors, merchants, and fishermen were supposed to be.

The arrows were so massive, that only a blind person would miss them.

And based on what he said prior to his departure, those arrows should light up at night like all those Las Vegas signboards back on earth.

Standing on the transformed harbor, Landon couldn't help but nod in satisfaction.

Yup!!!... it was perfect.

The workers had already removed all those old rusted wooden stands... and had replaced it with steel and concrete.

For the harbor... Landon had chosen the most common and well used harbor designs back on earth.

The general outlook of it would be like a giant Octopus.

Now.... one could imagine that the octopus's rectangular head and body region,  was where the offices, police stations, and so on were.

But it's tentacles that stretched into the ocean, was where the ships would have to dock once they arrive at Baymard.

So that was generally how harbors were like.

From the land, people would build bridges that stretched into the ocean... and ships would lock alongside these bridges to create more room for others.

Of course with how huge the harbor was supposed to be, the workers had only done 1/5 of the work so far.

But this amount was enough to host at least 80 massive ships at once.

They had been working on this harbor for 3 months now, so Landon thought that it was okay.

Again, these bridges would have branches at different points... so as to accommodate more ships in future.

One long bridge, had 5 branches making the bridge look like a tree.

Each branch could dock 4 massive ships on both sides: 2 to it's left, and another 2 to it's right.

And apart from these branches, there was still space along the main bridge to dock 6 more ships on it.

So in total, each main bridge along the harbor could dock a maximum of 26 massive ships on them.

Hence building these bridges were top priority, when creating a harbor.

And so far... the workers had only been able to build 3 of these bridges ever since departure.


Oceans, seas, and lakes were often beautiful.... but they weren't necessarily convenient places to build things.

Most tools and construction materials..... not to mention the labor force, work better in the dry.

And yet, many infrastructures humans depended on.... like dams and bridges across the seas, were constantly being built back on earth.

So, how did they do it?

Simple, they 'dewatered' around the chosen area for these projects.

Of course there are many 'dewatering' techniques that we commonly used back on earth.

But since Baymard's docks weren't being built far into the ocean, then the simplest technique could be used here.

Of course if it were bridges that spanned for miles across the water... then that would be a different matter in its own altogether.

In Baymard's case, the workers dumped soil into the water until it was tall enough to create an embankment around their chosen area... hence making some sort of fortress.

From there the water inside the fortress got pumped out... and the workers quickly placed steel sheets around the fortress for additional support to the sand.

Of course since soil is somewhat permeable, the workers had to constantly pump the water out.... so as to keep their fortress dry.

And from there, they drove the heavy machines to the bottom of the ocean fortress floors, and got to work A.S.A.P.

Once the workers finished creating the cemented dock bridges, they immediately cleared out and got on top of the newly built bridge.

From there, heavy machines like cranes, carefully removed all those steel sheets that were keeping the sand embankment together.

They also created several holes around the sand, so as to let the water flow into the fortress.

Hence allowing the ocean level, to return to its original height around the newly built bridge dock.

Anyway, construction was still going on around the harbor.....as Landon expected at least 12 more dock bridges to be constructed before they could stop.

But with the addition of these new slaves,  Landon was very sure that they would be able to finish the entire harbor sooner than expected.


The slaves who had just come out of the ship were thoroughly confused at the site before them.

This grayish colored harbor was nothing like they had seen before.

Walking on it, they couldn't help but wonder if they were still in Arcadina.


The slaves could hear several unfamiliar loud noises 2 bridges away, that were coming from within a large hole around the water.

Most of them stretched their necks in hopes of catching a glimpse into the hole.

And when they saw several yellow colored carriages pushing dirt and constructing the bridges, their eyes immediately widened from shock.

What sort of carriages were these?

Landon looked at the slaves and couldn't help but shake his head wryly.

Indeed... for those who were seeing this for their first, it was the same as seeing a real life bumblebee transformer.

The feeling was awesome!


After all the slaves had been sorted out into their residences, Landon told them to line up outside the residence Tomorrow at 9 A.M prompt.

From there, they would be assigned to various jobs.... as well as have a grand tour around Baymard.

They needed to know Baymard's rules,  and sign a non-disclosure contract as well.

Once the slaves were well taken care of, Landon immediately sent for all the supervisors to meet him here..... as well as all the main government officials, Officers, Head Teachers and so on.

It was time for an emergency meeting.