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 "Would host like to receive his rewards now?"

"Yes." Landon replied.

Straight away, a sharp pain pierced through his brain... as if something was trying to hurriedly claw its way in.


The pain only lasted for not more than 38 seconds.... and after that, Landon's mind had completely eased up.

And after 43 minutes of digesting everything, he slowly opened his eyes, sat up from his bed and massaged his temples in a soothing manner.

From his reward, he was given:

•Advanced knowledge on biology only.

•5 Random Medical Techniques for treating patients.

•5 other drugs for the host to produce

•10 other surgical procedures which included: 4 bone marrow procedures, 2 dental procedures, 2 neck procedures and 2 waist procedures.

•500 development points (DP) and 3,100 Technology points (TP).

•And lastly.... Recipes to make 10 different classical alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from earth:


▪'Dom Perignon 2002' Champagne

▪OB Lager (beer)

▪Corona Light (Beer)

▪Fanta (yellow colored one)

▪Classical red Frutopia


▪Grape Juice

▪Cranberry Juice

▪Apple Juice


When Landon saw the list of drinks rewarded to him, he almost jumped from pure joy.

The drinks which were given by system could  be placed in 5 main catergories: Liquor, beer, wine, soda drinks and juices.

Ahhh.... he had missed some of these drinks dearly.

In short, the system had catered to all age groups... which was what he had been hoping for.

Right now, it would take 2 more weeks before he arrived at Baymard.

So his plan was to start producing at least one of each beverage category before July began.

From the ships speed, if nothing unexpected happened, he would be in Baymard by the 3rd week of June.

Bottom story, he needed some of these drinks made before Santa arrived.

And from what Santa had told him, they would be arriving around the last week of July.

So that gave him plenty of time to get things done before their arrival.

Also, it seemed like he would continue his routine of being a part time doctor, as he now had new surgical procedures to do... as well as new drugs to create.


Once he had absorbed everything in, he immediately clicked on his mission tab and read through it quietly.

[Main Mission: host should produce all 10 beverages given by the system.

As well as perform all surgical procedures, produce the drugs needed for the patients who undergo those surgeries.

Side-Mission: Sign a Peace Treaty with the Empire of Carona.... and aid them in training their soldiers in Physical combat only.

As for the peace treaty, the system has already sent the terms of the treaty into the host's item box.


•Host will also receive recipes to make 5 classic snacks like Lays and Cheetos from earth.

•Host should know that beauty also plays a great part in development.

The world here uses unsafe beauth products here, which is detrimental to their health... like adding iron fillings to their powders, and even drinking some unsafe portions to stay young and reach immortality.

Hence, the system will reward the host with the exact formula for creating 2 types of Lipglosses, 5 colored Lipsticks and 2 types of shampoos.

•Host will still receive 10 medical procedures, as there are at least 3,500 surgeries procedures that the host needs to do before he dies.

Host will also receive instructions for producing 5 other drugs as well.

•And lastly, the host will also receive 700 development points (DP) and 4,300 Technology points (TP).

DEADLINE: no specific time required for completing the main mission.

As for the side-Mission, the system is giving the host 5 months max to get it done.

Failure to complete the side mission on time, would result in the destruction of the host's soul.



Landon looked at the side mission and felt a headache coming along.

It seemed like the Gods had demanded for him to form a treaty with Carona.

Honestly he didn't have a problem with that, since he felt like they were his kind of people.

But what if they refused?

Wouldn't that mean that his soul would get blown away into smithereens?

Sigh... there was no use thinking about it now.

The system wanted it done, so he had no say in the matter.

He quickly opened the treaty in his item box and quickly scanned through it.

There were over 50 rules listed there.

But all these rules were acceptable to Landon.

It banned rape, slavery, murder, fraud, and other illegal acts.

It also stated that if they had tough prisoners in their empire, then Landon would have to keep these prisoners in Baymard for the time being.

It seemed like the system was hinted for him to use the maximum security prison that was still under construction.....bruh.

Also, the treaty talked about training their knights in combat only.

Well, that was understandable... as most of these people weren't flexible at all.

If one had to describe them, Landon would say that they were more like musketeers who were great with swords.

But, if one compared a musketeer to a secret agent like black widow who could fight, was flexible and quick witted.... then sorry, the musketeers were trash.

Landon could also understand why the system only wanted them to train in close combat.

This was because Carona had no way of making sure that weapons like guns, never reach their enemies hands.

Just based on the situation with Nopline, Landon was sure that the empire had spies that even worked in the government.

So if these weapons got distributed, won't Nopline and other criminals get their hands on them as well?

Until evil is purged, and the entire world signs a peace treaty... these weapons weren't allowed to reach anyone nations hands.

Landon sighed and massaged his tired brain.

As the supposed saviour of the world, he still had a long way to go from achieving his goals.


Of course while superheroe Landon was thinking of how to save the world.... Santa on the other hand had just arrived at the Capital, and was quickly making his way to the Palace.

He had to tell them about Nopline.

"Why are you so late?"