Today, the seas were somewhat calm, flat and emotionless... when compared to yesterday's wild and unrestrained currents.

Landon was currently laying down on his cabinet bed, when he got a sudden notification from the system.

"Congratulations host, for completing your mission."

Landon opened his eyes and a hint of suprise flashed through his eyes.

He was still on his way back to Baymard, so he was somewhat astonished that he would receive his rewards when he was away.

It seemed that the system would reward him if his task was completed.....  no matter where he was.

Before leaving Baymard, he had already completed 2/3 of the mission.

Which was to,  create drugs, pass down medical knowledge, and to do all surgical procedures on patients.

With the aspect of passing knowledge on, the system required him to start teaching this knowledge now....  as one couldn't know everything about biology, pharmacology and so on, in one go.

Knowledge like this would take more than 5 years to digest.... hence he was only required to start teaching the people.

So last October, he had first taught the teachers everything they needed to know for the upcoming semester.

And by January, those teachers in turn taught the medical and healthcare students as well.

Hence with regards to knowledge, Landon had already completed this task way back in January.

As for Surgery, he had already performed all 6 main surgical procedures in the hospitals, and had also taken his time in teaching the doctors and nurses on what to do.

Of course after treating live patients in their presence, he had allowed them to do the same surgeries under his supervision over 50 times a month.

The doctors had delivered babies in his presence, and so on.

In fact while the workers were focused on development, Landon had become a full time doctor during the winter and had spent his days in the hospital all day long.

And by the time he had left Baymard for this mission, those particular mission was marked as 'complete' by the system's standards.

So the only thing that took his time, was creating drugs.

There were some raw products that Baymard didn't have or grow yet... hence they could only wait for Santa's ship to bring them forth.

For example, some products were abundant in other empires like Terique and Yodan.

So Landon had requested for the seeds to be bought, as well as bags of raw materials too.

And even though Carona was generally a month's travel to Baymard by sea.. (depending on coastal port)... other empires were not.

Sometimes it would take 2 to 4 months for something Landon ordered to arrive.

And due to this delay, he could only take his time when creating these drugs.

But now, with the system's notification, it seemed that the remaining set of drugs had finally been created and sold to the citizens.

With this, his mission was finally accomplished.


"Would the host like to receive his rewards now? Or would the host like to see his stats first." The system said without any hint of emotion in it's voice.

"Show me my stats first." Landon replied while rubbing his chin.

"Yes host. "

Straight away, a large screen appeared before him.


>Host name: Landon Barn

>Age: 16

>Status: King of Baymard

>Level: Somewhat of a novice (Level 2)

>Current Situation: Healthy

As well as teach the people on all beginner and intermediate knowledge that host has received

Mission Status: Completed


▪10 other surgical procedures.

▪Advanced knowledge on biology only.

▪5 other drugs for the host to produce.

▪5 Random Medical Techniques for treating patients.

▪Recipes to make 10 different classic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from earth.

▪Lastly, 500 development points (DP) and 3,100 Technology points (TP).

>For creating Printing press, paper money, watches, clocks, escalators, photocopying machine, bus...(the system listed everything that Landon created).... Host will receive 1220 DP... 13,409 TP...and 6,700 BP.

>With all this, host can also choose to upgrade the system to level 3, using: 13,000 TP and 4,500 DP to do so.

>Host's current balance is 7 DP, 18 TP and 1 BP.

>The host's current balance is as a result of buying knowledge on printing press machines, photocopying machines, bullet proof vests, paper money,....(the list went on).]


After reading everything, Landon soon realised that he could upgrade again and move towards level 3.

It had been over 8 months since he last leveled up, so he was somewhat happy about this realization.

"System, upgrade to the next level." He said while looking at his screen.

"As you wish host."

~18% Completed...

~32% Completed...

~69% Completed.

~84% Completed...

~100% Completed.

"System has successfully upgraded to level 3.

At this level, the amount of tasks given to the host will increase..... and the host will have access to more information as well.

Host should note that the system is here for Peace and Development.

Hence at this level, the host might have to do several spontaneous requests from the system based on the people's needs.... as well as the needs of this world, Hertfilia."

Actually, Landon wasn't too surprised by what the system had said.

He had already guessed that the system would try to make him the saviour of the world at some point.

From the moment he had previously heard about peace treaties from the system, he had instantly known that he would begin his journey of unifying the world.

It seemed like he would have to purge the Pyno continent.... before moving onto different continents.

Well... these were just his speculations.

Who knew what the supposed Gods were up to?

From what the system had said.... his 100 years here, would be like a 2 hour movie up in the heavens.

So as far as he was concerned, he was still an unpaid movie star in their sick show.


After listening to the system for a while, Landon decided to focus on his rewards for the time being..