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 "Over my head body!!!

What the hell do you mean by your decision is final?" Ivy yelled.

"Weren't you the former king?

Change that  bloody decision for heaven's sake!" Queen Sedora bellowed.

"You must be crazy to think that I'll give up my knights just because I'm no longer Queen!" Queen Charlotte added.


Ivy looked at her baffoon of a husband, and became livid with anger.

The entire conversation made her feel like slitting his throat over and over again.

Every word stung her brain, which only fueled the fire that was burning deep within her.

There was a scream from deep within her heart, that felt like a demon was trying to break free from a cage deep with the abyss.

Every word was like gasoline to her raging flames, which made her anger build up more.

She gritted her teeth in an effort to resist the urge of killing the baffoon, while clenching her fists.

Her face was red from suppressed rage, and her hunched form exuded an animosity that was similar to that of a ferocious beast.

All she was asking the heavens for..... was just one opportunity.

An opportunity to punch the living day light out of this bastard!!

How dare he?

Ughh..... Everytime he opened his loud arrogant mouth, her anger would immediately grow by mountain folds.

What the F*** was he talking about?

In her opinion, he was definitely a dreamer!

So..... after so many years of fighting for power and being one of the most favoured queens, this was all she was getting?

She had worked extremely hard, just to make sure that she would continue to hold power within the empire.

But now, she wasn't even going to be the Queen mother?

Maclaine, YOU LIE!!!!!

And to make it all worse, now she would just be a duchess.

Wasn't this a big downgrade from the first queen?

She just didn't understand why she couldn't be the queen mother.

So what if Queen Emma was Sirius' mother?

Was that oaf more suitable to be the palace's Queen Mother than her?

And to make matters worse, the skank would still live in the palace.

While she on the other hand, would have to go to an estate.

Sure, the estate was a lot bigger than high class noble estates.

But compared to the palace, it was just child play.

Everything about her situation, spelled out 'downgrading' to her.

Hence she was very determined to stay in the palace, even if hail and snow fell on her all year round.

Why couldn't they all live in the palace with that brat Sirius?

So what if he got married and had children!

Did they think that she would poison them or make their lives unbearable?

Okay....  yes she would probably do it, but so what?

Hmmp!!... If he was truly king, then he should have the power to protect himself.

So why was he sacred now?

The more she thought about the situation, the more annoyed she became.

She knew about the traditions and what not.... but as the former king, couldn't he bend the rules a little bit?

Granted, she had taken the knights of the old queens when she first stepped into the palace.

But why should she hand her own knights now?

In her mind, Maclaine was just doing this to get on her last damn nerves.

Over the years, as the first queen....  she had received 7000 knights.

And apart form these men, she also had 980 other knights that were either given to her by her father... or bought by from her allowances.

If they took away her 7000, then what would she be left with?

She had already come up with a plan to convince her husband of her knights loyalty to her.

As amazing as she was, wouldn't they be devastated if they couldn't serve her anymore?

But unbeknownst to her, even if she tried to convince the knights... none of them were willing to serve her any longer.

In fact on the coronation day, her knights had been celebrating because they were finally free from their demoness of a queen.

Once Ivy steps into Maclaine's estate, they wouldn't be responsible for her any longer.

The men celebrated, and kept waiting for next week to come eagerly.

For them, freedom was just around the corner.

In their eyes, the fact that Ivy's son wants chosen was a miracle... or else they would've still had to serve her as the queen mother.

Their ancestors had truly heard their prayers.

Ivy on the other hand, was still grumbling about her predicaments

What about her money?

From what Maclaine said, he would only give them 30% of their regular allowances monthly.

In truth, that amount was what high class noble wives received from their husbands.... but in Ivy's mind, it was nothing more than chicken change.


As for Sedora, she was also thinking about the same thing as well.

How the hell was she supposed to kill Sirius with less than a thousand knights?

She hadn't given up on killing that brat yet.

For her, no matter how long it took, she would have to kill him, so that her son can be made king.

But with the monthly allowances and the number of knights that she had left, she knew that she wouldn't be able to deal with the brat anytime soon.

From the ferocity of her venting, one could see that she had been holding her anger in for several months now.

Like Ivy, from day one... she worked her butt off, and did everything that she was supposed to do.

In fact, she had fashioned herself into his perfect woman.

She acted patient, loving, sweet... and very fiesty, when they always did adult gymnastics.

But at the end of it all, her son want even chosento be king.

And to make matters worse, this scoundrel husband of hers had said that he had already chosen Sirius as king way back.

So what was the point of wasting her time all those years?

No one was more pitiful than her.

When she thought about the things that she had done just to secure the throne, she couldn't help but want to assassinate her 'beloved' husband.


Maclaine looked at his wives and couldn't help but feel disappointed.

The only ones who were calm, were Sirus' Mother, Queen Emma... and his 2 concubines.

The rest were just acting like mad raving dogs.

For the first time since he married them, they had been screaming and yelling at him nonstop.

For a moment, it seemed like they had actually forgotten about his authority.

Who the hell were they yelling at?

"Everyone will move out in a weeks time.

And like I've said... anyone who doesn't want to follow the rules, will be divorced and sent far away.

So if I were you all, I would immediately think it through and stay humble.

This is my final warning to you all.

Except for Emma, everyone else should Get out!"