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 --The Capital, Empire of Yodan--



"I don't accept this!!!"

"How is this fair?"


Seated in Maclaine's chambers, where his 5 wives and 2 concubines.

Of course he used to have 6 wives, but he divorced the other one (Mother Winnie).... and sent her and her children to one of the coastal cities within Yodan.

A while ago, Sirius Maclaine had finally taken over the throne.

And because he knew that his other sons were resentful, he immediately decided to post them to different cities that were far away from the Capital.

Likewise, he had also decided to send all his wives, concubines and younger children to his personal estate at the other end of the Capital.

One could say that the Palace was situated at the North of the Capital city, while Maclaine's private estate was situated at the South-eastern part of the Capital.

Traditionally, he was supposed to clear the palace and make room for Sirius and his future family.

Could one imagine Sirius living in the palace with his future wives, his future children, his father's wives, his siblings, and their entire drama?

That wasn't how it worked.

Sirius needed his own space to grow, as well as full authority over the palace.

If everyone stayed over, then some people might try to cross his path just to fight for authority.

Hence with a new King here, the rest had to move out to different estates and live out their own personal lives there.

The only people who would remain at the palace, would be: Sirius' mother (Queen Emma).... who would be the new Queen Mother, and Princess Kendell who was Sirius' little sister.

Of course Maclaine would also have a courtyard in the palace as well, so as to aid his son in difficult matters.

He would be sleeping at both places at once.


As for his children, Maclaine had 13 daughters and 11 sons.

1 of his daughters had died when she was just a year old.... while his other daughter and son, had been disowned alongside their mother last year.

So that only left him with 11 daughters and 10 sons.

With 6 wives and 2 concubines, over the past few years... Maclain would pregnate 3 or 4 in one years time... and maybe in the next year he would pregnate none.

In fact, some of his children were just months apart.

Anyway... amongst his daughters, 4 were already married out, 3 were already above the age of 15 and had their own private estates in the Capital... while the rest were under the age of 15.

As royal children, they were entitled to their own inheritances.

Hence Maclaine had announced their inheritances, as well as given out written documents to them during the coronation ceremony.

Of course, they would only be able to access their inheritances when they turned 15.

His daughters would be given their estates... as well as their monthly salaries and guards.

And when they finally got married, the palace would stop giving them salaries... since their new husbands were supposed to provide for them.

Also... they could still keep their estates as well, since there was nothing wrong for one to have several homes.

As for their dowries, it was already prepared and stored within the palace safe.

When it was time, they would get what rightfully belonged to them.

Now for his 10 sons, 8 of them had already reached the age of 15 and currently have their own Cities to run which were far away from the Capital.

Long ago, Maclaine had already prepared for Sirius to rule Yodan.

So over the years, he had been posting his sons to different locations that wouldn't pose any threat to Sirius.

As for his other 2 sons who were under the age of 15, he had already prepared their inheritances as well.

Well, that was all for the children he currently had.

Unfortunately, if any other child was born after this period, then they wouldn't get estates or cities to rule..... they would just get money from his personal pockets.

Maclaine was no longer a king, so any child that comes later would be treated as a high class noble.

Hence he would personally have to provide for them.

In short, the palace would not be responsible for giving them any inheritances.


As for his wives, just like his daughters... they would have to receive their salaries from his pockets as well.

For women, money from the palace can only be given to those who weren't married, as well as the Queens and the Queen Mother.

But since they were no longer the queens of Yodan and were also married to Maclaine, then they too weren't entitled to palace money anymore.

Also... all guards that were given to them as queens, had to be returned back to the Palace.

They were only allowed to keep those that were given to them by their individual families.

These guards will be trained and used for wars, or could be given to Sirius' future queens.

The same thought went for their maids.

They were only allowed to leave the palace with their personal maids... which were usually just 4 or 5 in number.

But the other 12 or 20 that cleaned around their courtyard or made-up their beds up, were supposed to stay in the palace no matter what.

These maids would stay behind and serve the future queens as well.

In short, Maclaine had followed the traditions of the empire strictly.... as that's what his father did as well, when making him King.

He too came  from a large family, with 9 stepmothers who hated him to the core.

Imagine living with all of them alongside his family?

He didn't think that his wives would have a problem giving up all their knights and maids... since his stepmothers had done the same back in the days.

Whether the guards had been hired 2 weeks ago, or 10 years ago, it didn't matter at all..... His father had made sure that none of his stepmothers had left the palace with them.

So he thought that his wives would give him an easier time on this matter... but the truth couldn't be more wrong.

"Over my dead body!!"