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 'Baymard's Hospital'

Those were the words that were boldly written on the massive new building.

Of course, he also saw different words on the new building like: 'Emergency', 'Main Entrance'.. and so on.

As they walked through the massive revolving doors, Edward was immediately greeted with the sight if a massive reception area.

This area had a personality that was much like the rest of the hospital.

The well polished tiled floor was grayish tom color, and looked crystal-like to all those who first got a glimpse of it.

The reception area also had several hallways that stretched towards different directions.

Of course each hallway had different signs that showed the patients where they should go.

Standing there, he began to feel awkward... since this was is first time here.

Everyone else seemed to know where they were going, except for him.

Even though he saw a sign that said: 'Consultations' on the wall.... he still felt like he should ask around go be sure.

Hence he walked towards the receptionists seated at the front desk for help.

"Good day Sir, Good day Madam... how can I help you all today?" Answered one of the receptionists.

After being told that his previous guess was right, Edward had his mother immediately made their way towards the direction for Consultations.

They passed through a short hallway, and were immediately greeted with a massive waiting area.

The waiting area had several seats, trash cans, and 4 mini glass offices at its front.

From here, Edward could clearly see that there were 3 people within each office: a doctor, another staff worker and the patient.


Looking at the entire waiting room, once again Edward was lost at what to do.

But when he saw that the person in front of him take a tiny paper from a small box attached to the wall... he too moved forward and did the same thing as well.

Once again..... he also noticed that the patient wrote her name on another sheet of paper by another office, so he too did the same thing as well.

And after sitting down, he quickly looked at the thin piece of paper and saw the number '89' printed on it.

"Number 77!"

Said a voice that was resounding all through the massive waiting room.

"Here here!!" Answered another man who quickly got up and and walked towards one of the offices at the front.

"Number 78!"

"Here!" Said another man who rushed towards another transparent office as well.

It seemed like those 4 glass offices were there to attend to them.

A few more minutes passed by, and it was finally his turn.

"Number 89!"

"Here!" He replied, as he quickly picked up his documents and headed towards the third office door.

Once in the room, he presented his healthcare card down his workplace... as well as his I.D card.

From there, the doctor immediately noted down all his complaints in his hospital book.... as well as asked several other questions like if he could cough out blood and so on.

And after questioning him, the doctor quickly led him through another door at the right hand side of the office.

Inside the room, was a bed, curtains, several machines and other medical tools.

They took his temperature, measured his weight and height, checked his throat for any signs of swells... and so on.

And once they were done, the doctor led him back to the office to concludehis assessment on the situation.

He had spent over 25 minutes for consultation and checkup.


"This is serious doctor!!

So you're saying that I have the Fli?" Edward asked anxiously.

One had to know that the flu was one of the main causes of deaths within this era... so he was scared silly.

Even though he had heard about the drugs that they had produced over this period of time, something within him still felt like the flu was a gigantic illness to cure just like that.

Heck!!... his own grandmother died from that several winters back.

The problem with flu was that sometimes, one could have a high fever....which would lead to exhaustion and even death.

So how could he not be terrified?

It had been over 8 months since he went to the hospital or fell I'll... so he only knew about these drugs from other people.

Yes... some of his family members used some of these drugs as well... but that was one mediocre illnesses like light headache or something.

This was the flu that they were talking about!!

At this point, he began to feel like he shouldn't have come here at all.

He felt like he would be walking down death's path any moment from now.

Doctor Fabian looked at him and chuckled.

'Sigh... I used to be like this', he thought.

"Yes Mr. Edward... from your symptoms and tests, you do have the Flu.

But not to worry, with the drugs that'll prescribe to you, this problem would be over in no time!"

Hearing Doctor Fabian, a little bud of hope began sprouting within his sunken heart.

At this time, the other staff who had previously left the room when he went for the checkup... had now returned with the hospital book from the hospital's archives.

Previously, he had written his name down on a piece of paper and waited at the reception hall for his turn.

So while he was waiting, those who took the paper hurriedly rushed over to the archives and brought his book here.

From there, the staff worker who was in the office with the doctor would go and bring his book over for the doctor to fill, sign and stamp.

Once Edward left the waiting room, he and his mother went towards the pharmacy... got their drugs and immediately headed home.

Several days later, Edward was no longer depressed... as his illness had subsided greatly.

'Muah Muah! Muah!'

He kissed his one year old daughter on her cheeks with joy..he wasn't going to die anymore.

He couldn't help but hold the bottle of pills in his hands as if they were heavenly gifts.

The power of this drug made him firmly believe that his majesty was heaven's messenger.

'Thank you, your majesty!' He said silently, within his heart.

As for Landon who was currently far away.... provided the people used the drugs, he would be one step closer to completing his mission.

What heaven's messenger?

All this was necessary for his soul to be kept in tact.


Of course while the people of Baymard enjoyed peace and serenity.... the same couldn't be said for others.

"Dammit!... how did it turn out to be like this?!"