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 'Tap! Tap! Tap!'

Spring had once again blessed Baymard with the expected gift of rain.

Almost everyday, rain would drizzle down every now and then across the land.

Sometimes it would fall heavily....while other times, it would only tease the people lightly.

Edward Page could faintly hear the sounds of rain, drizzling outside his bedroom window.

The rain drops almost felt like a gentle lullaby, that kept luring him to sleep.

And coupled with the extremely soft sheets and mattress, Ewdard felt like he could just melt away from comfort.


"Honey...are you up yet?

You're going to be late if you don't get up now okay?" Said his 24 year old wife Mwani.

Edward was just about to wake up when he felt a sharp pain in his head.

'Ahhh!', he screamed inwardly.

His head felt like someone had shaken it until his brain was thoroughly blemished.

The shooting pain randomly stabbed through his mind... as it devoured his consciousness.

He felt like he would die, if he continued to lift his head and further from his pillow any further.

Why was he sweating so much even though he felt extremely cold?

And why the hell did his body feel so heavy?

He tried to get up once more, but felt it utterly useless.

His body felt like someone had tied several invisible weights to his limbs and neck.

'Sniff! Sniff!'

His nose was also blocked, as he struggled to unclog it up.

His face was flushed red, and his lips were trembling slightly as he tried to get up from his bed.

His wife came out of the shower and immediately saw him still lying in bed.... and gave him a puzzled look.

She looked at her dear husband, and her eyes lit up instantly.

From the look of it, it appears that he was sick.

Honestly... would it kill the guy to tell her about his condition?

'Tsk... Men!' She thought while shaking her head.

Unless they were usually in critical conditions, they would never say anything to anyone.

"Honey... I think that you're sick." She said while hurriedly rushing over to him.

"Nonsense!... how can I be sick?

Trust me, my nostrils are just clogged up... so there's no need for you to be overly concerned.

After work, I'm sure that I'll be as fit as a horse." Edward said, while trying to beat his chest proudly.

She looked at her supposedly 'healthy husband', and couldn't help sighing.

Truly a stubborn man.

She placed the back of her right hand over his forehead, and was taken aback.

Goodness!!!... he was burning up fast.

"Honey.... I don't care what you have to say right now, but today you're going to the hospital."


Edward didn't even know how he got downstairs, but his wife and father had already shoved him down without his consent.

From beginning to end, he had been protesting about going to the hospital... but everyone just treated his words like farts.

Luckily, his wife also worked at the same industry as he did... although it was in a different sector.

So she had planned to fill out an absence note for him when she got to work.

She just needed to fill his name, department, employee I.D number, the fate of today, reason for absence and so on.

Obviously after he had gotten his doctors slip, she would help him in presenting it as well.

From there, the industry would give him several days off depending on the doctors note.

Could be a day to even a week off if the doctor had requested it.

Her father, mother, and father-in-law all had to go to work today as well.

So that left the duty of taking Edward to the hospital on her mother-in-law (Edward's mom).... who was off from work today.

Looking at Edward who was currently being forced to eat, it was clear that this person was weak and could faint at any time.

Hence they didn't dare to let him go to the hospital alone.

As for their 1 year old daughter, Mwani usually took her to work and dropped her off at the building that had an entire floor dedicated for nursery.

As for their 3 year old son, they usually dropped him off at Preschool while they went to work.

"But I dont wany to go.." said the grumpy Edward who was apparently talking to air... because no one replied him.

When everyone had left for work, Edward's mother immediately ushered the grumpy son towards the bus stop.

And just like so, they had quickly found their way to the Hospital.

The remodeled hospital was indeed more beautiful than the original.

From the outside, one would be able to see a massive building at the car center, with several 2-storey regular size building alongside it.

These buildings were set up in such a way that none of them blocked each others view, when one observed from the gate.

The buildings were spread apart from each other, as different buildings symbolized different needs.

Looking at these buildings more closely, Edward could see that the new building was the grand one at the center..... While the old Estate buildings were the other modified buildings that were surrounding the new one.

There was also a massive car park at the front of the hospital entrance... as well as several roads, emergency vehicles and guard posts as well.

Edward could see people walking in and out of these buildings, while holding small plastic bags with them.

Some were being pushed around on wheelchairs around another building, while others were just talking casual strolls at the hospital's garden.

He could also see medical students in large groups rushing towards these buildings as well.

Edward was honestly awed by the change in front of him.

The last time that he had come to the hospital, was August of last year.... so this was his first time seeing these changes.

And to be honest, he was utterly impressed by it.