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 After the whole ordeal, the 'Privates' were busy talking about the battle while observing the entire cleaning process from above the city walls.

Some people were just arriving, while others either stayed or left.... classes were still going on after all.

"What happened?" Asked an overly excited military private.... as he looked at the bloody scene before him.

"Wait?..... you're just coming here now?"

"Dammit!... I had classes a while ago so I could only make it out."

"Bro... You need to shoot yourself for missing this battle."

"Oh my heavens!... how could the field turn this red?"

"Come on, tell me about the battle!"

"Bro... you should've seen Princess Lucy..... she was freaking awesome!"

"Oh... and don't forget about the missile explosions.... It was totally epic!"

"Dude... the full impact of those cannons really blew my mind away."


As they began narrating the entire fiasco, those who missed the entire thing felt like crying.

Why oh why!!!!

Why the hell did they have classes at that particular time?

It was just not fair to them at all!!


Lucy stood on the bloody battlefield, as she watched the soldiers clean up the scene.

The foul stench of blood reeked throughout the fields, making her feel like puking in her own mouth.

One could find ears, limbs, eyeballs and other body parts scattered all across the fields.

The entire scene looked like a graveyard filled with the unburied dead.

In truth, the war itself had left her emotionally bankrupt.

She felt so much sadness, as a void of helplessness and pity had enveloped her mind wholeheartedly.

It took her a whole 5 minutes to steady her mind before she could come to terms with the fact that these people would never see their families again.

As she looked over the scene, she quickly went over to aid the men in cleaning up.

The field that was once leveled, had now become coarse and uneven... as several deep holes had been formed as a result of Baymard's attacks.

The soldiers had collected all the armors and swords... as well as coins and any other metal items from the dead bodies.

"Since the armors and swords have different marks, crests and inscriptions on them.... then we don't need to store them anymore.

Send them to the Construction Industry.... Chief Tim would know what to do." Lucius commanded.

"Yes Army General!"

Like last time, these weapons would be melted and used in producing other metal goods all around Baymard.

I mean... why the hell would they use something that has the Royal Crest and seal on it?

"Also.... carefully collect these coins and send them to chief accountant Christopher.... tell him to add it into the military's bank account.

As for the satchels lying all around the battlefield....  as well as those on the horses, I expect you all to collect them and take them to my office immediately." Lucius added.

"Yes Major General!" The soldiers replied.

"What about the horses that survived?" She asked inquisitively.

"Well..... those ones would be sent to the ranch once we collect the satchels from their bodies."


Time passed by quicly, and all items that weren't body parts were finally taken off the battlefield.

'Plump!....Plump!.... Plump!'

The bodies were piled up one after the other at one corner of the field.

From there.... the bodies were burnt, the ashes collected, placed in massive garbage bags and put behind a wagon.

Of course because of their superstitious beliefs about leaving one's enemy's ashes or body part around their land, they did more than just collect the ashes.

In essence, they used the excavator to dig up the topsoil and filled it in another wagon.... because they didn't even want to leave any tiny ash trace on Baymard's land.

And when they were finally done, some of the soldiers immediately volunteered to drive the wagons towards the outskirts of Riverdale city and dump it there.

They planned to dump the soil there, but bury the garbage bags of ash deep into the ground.

From there, they were also supposed to burn  the wagons and ride the horses back to Baymard.

Now with the dead bodies out of the way, several workers used the heavy machines in leveling up the field again.

And while all this was happening, Lucy, Josh, and Lucius had already proceeded into Lucius' office.

It was time for them to go through all the satchels in front of them.

Last time, they were able to get real helpful Intel from the satchels.... but this time, it looked like there was nothing of major within these bags.

"Now that we're away from everyone else, you guys should tell me the truth.

How did I do today?

Did I mess up?" Lucy asked anxiously.

Everyone looked at her and smiled.

"Let's start with what you did right: you led us to victory, and you followed the plan 75% through.

You also didn't waver, as you showed a brave front to the soldiers.

As the future queen, you were a true role model out there today." Lucius said, while Josh nodded away in agreement.

"Now.... let's focuse on what you should improve on."

Hearing those words, Lucy's heart sank a little bit... as it was completely filled with anxiety.

"I would only say that you should work on knowing the right amount of ammunitions to use.

You shot too many missiles and cannons out for this puny army.

But even so, you did well for your first try.

Over all, I would give you an A- for today's job.

Well done Lucy!!!!!

His majesty would definitely be proud of your accomplishments in keeping Baymard safe."

'Clap! Clap! Clap!'

As Josh and Lucius clapped, Lucy's nervous heart immediately calmed down.

She couldn't believe it.... she had actually led the men to victory.

This feeling!..... this feeling was really great.

As for her using too much ammunition, in truth.... Landon had expected as much for this battle.

In Landon's opinion, this was their first battle for heaven's sake, so there was no need for them to be compared to those professionals back on earth who had spent over 10 to 20 years in practice.

Please!!!..... everyone would make mistakes on their first tries.

Lucius knew that if he was in control as well, he would have also be somewhat wasteful.

In truth... he needed to personally control the battlefield, so as to learn on his own.

Practice would never beat real life experience where the enemy he would run around in every direction.

Plus... they had been making weapons for over a year now... and this was only their 2nd battle.

Please.... what were they supposed to do with all the ammunitions that they had stored for several months now?

Even if they used a lot, they weren't professionals yet.

They had many more years ahead of them to figure things out on their own.

Hence his majesty had said that they could use as much as they wanted for the battle.

Of course as time goes by, they would be able to know the proper amount of ammunitions to use.

But it was ridiculous to expect a first time user, to launch out several attacks as if they were experts back on earth.

Time and real life battle experience were the only ways that one could improve in this field.