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 "Sh...should we run back towards the gates?" One of the men asked anxiously, as they kept stepping backward in attempts to avoid the mist that was crawling towards them.

Since the missiles were constantly being fired, the massive hive of smoke had never really settled down... and those within it, couldn't really tell that it was coming from Baymard.

For them, this whole phenomenon came from the ancestors.

Some had even thought that maybe the ancestors had planned to punish Baymard today.... but who would've thought that they themselves would show up and take the punishment for these savages?

They all felt that they were truly unlucky.

As for the archers and those holding their shields..... they were to busy looking for an exit out of this situation, that they hadn't realised that all this was coming from Baymard's wall.

They were too busy trying to avoid the man-eating smoke that wanted their lives.

"Uhh... n... no way man.

We can't go towards the gates.....this place is  cursed!!"

"I.....agree with him.....

What if we approach it and the ancestors send that fist of fire to us instead?"

"I thought that the Captain said that this would be an easy job?"

"I regret coming here..... now we're taking punishment for them."

"Look! Look! .... the black spirit is approaching us!"

"Quickly, we have no choice..... let's run for the gates."

Everyone thought for a while, and started running.

But just after 20 seconds of running, they were immediately attacked by the cannons.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Once again..... The ground erupted, and the soil was raised up into the air as the men dived away due to its impact.

"Ah!..... Ah!...'

The field became gruesome.

"D...Didn't I say that we shouldn't have ran towards the gates?

Now we've truly angered the ancestors."


'Boom! Boom! Boom!

The men tried to run away from the falling cannon balls, but it was too late.

On the other hand within the dense black smoke, Brody and Titus had been doing the same thing as well.

They had been trying to dodge the missiles, while trying to escape from the thick fog of black smoke.

They truly needed oxygen, as they felt like they would faint any moment from now.

In fact, some of their men had actually died from suffocation and not from the missile attacks.


Brody and Titus had dived in different directions.


"Ahh!!...." Titus screamed from the intense pain that he felt from his left leg.

The pain was truly gut-wrenching.

He quickly tried to wiggle his toes.... but to his surprise, he couldn't feel them anymore.

He sat silently for a while amidst the pain, so as to slowly digest what had just happened to him.

Without even touching his legs, he knew.

He knew that his legs had been completely cut off from his left knee downwards.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!"

He began laughing and crying at the same time.

Without his leg, his majesty Eli would never keep him again.

His career was officially over.

Even if he went back, his master would definitely kill him, since he knew too many secrets... hence he could never live a peaceful life again even if he wanted to.

He was very sure that his master would hunt him down to the end of the world, if need be.

Would he resent his master by then? The answer was No.

NO because that was just the way the world was.

Knights were trained to accept death, as well as victory... hence he didn't see anything wrong with it.

Should he just roam around the continent with all of Eli's secrets?.... No leader would think that, that was a smart move to make.

Hence he had to die.

If it were just one of his hands, or even his eyes.... then it wouldn't have been a problem.

But to loose one's legs, meant that such a person couldn't run fast during missions or war.

So such a person would be seen as utterly useless to their masters.

Titus took out his dagger, and when he was about to stab himself, someone kept poking him and saying: 'Blah....blah... blah..' to him.

The first thought that came to his mind, was that this was an annoying person.... but after listening to the voice for the second time, he immediately knew that it was Brody.

Brody had probably followed the voice of his laughter just to find him.

"What happened to you?" Titus asked with concern.

Brody took Titus' hands and placed it on his face.

Titus was taken aback... and sadness immediately filled his eyes.

For sure, he knew deep down that he wasn't a good person.

In fact, he wouldn't be too surprised if many peasants saw him as a villain.

But even villains had people that they loved dearly.

Brody was his true brother, and seeing his situation like this instantly made his grown ass cry again.

Brody's lips had fallen and swayed away, making his mouth look extremely large.

His teeth were sticking out, and the teeth on the  right side of his jaw was already visible within him opening his mouth.

His right side face had a huge hole in it, while his mouth had been stretched and torn out wide.

This made his cheekbones protrude, and his eyes become sunken from sadness.

He couldn't say words anymore... as part of his tongue and teeth had been cut off.

He also had deep cuts and bruises on his shoulders and forehead, as well.

And on top of that, his left arm was also heavily injured.... as it felt completely numb to him.

"Blah blah blah..... "

Brody took out his own dagger and placed it in Titus' hand left hand.... he then brought the dagger closer to his heart, as if begging Titus to kill him.

Titus immediately understood and laughed out loud while crying.

They both understood their own situations very well.

Escape for a future?

It wasn't worth it.

It seemed like their time in this world was finally up.... the only regret that they had, was not finishing off that little brat of Baymard.

"Bro, let's do it like this.... let's just stay together and sit close to each other.

We've known each other for more than 12 years now.... so it would be an honor for me to die on the battlefield alongside you." Titus said proudly.

"Blah Blah (me too)"

Somehow, Titus could understand what Brody was trying to say.

They sat together, and waited patiently for their end.

Titus kept trying to cheer Brody up by talking about all the fun things that they had done while they lived.

Like raping women, pilgrimaging homes, burning villages, beating people up, Winning wars, wrestling, Duels and so on..

One had to know that for most knights and rich people, this was the way the world should be.

Like Landon had always said..... no one was born evil.

This era was one of the most uncultured times of all.... and it was usually these people's environment, that made their characters become twisted.

Many knights take their sons on journeys and sometimes end up raping women in front of their sons.

Some go to the markets and act high and mighty, while abusing their powers just to get what they wanted.

People were usually greedy, and would always kill those who were in the same competitions as themselves.

Why couldn't they just fight fairly?

There were also those who would watch innocent people get killed for fun.

There was something ridiculously wrong with this world....and that was why Landon had focused on making the people of Baymard grow a conscience.

No raping, no murdering the innocent and so on.

Brody and Titus continued their trip down memory lane, as they waited for their end.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'


Their bodies had just exploded from a direct hit from the missiles, leaving a ghastly sight on the battlefield.

They had finally died.


Once the battle had ended and the dust had settled, Lucy looked across the fields and tried to hold in her tears.

Granted, most of these men had done terrible things... but they were also someone's son.

She was emotional on behalf of their families.

She couldn't wait for her fiance to finally unify the world with the help of what he called 'Peace treaties'.

He had told her that this was one of the things that he wanted the most.

Not just for Baymard's sake, but also for all those without any power... be it peasants, slaves and so on.

That way, war would decrease, and maybe... just maybe, everyone would finally live in peace and harmony.

As she looked at the dead bodies scattered all over the gruesome battlefield, she couldn't help but give a silent prayer in her heart.

The war was finally over, and Baymard had emerged victorious.