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 'Boom! Boom! Boom!'

A rain of huge orange flames quickly engulfed their target spots..... instantly uprooting the soil from the ground as well.

The ground trembled fiercely as if the heavens were trying to split it wide open.... followed by several dark clouds of smoke that slowly creeped across the fields like a wave, that immediately blinded everyone around it.

It was like being in a sand storm of black smoke.

The men couldn't even see the people standing ahead them.... except they came extremely close to them.

Everything was clouded.

In a flash, their eyes became teary.....as the ashes from the smoke continued to surround them like swarms of bees.

Fear covered the men, as they moved haphazardly within the smoke, trying their best to dodge whatever was thrown at them.

'Heeee...he.... he.. he!'

The horses were spooked out and agitated from the attack.


Several men dropped dead from the missile's  impact, while others exploded away as the missiles directly touched their bodies.


Some of the men's body parts and blood, had just been sprayed over Titus and Brody.

"T...cough cough.....Titus...cough.... are you there?" Asked Brody, who had fallen off his horse a while ago.

Dammit!!... the smoke was too thick and suffocating.

Brody felt like the battlefield had gotten 20 times hotter than it was, when they had previously arrived.

Heavens the heat!!

The heat from those heaven-like flames made his entire body feel like someone had begun roasting him over a large fire.

He was dehydrated, and his skin felt like it would peel off at any moment from now.

At this point, even breathing became somewhat difficult for him.... as he kept on breathing in ashes from the air.

He needed fresh air and water from his satchel that he left on his horse.

"Cough...cough....I'm here ... cough"

Brody tried to follow Tutus' voice, until he finally bumped into him.

"Cough cough... What the hell is going on?" Brody asked confusedly.

Where the heavens siding with these savages over them? Or was this part of sorcery.

"I... I.. I don't kn..."

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Just before Titus could finish his sentence, several more attacks rained on them viciously.

The floor trembled and the ground erupted again, immediately pushing those around it away.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Several cries echoed out from within the smoke, making everyone fearful.

Those that weren't attacked yet, had begun to shiver inexplicably.

As humans, everyone feared the unknown.

Was there a monster within this dark smoke storm?

Why was everyone screaming if it was completely safe?

They had just one thought now..... and that was to run.

They would've been willing to die on the battlefield from sword play, but this was clearly Voodoo.

In their hearts, Baymard was definitely a cursed place.

How else were they supposed to explain the trembling grounds and the massive explosions that occurred within the dense black fog?

Immediately, a few of them tried to make a run for it.... but now could they escape if they couldn't even see the way?

They kept bumping into each other and tripling over dead bodies and holes that were created from the missile's attacks.

'Boom! Boom! Boom!'



Lucy looked down at the men who were screaming in agony, and for a second... her heart wavered a little.

In truth, they were also pitiable in their own way.

But she knew that even if they escaped, there was no guarantee that they wouldn't be caught and threatened for information on the battle.

One had to know that even though Baymard would be open to the public soon, they still didn't want bigger enemies to be aware of the weapons at the city walls.

It was always good to give their major enemies the element of surprise, leaving them with no way out.

Obviously sooner or later, the world would know about their defences.

But it was better for them to take out massive armies of ten thousands, before the news about their City's defenses got out.

Since news usually travelled a lot slower and could arrive several months, Baymard might be able to use this at it's advantage.

Who knows, maybe they could kill several enemies before the whole Pyno continent got the news.

Although Lucy felt compassion for them, she also felt that this was necessary in keeping Baymard safe.

Hence, she toughened up her heart and gave out her next orders.

"Team 4..... Take down the Archers now!!"

Those in team 4 were all new recruits from the first graduating batch who moved up a rank.

They were using cannons to take down the archers.... while the warrant officers in the other teams were using the missiles.

For this war, both cannons and missiles were going to be used.

The men needed real battle experience.

Hence this was the first battle wehre the warrant officers used the missiles, and the 'Privates' used the cannon.

Of course they had been practicing at a large open region in District B.....as well as the Coastal region.

One could practice something forever..... but without real experience, there was no guarantee that they would be able to do the job properly.

Hence, both weapons were presently being used.


Back on the fields, the archers and those that were supposed to shield them from arrows.... were so stunned from the sight before them, that they didn't know what to do next.

If their situation was on a T.V screen, people would think that they should've started running by now.

But the question was: Run to where?

The situation on the battlefield was extremely scary to those who didn't know anything about technology or modern weapons.

As they turned to look behind them, straight away.... they could see a thick black smoke mist that looked like it had a mind of its own, slowly crawling and creeping towards them.

Coupled with the wails and screams from within the mist, they had immediately concluded that the mist held some sort of monster within it.


They swallowed their saliva down, and started trembling like frightened chickens.

For some reason, they felt like if they got any closer to the gates of Baymard, they would be cursed... .... so they continued staying within their 300 meter range, while trying to look for any other possible exits.

But sadly, they could only see one direction... and that was the direction towards Baymard's gates.

'Bloody HELL!!'