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 Like organized flies swarming across the fields, Commander Lucy and the rest of the men above the city walls..... looked at them with annoyance and hatred.

They were just bugs who thought that they could enslave Baymard's people due to their Master.

Lucius looked at Lucy and nodded slightly at her.

Right, this was it!!

It was almost time for the soldiers to make their move.

If she did a good job, then she would be able to protect her loved ones.

She was both excited, nervous and somewhat terrified.

She felt an awful amount of responsibility and pressure on her shoulders.

But of course as a leader.... she wasn't supposed to show it, so as to keep the men calm and collected during the battle.

As she stepped forward , she couldn't help but wander how her fiance was able to always ramain confident in times like this.

'Suck it up girl.... you have a job to do!,' she told herself.

The students from the academy who were watching her, were also impressed with her demeanor.

Speaking of the students, it has been almost 12 months since Baymard's last battle.

And with all the new students who had arrived within this time frame, Landon had wanted them to also experience the full force of all their long ranged weapons at the City walls.

For this battle, the students would witness the comorehensive power of the missiles... as well as the canons.

Lucy took a deep breath, swiftly walked forward and raised both of her hands in the air like a concert maestro.

After enemy's archers had taken their positions, they immediately waited for the rest of the men to come forward as well.

Their goal was to trap and kill all of them, while ensuring that no one escaped.

That was why they had made several teams for these tasks.

Team 1 would focus on attacking the back of the field from where they're standing, while teams 2 and 3 will focus on the left and right hand sides of the field.

And within each team itself, Lucy had specified what type of military formation they would use to tackle down their opponents.

Bottom line, every missile launcher was supposed to aim at different locations according to the formation.

They wanted their enemies to be trapped in a box, with no other choice but moving forward towards them.

To know the exact position for attacking, several 3 feet stones were blacked neatly around the entire field, as well as every 100 meters.

The stones were also painted by different colors, so as to aid the men in counting the distance without any errors.

One could now know where 200 meters was, or where 1000 meters was.

Again, they had decided the field horizontally and vertically... making squares of 100 meters, all across the fields.

With this, each team could easily allocate their men to these squares depending on their enemy's position.

To make sure that these stones stayed in position, the ground below them had been dug slightly, so as to sink 1/4 of it into the ground.

There were also sticks and ropes placed around the perimeter of each stone in hopes of permanently marking its position.

When people looked at it, they would think that it was done just for aesthetics.

No one would ever think that this set up would be used for military purposes.

"Team's 1, 2 and 3.... get ready!" She commanded.

The men in those teams immediately pointed their missile launchers at the positions that they were supposed to aim at, while waiting for Lucy's signal.

Each missile Launcher could shoot out 8 missiles at once, with each missile being 2.5 feet long.

A hit from these weapons could easily cause as much.... or even more damage, than regular cannons.

Hence they were truly terrifying.


Back down the fields, Brody and Titus, alongside the men... had already moved closer and settled down so as to watch the archers who were busy trying their hardest to destroy the metal gate.

Titus looked at the situation and felt like something was off.

"Why aren't they shooting any arrows at us?" He asked suspiciously.

"Who knows....  they probably don't have any right now.

After all, we did surprise them with this battle... so it could be seen how unprepared they were.

That's why they dared to hide behind their city." Brody said confidently.

Titus thought about it for a bit, and eventually decided to believe in those reasons.... It made sense after all.

No one knew that they were coming, so how could these barbarians prepare ahead of time?

Maybe they didn't have any blacksmiths to make them weapons, since no one was willing to trade or do any services for them anymore.

They were basically shunned by the entire empire right now, so it made sense that they would choose to hide and watch from above.

"I think you're right!... Maybe they're waiting to ambush us within the city after we destroy their gate."

"Hahahaha....so what?

We have more people than them.... so no matter how you see it, there's no way that we could ever loose to them."


As they spoke, Lucy on the other hand.... was now ready to begin the show.

"Steady.....steady... Fire!!"

'Bheu!... Bheu!... Bheu!'

Instany, multiple high velocity missiles were fired off at the same time.

As for those below they immediately noticed several bright flashy lights going off and on, on top of the city walls.

Why would these savages light up fire torches and immediately blow them off?

Where they mad, confused.... or just afraid!

Did these savages plan to burn them from way up there?

It seemed like they were more stupid than they thought.

Titus, Brody and their men couldn't help but shake their heads wryly, as they watched the bright lights flicker off and on multiple times.

They couldn't make heads or tails of what these uncultured people wanted to do, so they began to laugh at their idiocracy.

But soon enough, their laughters turned to screams of agony.


The show had finally begun.