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 The clouds moved in the afternoon sky, kissing up a portion of the sun's warmth.

And on top of Baymard's city wall, peered several eyes that kept looking at the road ahead patiently.

'Flap! Flap! Flap!'

A large flock of birds flapped out from the trees, as if to announce the enemy's arrival.

The pissed off messenger, quickly turned around and his eyes lit up.

Finally, his saviours were here.

He would for sure, make these savages look bad in the eyes of Captain Brody and Captain Titus.

"Captains... Captains.... you won't believe how these savages treated me." The messenger wailed shamelessly, as he ran towards them.

'Gallop! Gallop! Gallop! Gallop!'

The valiant horses leaped ahead majestically, as the uneasy wind stirred across their bodies .

The soft spring soil was no match for their hooves, as they marched on forward leaving only deep horse footprints in the ground.


Something wasn't right with the sight before them.

As the muscular knight Captains approached, they immediately became puzzled as they began observing the gigantic city wall before them.

Was this really how they remembered it?

If so, then why did it seem so different now?

Was Baymard actually different from what they currently knew?

And why were they so many painted stones lying around the field in an organized manner?

As several thoughts popped into their heads, they began to subconsciously raise their guards even more.

But of course when they heard the messengers detailed explanation, they immediately felt that they were worrying for nothing.

These savages were still wearing ragged clothings, and from the looks of it.... they had still planned on fighting this war with 300 knights.

Also.... from the reports, no one had visited Baymard ever since their previous appearance here.

Hence Titus and Brody soon dropped their guards down again because of these reasons.

They instantly came to a conclusion that the reason why they probably remembered the wall differently, was because they weren't really paying any attention to it previously.


"So you're saying that a wee lass will lead this battle for them?

Bahahaha!!!" Brody laughed.


"Are her services that good?"

"They're lowly swines, so it's no wonder that they would give up their positions just for a skank."

"Tsk!!...To think that the famous Commander Lucius was such a man."

"F***... I want all the respect that I previously gave him back!"


The men laughed, and the atmosphere became somewhat comical and lax.

Was that bastard ex-prince out of his mind? Or was he just that dumb enough to trust a woman.

Well either way, this totally worked out in their favor... so they weren't displeased at all.

In their minds, these savages were already dead meat.

300 vs 1300... who else could be the victor from such a battle?

"I don't think that they plan on riding out to attack us." Brody said, as he continued to observe the tiny structures that stood way up on the city walls.

"I think you're right!!.

They're probably thinking that we wouldn't be able to break their gate.....  but they're in for a real treat if they think that we'll attack with just keep attacking with our swords." Titus said while smiling mischeviouly.

For this battle, they specifically brought out snow powder to destroy Baymard's city gate.

Of course they knew that even if they hit the city walls for an entire day, it wouldn't crumble..... but the gate was a different matter.

They were hoping that they could shoot several dynamite-like tubes of powder with their arrows pointed towards the gate.

Normally, city gates just had 1 iron bar gate that prevented the enemy from entering the city.

But Landon's new Gated tunnel,  had 4 reinforced aluminum bar gates.... as well as 2 vault-like metal doors, at the front and back of the gated entrance tunnel.

One could only open these vault-like doors from inside Baymard.

Anyone who has ever seen a bank Vault back on earth, would know just how thick these doors were.

The aluminium reinforced vault doors were 1.3 meters thick, with more than 12 lock mechanisms on them.

All in all.... the entrance Tunnel-like gate region, was fully secured.

Hence even if Brody, Titus and their men made their way towards the gate... there was no way that they would succeed in destroying it.

Some of these doors couldn't even be cracked if one placed medium level explosives in front of them.... talk less of these garbage explosives that they were carrying.

But how could they have known that Landon had made a better gated tunnel?

From where they were standing, the outer gated door looked like an ordinary but neatly done thin iron door.

"Are the weapons ready?"

"Yes Captain!"

"Perfect!!!" Titus yelled.

Their plan was simple.

Some of the men would shoot their arrows of snow powder towards the gates, while others would hold out their armors so as to block raining arrows from their enemies up at the walls.

Of course most of the population would move a little distance ahead, and wait for the gate to be destroyed... before they could successfully lead the men into Baymard.

And even though Titus didn't know the exact distance between the forest area and the gate..... he still showed the men where they needed to attack from, by pointing at the colorful rocks scattered all around the field.

For him, these rocks looked nothing more than mere decorations.

It looked like these savages had waisted their time painting rocks so as to try and attract more visitors to the place.

After all, he could understand their need for merchants to try and communicate with them.

But too bad.... their plans hadn't worked out at all, since no one had visited Baymard ever since.

As for where they got the paint from, he was guessing that it came from the homes of the former Barons who used to live here.

That was the only explanation he could come up with to explain the occurrence of these colored rocks.

But of course, the truth was far from any of his guesses.

Anyway..... The entire field was 1 mile (1,609 metres) wide.

He needed the archers and those holding the shield to get as close as possible at a safe distance of 300 meters, between them and the gates.

And of course, as for the rest of his men, Brody and himself, they would move forward until they were 900 meters away from the gates.

At this distance, their enemy's arrows could never reach them... so this was a safe spot for them to observe the archers.

Hehehe.....but unfortunately, it wasn't the arrows that they needed to worry about.

Brody and Titus looked towards Baymard and smiled confidently.

Soon, they would be able to get their hands on that little twerp dead or alive.

It was time for revenge.

"Archers..... Move Forward!!!!"