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 Time flew by and a rider slowly approached the gates.

Lucy, Lucius and Josh had already been informed of this rider's appearance from the scouts.

From the looks of it, this person was an official messenger.



The rider was confused.... why would they stop him before he could even get close enough to the gates?

In truth... he was somewhat fascinated by the tall stone-like wall in front of him.

It was taller than any city wall he had ever seen.... even the Capital's city wall wasn't this tall.

It looked impressively formidable and sturdy.

It was definitely worth it, for his master Prince Eli, to take the land.

As he continued to observe the scene before him, several ragged looking men approached him on horseback.

He looked at their appearances, and couldn't help but show a bit of disdain towards them.

Indeed, they looked like wild beasts.

As they approached, he subconsciously held his nose in fear of their stench.

"Stop right there!!!

We can speak from this distance, so don't get any closer." The messenger yelled while pointing at them.

The soldiers who had arrived, secretly looked at each other and grinned.

"Hey old man.... enough chit chat.

what do you want?" One of them said arrogantly.

"Yeah... are you here to give us money?"

"Tch!... of course it's to give us money, why else would he come?"


The soldiers were always taken as Rogued savages, so why not act the part out completely?

"You... you..... do you know that I'm an official messenger who is highly favoured by the crown prince himself?

Anyway, I don't have time to talk with you lowly street rats.

I'm only here to discuss war times with your bastard leader..... so lead me to him now!!!!!!" He yelled out angrily.

How dare these savages talk to him like this?

He was so mad that his heart felt like it would pop out of his chest any second now.

The men balled up their fists, as they heard this loathsome fellow call their king a bastard.

They sucked it up and smiled at him mischievously.

It was only a matter of time, before everyone would know of their king's true glory.

By then, they wouldn't need to keep acting and accepting such blatant insults from anyone.

"Alright... we've heard you.

But since you called our leader a bastard, you'll have to stay here and wait for our leader here.

After all, how could someone as noble as you step into a bastard's home?" One of the men said with a sarcastic smile on his face.

The rider didn't know how else to refute them, so he could only curse them silently within his heart as he waited for their bastard leader appear.


After a while, the rider looked up and saw 5 people riding towards him.

There were herculean men, riding alongside a beautiful little girl who was currently all dressed up in a Red attire.

Compared to the other savages, her attire appeared clean... even though it still looked cheap and out worn.

When they arrived, everyone... including the rider, finally got off from their horses and approached each other steadily.

"Speak... what do you want?" Lucy said, as she tried to make her voice sound as cold as possible.

She had been undergoing military speech and body language training with Lucius.... so she knew that if she came off as weak, the enemy would never take her seriously or even respect her.

She needed to be seen as fearless and powerful in their eyes.

The messenger looked at her for a while and burst out laughing..... but of course the more he laughed, the more Lucy's temper flared up.


Don't tell me that all you brawny men have chosen to follow a woman!

Isn't this just too shameful?


In his mind, Landon was probably dead or sick... maybe that was why he wasn't here.

But just by looking at the stunning beauty before him, he had already come up with a hypothesis to back his thoughts.

She was a harlot.

A cheap floozie and a pretentious skank  who had probably slept with all of them.

If not, then why would these people willingly follow a woman around like stray dogs?

It would seem that her whore-like services were indeed topnotch if she could control these men.

"Hahaha.... no for real... where is your leader?" Asked the laughing messenger, who was now tearing up while holding his belly in pain.

He had laughed so hard that it hurt his belly.

"Is this a joke to you?" Lucy said while trying to reign in her temper.

"Ermm... pardon me little girl.... but do you really want me to believe that you can lead them?

Please.... you probably got this position by spreading your legs for all of them right?

You can never be anything more because you are a woman.... so stop deceiving yourself.

You are at most a sl** who...."

And before he could finish his sentence, Lucy had already taken action.


She had worked so hard in training, yet this fool dared to insult her?

What's worse, he dared to question her virtue in front of her face.

She was mad as hell.

In fact not just her, but everyone else was pissed off as well.

How dare dare this ignorant son of a b**ch insult their future queen?

If she hadn't slapped him at that moment, they were sure that they would've sliced off his neck just like that.

"Ah!!!!.... you slapped me?

You... a lowly peasant woman slapped me?

Do you know who the F*** I am?!!!!" Yelled the messenger, as he massaged his swollen jaw while looking at her with bloodshot eyes.

He quickly calmed himself down and smiled at here maliciously.

"Little girI..... A while back, you all denied my master, Prince Eli's request to own Baymard.

If you all had just accepted his previous offer of being his slaves.... then some of you might have survived.

But now, retribution has come for you all.

This time, he had sent his men to take the land and kill every single one of you."

As the messenger spoke, Lucy's heart became even more cold.

Become slaves?...Never!!

When she thought of all the children in her classes, and all the people who gave her warm smiles... she couldn't help but want to slap her former self's thoughts.

Only by completely eradicating her enemies, would Baymard remain safe.

It was time for her to grow up!!

"Little girl... I had initially come here today to negotiate, and give you all a second chance in becoming my master's slaves.

But since you've slapped me, then don't blame me for taking back this privilege.

But if you apologize to me now, then when the time comes..... I'll be sure to keep you by my side so that you'll know what true luxury feels like.

In exchange, you'll have to warm this daddy's bed.

So... are you going to kneel and beg, or not!!" The man said arrogantly.

Lucius and Josh kept looking at Lucy, for any signal to attack this loathsome prick.

But Lucy smiled at them and shook her head slightly.

They all thought that she had given up on taking revenge, as they knew that their future queen was indeed too kind and softhearted.

Lucy then smiled innocently, and walked slowly towards the baffoon.

"Hahahaha.... good!... you've finally recognized his daddy's status right?

Come on!... kneel down to me... hahahahaha... this is all a whore is good at." The man said proudly, as if he was proving a point.

The soldiers thought that she was actually willing to kneel for their sakes, so they began to feel like they had failed his majesty Landon.

They immediately started questioning whether their training methods on Lucy was right or wrong.

Either way, no one ever blamed her, because they knew how pure and simple minded she was.

As they saw they slightly bend towards the man, their final thought was that they had failed their king.

But what happened next completely surprised them.


"Aowwww!!!!.... my generation..... my generation."

The messenger was now lying on the ground, while rolling and cupping his little man with his hands.

It hurt so bad, that tears began to flow from his eyes unknowingly.

F***... it hurt so bad.

Actually, Lucy wasn't bowing.... she was gaining momentum for her kick.

When she bent, she raised her right leg toward the back.... and used her full force to hit the villain's nuts.

She had learned that she was supposed to use this move if she was taken hostage by a man or attacked.... but who cares?

This guy was a villain, so he deserved to have such treatments.

The other soldiers looked at the man groveling on the ground, and subconsciously grabbed their own little men as well.

They began to look at the man with pity.

That move was indeed too brutal.

The poorma  had probably had his nuts broken by this move.

Could he ever use this 'thing' again in future?

He couldn't help but look at him and sigh...

'RIP to your little man bro'.

"You b**ch!... you whore!... you...you..!" He said while trying to gasp for air.

"I... I.. I... what?

Let me tell you, we will never be your slaves... and we will never give Baymard to you all.

So run along like a little dog, and tell your friends that we will never surrender!!" Lucy said.

The men looked at their future queen and smiled, while still subconsciously cupping their little men.

It seemed like their training had indeed paid off.