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 --The Outskirts of Riverdale City, Arcadina--


11 A.M

Somewhere outside the city, 1,302 knights had already woken up, cleaned up....as well as had their fill.

"Titus... I think we should leave now.

Just thinking about how I'm going to tear that arrogant brat into pieces, really gets me excited." said Brody eagerly

How could he not be delighted?

He had been waiting for this day since the day that they left Baymard last year in October.

He was slapped, and even had his right foot stabbed by that sh**ty ex-prince several months back.

Of course when he joined his master, Eli, at the border... he immediately pleaded and begged to hurriedly rush back to the base and gather more men to slaughter the scoundrel.

And throughout his entire journey back, he had been having pleasant dreams about all the ways that the bastard ex-prince would die from his hands.

He felt like letting Landon die on the battlefield was too good for him... so he had planned to catch the rogue alive, and kill him by boiling.

He would place Landon in a large Cauldron, and boil him to death.

And after that, he would personally drink the blood broth and even grind the bones with his teeth.

Even in death, he had planned to never let Landon go.

"Calm down Brody... we'll get going soon.

Oh... did you send out the messenger?" The broad-shouldered Titus replied.

Brody smiled and gathered an ample amount of spittle in his mouth.

'Cai!!!!!... Pui!'

"I sent him out an hour ago..... hehehehe but whether they agree to the terms or not, my mind has already been made up.

All of them have to die." Brody said while climbing onto his horse.

Titus looked at brody and grinned in agreement.

The last time he came with Brody, they were utterly humiliated.... and had left the scene with their tails dangling between their legs.

They had never faced such a situation in their entire lives.

If word got out, their reputations would be tarnished forever.

This was a 'strong eats weak' world after all.....so if people knew that they were humiliated by a trashy ex-prince, wouldn't they automatically become the biggest joke within Arcadina.

Heck!!.... forget about Arcadina, everyone who could identify them within the Pyno continent would look down on them too.

They might even have to change their names because of this incident.

Reputation was everything.

People only hired the best... ... no one would look for the 500th assassin, when they could hire those within the top 20.

Likewise, no one would give out official assignments to incompetent people.

Luckily, their kind and noble master, Prince Eli..... had kept the matter secret.

Hence their subordinates, as well as their other comrades.....didn't know of their shameful experience.

If word got out, even the men below them would loose respect for them.

No matter how they saw it, that villain, ex-prince Landon.... was the cause of all shame when facing their master.

"Move out!!" Brody commanded.




Standing beside the tall majestic fortified walls, were Lucy, Lucius, Josh and several other warrant officers..

Yesterday, Tristan had arrived at 11 P.M to warn them about a possible attack within the next few days.

Hence today at 6 A.M, once the soldiers woke up.... all of them had been informed about this upcoming threat.

"Princess Lucy, are you prepared?" Lucius asked, as he looked at Lucy warmly.

She too was somewhat of a daughter to him, since she was practically raised with Landon from a young age.

He sometimes wondered what her real Baron father would do, when he realised that the daughter he had thrown away.... was now the future queen of an upcoming empire.

"I'm 75% confident that I'll get it right..... but if I make any mistakes, I know that you and Major General Josh will give me all the aid that I need." Lucy answered with a warm smile on her face as well.

It would be a lie to say that she wasn't nervous... this responsibility was indeed a huge one.

Before her fiance left, he had told her that she and Lucius would be in charge of making all military decisions during his absence.

She was dumbfounded at the thought of commanding an army.

What if she messed up?

Luckily, Lucius and Josh would aid her during this period.... so she felt more relieved.

In truth, apart from Queen Penelope... Lucy would now the second woman to ever command an empire's battle force within the Pyno continent.

Landon's thinking was simple.

Forget the matter that she was a woman...She was the future queen!

And if something should ever happen to him, Landon expected his wife to be able to protect the land and its people.

When they were younger, Lucy would sometimes protect him by taking beatings for him... or even fighting with others..... but at the end whether she lost or not, she would always forgive them.

He had fainted once from the beatings, and had heard that she blocked several other whip lashes while he passed out.

And of course she forgave them again.

But did those who she forgave stop troubling them?.... Nope!!!

They always came back with more energy to give out the same beatings all over again.

This was a flaw in Lucy's character.

She was simply too saintly for this era.

She would always make even the devil look like a good guy.

A king didn't need someone who would bring more troubles to the kingdom.... what he needed was someone with a good heart and a tough will to fight for his people.

If the enemy had said sorry to Lucy, Laneon was sure that she would forgive the enemy immediately and let he/she go.

Lucy had a good heart, but that was not enough... hence to toughen up her character, he needed her to take control for a while.

She had also been taking some military courses as well... so as to make her understand the consequences of her kindness towards her enemies.

Of course, he also had her do combat training..... so that if she ever got attacked, she would be able to protect herself without waiting for a knight in shining armour.

Anyway last night.... she had been discussing Baymard's attack plan for over 2 hours with the warrant officers, as well as Josh and Lucius.

Initially, she felt sad for her enemy.

But when she realised that they would kill the people, herself and Landon... she immediately steeled her heart.

Her fiance was right.... she was too weak willed.