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 Once the men got far away from the fields, they immediately decided to split up.

The streets were busy and packed, but after spending several minutes searching..... all 3 soldiers had finally locked onto their targets.

42 minutes after they split up, Tristan immediately spotted some of the men currently loading several jugs and food items onto several wagons.

As for Rwanpo... after 20 minutes, he also spotted another group who were seemingly walking around in hopes of knowing Baymard's current situation.

And for Gian, he too spotted several men who were also looking for Intel on Baymard.

It seemed like these men were indeed heading towards Baymard.

And just like that, night had reached, and these men had still not left.

Even those that were tasked with buying food, still went over to pubs and pretended to be drunk, so as to suck out more information  from the men around them.

Tristan, Rwanpo and Gian analyzed everything that they had asked for..... and at around 7 P.m, all of them stopped following the men and headed back to their Inn.


While Tristan and his men were out, Mark had already closed for the day... hence he was currently in the inn with the girls.

"Any new findings?...  Mary, you start." He said in a whispery tone.

One should know that the walls of their bedrooms were super thin, and could easily leak out information to their enemies if they weren't careful.

"Major general.... from what I've found out, those 2 hooded men who arrived here last week were only here to spy on Marder Shannon.

From the conversation that they had, they were apparently sent by a certain Baron Cain.

That was all I could get from listening in on their conversation." Mary answered.

Several questions popped in and out of Mark's head immediately.

Who the hell was this Baron Cain guy?

Was he a potential threat to them?

Forget it.... since this Cain guy wasn't looking for Baymard's trouble, then they would stay out of his way.

But his majesty said that they had to pay attention to news about all powerful people around.... so he would definitely keep his ears towards Baron Cain's matters.

After all, just because they weren't enemies now, didn't mean that they wouldn't be in future.

Everything was a 50 50 chance.

Hence since he knew about these people now, it was beat for him to know their characters.....  so as to advise his majesty better on future matters.

"You did good Mary!!....Now Josephine, it's your turn."

"Major General.... I was able to free the slaves from the wagons just a little distance away from Riverdale.

I stalked the wagons for a full 30 minutes before making my move.

Later on, I sent them to Baymard under your name." Josephine replied.

Actually... the previous day when she saw how those slaves were beaten and whipped, she almost couldn't control her emotions.

She used to be a slave roo... so seeing them experience what she used to go through was really heart-wrenching to watch.

Humans were really brutal beings.

On the city square, she had watched her they had stoned a  9 year old boy to death just for fun..... and they had also cut out a 12 year old girl's right hand off, because she dirtied a noble ladies gown.

If not for Ava who was holding her hands firmly, she was sure that she would've brought it her dagger and killed them.

But by then, their cover would've been blown.

No matter what they saw in the day time, she as a farmer's wife.....  was meant to act weak and docile.

Hence she needed to work on controlling her emotions more.

They could only act out during the night, so she could only patiently wait before freeing the slaves.

"Excellent Josephine!!... As for Ava, give me your report."

"Major General..... Marder Shannon still hasn't made any major moves yet.

He's still laying low and building his forces in secret.

With his father's forces gone, he is indeed lacking enough knights.

Oh.... and he still believes that his father died 3 towns away from here.

So Baymard is for sure safe from his watchful eyes."

"That's good to hear... well done Ava.

In fact... all of you have done well!"

"Thank you Major General Mark!" They all replied.

"That reminds me, Private Ava, where did you run off to 2 nights ago ?" Mark asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

Josephine and Mary giggled, as they thought about what Ava had told them.

Ava had gone to take care of the person who had been stalking Mark.

Well, everyone around knows that the 3 women were indeed very ugly....due to their disguises.

So of course the women would be jealous when they saw that such handsome men had sticked to them like glue.

A while back, a certain 23 year old baroness who had lost her husband.... had seen the 24 year old Mark tilling the fields with his sweat dripping off his body so seductively.

But when he looked up and their eyes met, she felt like her heart had stopped for a second.

Heavens he was handsome.

No matter what, she had to have him.

Usually, she would never ever stoop so low as to look at a lowly peasant, but this guy gave her second thoughts.

From then on, she began stalking him like a wild animal..... who was hot for its prey.

She had sent her men to find out more about him and what he loved and hated.

But the results were indeed humiliating.

How could a man who looked like the gods were crestined from his image, choose to be with a lizard?

It didn't make any sense at all!

Did he owe that ugly Toad some life debt or something?

Was that it?

No matter how she looked at it, that indeed seemed to be the case.

Hence she decided to take matters into her own hands on his behalf.

With this, she began making Ava's life unbearable.

She would order her men to beat up Ava, and ask her to leave her husband.

But since Ava was supposed to act docile and timid, she would ball up on the floor and accept the beatings.

The good thing was that, because she was already 'ugly', the men didn't feel the need to destroy her face... hence they only hit her back or belly.

Rape her? No way in hell!!

The woman was very hideous and revolting.

Ewwww.....his wife was so ugly that just looking at the monster's face, made them want to throw up.

Ava on the other hand, had her own plans in this matter.

How could she ever let them go?

Every night, she would severely injure one of them and make it look like an accident... that way, no one would suspect that it had anything to do with her.

And of course to end it all..... she had decided to sneak into the baroness' chambers and cut off all her hair right from the roots 2 nights ago.

She had done this after placing sleeping powder into the woman's tea..... and now, the noble lady was bald.

She did it so low, that anyone on earth would think that the baroness was a widow who shaved off all her hair.

Long story short..... ever since then, no one had come up to make her life difficult again.

Hmmp!!.... who asked her to have silly thoughts about her man?

Serves her right!

Just as they were rounding up their conversation... Tristan came in, followed by Rwanpo a few minutes later, finally Gian.


"So you're saying that they were asking about Baymard?" Ava asked.

"Yeah.... and they bought a ton of food too.

They're probably camping somewhere around here." Tristan said while nodding and reaching for an apple on the tiny table in the room.

"Tomorrow.... the enemy might attack, and it's our duty to alert our people.

So Tristan, you'll do the honors."

Firstly, Tristan was so 'sick', that he was sure that the supervisor wouldn't mind if Tristan didn't show up for a day or 2.... so it was safe for him to leave the city and warn Baymard.

At least let them know, so that they could easily mobilize and organize the men at the city wall.

"Tristan, If my guess is correct..... the enemy probably has a lot of spies watching Riverdale's city gates, as well as the road towards Baymard.

Hence if they see you heading towards Baymard, they might think that you've caught onto their plot.... or that you have ulterior motives.

So when you leave, head in the opposite direction and use the swamps to turn around.

And when you're a safe distance away from their grasp... use the road and head on straight.

You may leave now!"