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 --The Capital, Empire Of Yodan--


The streets were busy and the people were all in celebratory spirits.

It was already May..... and 3 days from now, third prince Sirius Maclaine would be crowned the new ruler of Yodan.

When the people had heard about all that he had accomplished, they were indeed taken aback.

He was responsible for making peace between Yodan and Deiferus.... as well as sending relief food to various villages and so on.

He had also captured and killed all members of several notorious blood gangs... hence making some of the tiny villages and towns safe.

Usually, nobles always focused more on cities.

In doing this, they normally ended up forgetting about the simple places like the villages.... giving blood gangs the opportunity to lord over those places.

But from Sirius' deeds, one could see that he had focused in every community... be it small or big.

Just based on this, the people were extremely accepting of him.

And from what they saw, this new king of theirs was hard hearted when he needed to be, and soft when the time called for it.

It was also said that he was a rare talent who was actually proficient in all his subjects.... be it sword fighting, war tactics and so on.

This kind of king was what the people thought a ruler should be like.

But of course, not everyone was happy about Sirius' claim to the throne.



A cup had just been sent flying towards a group of kneeling men.

"You Ingrates!!!..... You useless baffoons!!!!

You... you.... Ahhhh!!!

How many times have you disappointed us already?

For heaven's sake, the brat's coronation day is in 3 days time, and you still haven't been able to touch him yet?!" Queen Ivy yelled out angrily, as she immediately lost her noble composure.

The trembling men were frightened silly from her outburst.

Their shoulders shook slightly, and their breathing became unsteady.

Their hearts were about to explode from fear as they looked at their demons of a queen.

In their hearts, they began to say a silent prayer for their lives.

If they could turn back the hands of time, they would definitely beat their past selves for ever agreeing to work for such a lunatic.

But it was too late now.... they could never escape her, till death took them away.

Escaping meant that their families would be hunted down and killed.... which was something they would never allow.

Doing her bidding was the only way for themto survive.

Ivy held her hands against her temples and lightly massages them, while looking up to the ceiling.

She felt like if she kept on looking at them, she wouldn't be able to resist the urge to strangle them with her bare hands.

They had just one job.... one job, and they couldn't do it?

Bloody Hell!!

They had 8 whole months to deal with the small wimp, yet they had failed her time and time again.

What was the point of having such useless men buy her side?

She needed to get rid of that brat, third Prince Sirius... so that her beloved son, Prince Malfoy, could claim the throne as his.

In truth, it wasn't the fault of her henchmen.

Sirius had been hiding too deep all through these years.

Right from a young age, he had been making his moves and setting up secret bases here and there.

In fact even till this day, no one knew that he was the owner of one of the most popular Intel organizations within the empire.... as well as the owner of many Apothecary buildings, as well as merchant stores.

He had spread his influence in almost every aspect of life.

So how could he not know that they were trying to kill him?

He had men, and spies that worked in ordinary places like the markets and even the farmlands.

Ever since he was little, he had made up his mind to visit every village, town or city before he became king.

So he had gathered a lot of followers, as well as a lot of people who had helped him in his journey.

His goal had always to become king, so he had worked him in accomplishing it.

And to make matters worse, he was never in the Capital..... so tracking him was a little difficult for the men to do.

Since he did a lot of things around the empire, he was always on the move... so no one could ever know his exact location.

Even if assassins were hired, it would take them days or even months to get to where they thought he was.

Of course by the time they got there, he would be gone.

No one except for his second in command knights, knew his schedule.

Not even his mother or royal father knew of his moves.

In his mind, what they didn't know couldn't kill them.

Hence getting rid of him was no child's play.

Ivy's men had tried to tail him several times, but they couldn't keep up with his moves.

He was indeed a tricky one.


"Dammit!.. why are you all so useless?" Ivy yelled.

"Ohhh.....what happened to your confidence earlier?

Didn't you say that it was indeed a guaranteed job?

Hehehe.... so the all powerful first queen could also produce the same results as I did?

It seems like you have indeed lost your touch!!!" Second Queen Sedora mocked.

Several months ago.... she had teamed up with her nemesis, Queen Ivy, in hopes of dealing with third prince Sirius.

To Sedora, this agreement was very clear.

Step 1: kill Sirius together.

Step 2: Fight amongst each other until one of their sons sits on the throne.

Even though Sedora was annoyed at the fact that they hadn't killed Sirius, she still didn't forget to rub Ivy's failure to her face.

A few days ago when her own men had reported that they had failed the mission, Ivy mocked her and by saying that she could only produce such weak results.

And at that time, she felt like she should take a dagger and slit the throats of these men who embarrassed her in front of her enemy.

But today, the same woman who mocked her had still produced the same result as she did.... so how could she not mock Ivy?

On the other hand... If eyes could kill, Sedora would be dead by now.

Ivy looked at her coldly, and decided not to give into Sedora's provocations.

The b**ch was indeed asking for a beating.

"Enough!! ... Let's focus on the task at hand." She said, while walking down steadily towards the kneeling men.

"Dont be so nervous alright?....

I promise I'll forgive you all this time." Ivy said playfully.

When the men heard her, they immediately became fearful.

Her? Forgive them? Impossible!!!

They all looked at her silently, as she approached them with a scary smile on her face.


Ivy looked at them and smirked.

They were the reason for today's disgrace.

To be humiliated in front of her enemy Sedora, was the biggest shame that she could experience.

I'm her mind, once they completed their mission.... she would cut off their manhood, then slowly slice off their body parts.... as well as burn their family members alive.

Forgive them?... Never!!!

"I'll give you all one last chance to redeem yourselves.

Since the brat is presently staying here at the Palace, I expect no slip ups or excuses.

I want him dead by all means.

Whether you have to poison him, drown him, stab him, or even bore him to death.... I don't care!!

Within these 3 days, all I want are results!!!!"