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 "City lord Morroc, it's here!" Said one of his knight Captains.

Morroc hurriedly walked into the barn, and immediately found a parchment note that was stabbed with 5 knives around it to keep it from flying away.

He quickly took the knives off, and read through the note silently.

[You don't need to look no further for the culprit.

I'll let you in on a little secret... this is my revenge to your boss for trying to make me and my people his slaves.

Who am I?

Well... I'm Landon Obley.

P.S... If you're reading this, then know that I've already left Carona for good.

Oh... and tell your boss that I'll see him soon alright?

Thanks bro...bye!!!]

In truth, Landon had decided to use his mother's last name 'Obley', so as to confuse them a little.

Of course it wouldn't take long before they knew that he was indeed Landon Barn.

But because Obley was a common and well used peasant name, no one would ever think of him as nobility.

And coupled with the fact that almost nobody knew his mother's last name, he knew that Nopline would sweat a little before figuring it out.

First names were commonly between nobility and peasants..... but last names were not.

For example, a prince could be called Arthur, and a peasant could also be called Arthur.

But a lowly slave or peasant could never have NOBLE last names such as Pendragon.

Also, if peasants succeeded and one day became rich, then they were required to change their last names and register it with their city lord.

Hence the name Landon was a very common first name... and coupled with his last name 'Obley', one would be a fool to believe that he was nobility.

Plus which nobility would have their families almost sold in to slavery?

Come on.... this was definitely a peasant.

Nopline had over 20,000 men who were assigned to kidnapping and roping slaves in.... so how could he remember all the slaves that passed by?

There was no way that he would remember a name like Landon obley.

Morroc was confused.

Obley... Obley... wasn't that a peasant's name?

Morroc had already formed a hypothesis in his mind.

To him, this Landon character was definitely a lowly dog who had been building his forces for years in secret.... all in hopes of getting revenge.

He probably trained his peasant friends who escaped with him, and planned this whole thing with them.

It wasn't unheard of, for slaves to try and revolt against nobles.

Of course no slave had ever succeeded, so this wasn't news.

But it looked like this particular slave had really grown a bit, for him to bring over 15,000 men here all at once.

He wouldn't be surprised if the bastard had also made his money through robbery.

And the worst part of it all, was that the bastard had already left Carona for good.

Who knew where he would be heading to next.

Would he be going to Deiferus? Yodan? Arcadina? Or Terique?

Just where the hell were they supposed to start their search from?

On the bright side, he was happy that his enemies were peasants.

This way, he could go all in and assist Nopline with revenge when the time comes.

He was still petty about loosing money and part of his army.

But no matter how impatient he was, he knew that there was nothing he could do for the time being.

Right now, if he sent a letter to Nopline who was currently at the empire of Terique... he was certain that Nopline would only get the message in 5 months time.

Sailing to Carona from Terique, would take 3 months... and moving from the dock to Nopline's home would take another 2 months ride by horseback.

And before boss Nopline decided to finally take action, wouldn't that take time as well?

Sigh.... he qcould only wait patiently.


Time flew by and it was already 1 P.M.

Landon and his group had just arrived Loplin Coastal City, and were immediately greeted by a few of Santa's men who were on the lookout for them.

As his men as well as Santa's men aided in boarding the slaves, as well as loading up the goods...Santa pulled Landon to the side and looked at him strangely.

He had been worrying sick these past 2 days, just for his brother and his men to turn up unharmed.

This was truly a mystery to him.

I mean... now could his bro go in with less me  than his enemies, and come out unharmed.

Heck even his men were fine and dandy.

But the funny thing was that he couldn't see any sword sheath around his bro's waist.

Was this some kind of joke?

He felt like this brother of his defied the heavens time and after time again.

"Bro... as anyone ever told you that you're weird?"



After everything was packed and good to go, Landon sailed away with 12 ships towards the next coastal city within Carona.

So far, only 5 ships were in full use, while the rest were empty.

Of course the slaves, animals and goods from the other cities will fill up the remaining 7 ships.... and if they needed more, they could just buy them there.

As for the money that they had gotten, Landon had given 10% of it to Santa... and had also planned on sharing 15% of it to the slaves.

They could use this and immediately pay for their homes and food for at most 2 months when they get to Baymard.

And after 2 months, he was hoping that all of them would've already secured jobs by then.

Landon felt like for everything that they had been through, the least he could do was make their transition into Baymard somewhat easy.

This wasn't Baymard's money after all, so giving some out wasn't a bad idea as well.

Speaking of the money, they had racked up a hefty sum.

They had found a tiny room within the camp that was used as a vault for storing money.

There were bags and bags of coins ranging from gold, silver, and copper.

Ahhh..... this Nopline guy had really made them rich.

The amount that they had received could sustain baymard for an entire year if nobody worked.

He was now curious about how much he would get from robbing the other underground camps.

He gave Santa part of the money because.. well he had a soft heart for people who were good to him.

Buying 1 ship alone was expensive.... but Santa had bought 12.

Granted, Santa could be seen as a millionaire who would soon be a billionaire.

But that didn't mean that he wasn't making a loss from all of this.

When Santa came to Baymard, he hadn't plan on paying for all these expenses... Hence Landon knew that Santa had made his fair share of sacrifices for this mission.

Santa had already bought food for everyone, as well as paid for the ships, horses, and so on.

One could say that buying 1 of these massive Arc-like ships was equivalent to spending 150K back on earth..... But Santa had bought 12 of them just like that.

With all this stolen money in his hands, wouldn't he be a douchebag to not give some back to his bro?

One should never be too greedy in life.

As for the wagons and horses that they had brought with them... Santa had immediately kept them in his estate here for future purposes.

He was a merchant afterall, and transportation still costed him a hefty sum of money yearly.

"Set out!" Landon commanded.

The sails were raised, the anchor was pulled, and the men all left the city with huge smiles on their faces.

Their first mission had been 100% successful.


While Landon and his men were secretly rejoicing in their hearts, others began wailing at their own predicaments.

'How the hell did this happen?'