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 Landon looked at the left and right tunnels at the back of the hall, and turned to face the men.

"Follow the plan and be careful.

Major General Gary, take your men and go left until you reach Entrance A at the barn

Following behind you will be Warrant officer GoldenFox, who'll free the prisoners on that side.

As for me and my squad, we'll take the right wing until I reach entrance B.

Of course Captain Trey, you and your men will follow behind me and get all slaves out.

Oh... IdleFox it's good that you're here.

When they bring out the slaves, have some men place them in wagons and keep them safe.

Also.... I need you guys to load up all caged animals, bags of food, and money as well."

In Landon's mind, his place had a lot of caged feroucoius beasts.... so why not send them back to Baymard and start making a zoo.

Granted the animals were only those that were found in the Pyno continent... but still, this was enough animal 'capital' to start an attraction.

Previously, he would have asked Santa to ship them to him... but since they were here, why not take them back as well?

And for the grains, even if they had to fit them into 4 or 5 wagons....  he would still load them up.

He didn't want any fruits or any perishables, just seeds.

Of course the last thing that he requested was for them to get all the coins in this camp.

He was definitely going to rob Nopline.

The men nodded at Landon's command and went their separate ways.


The torch lights flickered, casting an ominous glow through the left tunnel.

After the hall, the tunnels remained well lit throughout, as the guards didn't think that someone could pass through all their defences.

Hence they lit the torches up, and became even more relaxed at their jobs.

Some of them have been guarding this place for more than 4 years now, and no one had ever dared to attack it.

Nopline had constructed these underground camps within 3 years.... and for 5 years now, these tunnels had been running smoothly without any hindrances.

So of course the men would get lax.

As Gary and his squad proceeded deeper into the tunnel, they immediately spotted another man seated on a table just outside a room.

And standing by his side, were 2 huge knight guards.

They looked like club security 'bouncers'.

And from the screams that they heard from within the chamber or room that these men were guarding, they could more or less guess what was happening within the room.

In essence, this Nopline guy had built these tunnels like an attraction.

So after every point.... there would be guards, as well as a fee collector that stood in front of different massive doors.

Of course behind these doors, held the attraction itself.

People paid, and stepped into these rooms or halls.

Also.... the attractions were spaced out, so that at least 40% of the sounds from each attraction would die down a bit .

He didn't want the noise from one attraction to really affect the mode in another attraction.

Also, one had to know that some of these rooms or small halls were used for having sexual pleasure with multiple men and women... so those who weren't having that now, didn't need to hear the sounds coming from those attractions.

Right now, Gary and his squad were looking at the entrance to the first attraction.

From outside, they could already hear screams from the audience.

"B**ch!! You better survive this round."

"I didn't pay all that money just to see you die first."

"You better die last sl**!.... that way I can win at the end."


Once Gary and his squad had taken care of those 3 men outside the attraction, Warrant officer GoldenFox who was following behind, immediately sent someone to take the 5 full bags of coins that were lying on the floor.

Gary on the other hand, opened the door slightly....as he tried to spot where the guards in the hall were.

There were a total of 15 guards within the room who were too focused on watching the show, that they had failed to notice when Gary opened the door.

The room was actually huge, and resembled a bull rodeo stage.

The center of the stage was dug deeper, for this attraction.

On the stage below the audience's seats, were 6 women who had been strapped to poles.

Right now, there was a snow lion in front of them that was busy tearing off one of the women's shoulders off.

From the looks of it, she was already dea, but the lion wouldn't let her go.

The lion was light greenish in color with white dots all over its body.

It's mane was a darker shade of green to its body,  and it was twice the size of an average lion back on earth.

Honestly, one would think that the God in charge of this world was a cute princessy girl.

I mean... most animals were cute fluffy, and had bright colors like pink, purple, red, blue, green and so on.. in all shades.

There were rarely animals that had mature colors black... of course there were exceptions like horses that were black.

And what was up with the sizes of these animals?

In this world, a fully grown elephant was as tiny as a puddle... and a kitty cat was about the same size as a wolf.

It was totally different from earths dynamics.

Anyway.... Gary and 14 of his men had dropped down and crawled through the door to the back of the audience's seats.

Once they had settled down, each and every one of them pointed their guns at the 15 knight guards that were stationed around the room.

Everyone was so focused, that they failed to see anything wrong.

For them, Nopline was all powerful.... so what could go wrong?

'Peui! Peui! Peui!'

The guards fell face down, and the audience was confused.

How could all of them fall down at once?

The next thing they knew, the snow lion began to whimper in pain, as it fell to the ground.

They couldn't understand what was happening, but it was obvious that after the guards had died, Gary and his men had pointed their guns at the lions head.

The animal had received 6 bullet shots at the back and left side of its head, since its front was facing the ladies on the poles.

Before the audience could even react, Gary got up and said:

"Drop to the floor now!!"

Those fat and skinny nobles all kneeled while shaking.

One had to know that living things feared the unknown.

For them, these men were supernatural beings who could kill someone from afar without an arrow.

"Oh kind and wise one... p.. please share us."

"W...we were also forced to come here as well wise ancestor, please be magnanimous and let us go"

"That's right.... w.... we were forced to watch all of this"


'Peui! Puei! Peui!'

Gary shot them without batting an eye.

After everything that he had seen so far, he was truly disgusted with them.

If they had owned up to their sins, then he wouldn't have killed them.

But for them to say that they were forced to be here.... were they taking him and his ken as fools?

He was sure that some of them dlhad already defiled and killed multiple girls and boys here.

With his death, he was praying that those souls sleep well in the heavens knowing that they had been avenged.

While Gary and his men took card of those nobles, GoldenFox and his squad hurried down to free the women and get them to keep safe.

The women cried when they realised that they were finally saved.

It was a miracle.

They instinctively knelt down at Gary, GoldenFoz and their men... and poured out their heart felt gratitude to them.

Gary looked at them and felt a sense of justice and accomplishment.

But he knew that to save everyone else, he couldn't delay any further.

Time was of the essence tonight.

He hurriedly left and went on towards the next attraction room.

His mission was far from over.


The night proceeded smoothly, and just like that... their mission was concluded.

In the dead of night, they loaded up all the slaves,caged animals, grains and coins into wagons and escaped from the camp.