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 Stepping into the cave, Landon and his men moved stealthily against its walls.

The cave's tunnel spiraled into infinite darkness, as they moved further away from the entrance.

Presently, all the men were wearing night vision goggles that were roughly about half the size of regular binoculars.

These goggles had a thick long head straps, as well batteries, a cathode, an anode, imaging tubes, several lenses that were coated with multiple chemicals and so on.

With these goggles, if the men wanted to turn off night vision mode, they could just flip the tiny switch at the lower right end of their goggles.

The cave was pitch black, so this was the best way to know if an enemy was hiding in secret.

After all from the system's map, it was clear that guards were supposed to be positioned at several checkpoints within this long winding cave.

For security purposes, these guards didn't light a torch as well, so that they could easily sneak in or out and notify their masters of any dangers undetected.

From the night vision goggles, they men could easily see reddish yellow colored figures a little distance away from them that were hiding within the darkness.

This technology was really heaven sent to the men.

They could see if their enemies were waving, walking or even dancing.

Nothing could be hidden from these goggles.

'Peui! Peui! Peui!'

The 7 guards who thought they had hid away safely, had all dropped to the floor as bullets penetrated their heads.

They were all dead.

Landon and his men continued to move forward, until they had successfully passed through 3 more guard checkpoints.

They had successfully passed through the first main passage within the underground Camp.

Based on the system's map.... a little distance from here, the path should descend until it reaches a massive hall.

This hall was where they kept their carriages, wagons and horses.

Landon had no use for the carriages, as what he was looking for were wagons.

Carriages were meant to carry a maximum of 6 people within them... 3 sitting on one side, while the other 3 on the other side.

Of course sometimes, 8 people could squeeze in... but this was totally useless to Landon.

Wagons on the other hand, could load up to 50 people in them.

From the map, there was a secret footpath at the side of the wall that allowed the guards to oversee the hall from the hall's ceiling.

In essence... Nopline had ordered his men to dig the cave's floor a little deeper, which caused the road, hall and other underground rooms to descend.

Hence while the rooms descended, the secret footpath still remained on the cave's original ground level.

In this way, his guards could overlook the hall.

Of course this secret footpath only ended at the hall itself.

The secret footpath led to several holes that were 3 feet wide and tall.

This size was enough for someone to lie on the floor and their their body through the hole.

The guards were generally just supposed to watch the hall from the top.

And if any disturbances occurred, they were to find a way to head back into the city and inform the city lord.

Anyway...for the task of taking care of those guards on the secret footpath, as well as shooting those in the hall.... one of Trey's second in command, Warrant officer IdleFox, was now in charge of operations.

He and his men quickly made their way to through the secret footpath, and killed all those guards there.

This kill was somewhat easy and ridiculous because almost all the guards had their heads stuck in the hole.

Hence they were totally unprepared.

And while they were lying down with their butts face up, some of them had fallen asleep, while others were busy watching the hall.

"Bro.. do you want to eat?" IdleFox asked playfully.

"Of course I want to eat.. who can say no to food?

Ah bro, this place is so boring!!" Said a guard, who was currently trying to get out of the hole.

But as soon as he turned to face IdleFox, he was met with a cold metal weapon in his forehead.


The guard had died without even seeing it coming.

"Take care of the body" IdleFox said to some of the men under his command.

Once all the guards had been taken care of, he sent a few people to guard the entrance to the secret footpath.

As for him and a few other soldiers, they immediately fell down on all fours, crawled through these holes, and positioned his gun at all the guards in the hall below.

While all this was happening, those within the hall were having their fun while teasing the slave workers that usually took care of the carriages, horses and wagons.

Within the hall, there were 40 knights stationed at different locations.

Of course the back of the hall that faced the other underground chambers, were guarded by 15 knights.

While the front of the hall had 15 knights who were presently surrounding a buff hooligan looking man.

The man was sitting on a table within the hall, a little distance from the hall's entrance.

His duty was simple.... he was in charge of collecting entrance fees from all visitors.

"Hahaha.... where do you think you can run you, Eh little imp?

You know that you're already a grown woman now, so shouldn't you be more aware of your situation?

If you ease me right, I'll give you this piece of goat leg for you to eat.

Think about it... isn't this a sweet deal?" The man said arrogantly to the 16 year old girl who was busy cleaning the carriages.

She had been here for close to 2 years now, and it seemed like she was destined to never wake up from this never ending nightmare.

She had been defiled, beated, whipped... and worst of all, her womb had been made barren by these men.

Who would want her again?

The only reason she had tried to survive, was because her 12 year old sister who was also here as well.

"Boys... pin her down!!!"

The guards hurriedly grabbed the frightened girl, who was currently screaming her lungs out.

She had been through this almost every night... but no matter how many times sk experienced it, it was still painful as hell to have multiple men force their way through.

"No!... no.. I beg of you... please let me go!!" She resisted.


"little girl, no one can save you no matter how much you scream... so shut up!!!"

As the men were about to begin their daily ritual on her body, she closed her eyes and prayed to her ancestors for the umpteenth time.

'Please... if you really exist, please save me and my sister from this hell.'


Suddenly, the man above her fell into her body like a lump of meat.

"Don't tell me that his guy had busted so easily just by looking at this seductress." Another guard commented.

"Hehehe... since he's out, push his body aside and let's continue the fun!" Said another, with an evil look in his eyes.

'Puei! Puei! Puei! Puei! Puei!'

The girl opened her eyes fearfully, and before she knew it, she saw strange men running towards her dressed in weird but cool black attires.

Their faces were all painted black, and they held onto several black metal sticks as they approached her.

Previously when all the guards were taken care of, IdleFox used a little mirror to reflect light to Landon and the other ken who were currently waiting for the signal at the entrance of the hall.

The little girl was confused, and somewhat scared... but when she heard what the weird man said to her, she instinctively knew that her ancestors had heard her prayers.

"We are not your enemies.

Rather here to save you all,  so please calm down.

I promise you that no one will ever hurt you again." Landon said in a comforting tone.

The girl teared up and looked at him emotionally.

"Thank you...".