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 The night fell like a rich velvet quilt of black, swallowing up the day... instantly engulfing up all the light from the sun.

The darkness was almost absolute, and the sky was still cloudy with no presence of stars.

The night crawlers began whistling, singing and croaking, as they hoped and danced around the darkness.

The crickets creeked, the owls who'd... and the sounds of wolf-like howls could be heard from miles away.

1:30 A.M.

Landon and his men had already gotten into position around every entrance/exit.


At entrance A, the Barn was somewhat quiet... and those guarding it were seemingly lax.

It was 1 A.M after all, and those guards were used to being a little lazy.

They just didn't think that anyone would have the guts to attack their boss Nopline.

Wasn't that just courting death?

Even though the citizens around the city didn't know about these underground camps, they still feared to go close to any building or property that was owned by Nopline.

Some of the knight guards wer snoring away, while others were busy hosting with their friends while eating and drinking.

Of course, there were still a few that didn't drop et their guard down as well.

'Peu! Peu! Peu!'

The snipers were already moving in action, while the others were killing those shooting those around the Barn's perimeter.

"Bro... what's wrong with you, why did you suddenly fall down?" Said a knight who was standing outside the left wall of the barn.

"Bro wake up alright!" Another guard said.

"Your scarring..."


Before the other one could complete his sentence, he too fell down hard.

And before anyone could react, they all dropped down like flies.

Berserk and his team quickly ran up to the Barn and began their rainstorm of attacks.

'Peu! Pue! Pue!'


Meanwhile at entrance B, the restaurant had less customers now.... since it generally closed around 2 P.M.

Night life was the way for these people to let loose and have fun.

They loved drinking, eating and dancing.

So of course some of them, although few.... were still there enjoying themselves.

Right now, 95% percent of people present within and around the restaurant were all guards.

Immediately, the men outside started dropping like flies as well.

"Ahhh!! Why the heck did you fall like that?" Asked a guard, as he hurriedly tried to reach his friend.

He quickly turned him over, and to his surprise... he saw a very tiny but deep hole borrowed into his friend's head.

A thin trace of blood rolled down from the hole and slid across his friend's left eye.

He shook his friend violently, as he was scared as hell.

Was this place cursed? Or was it just bad karma from his ancestors.

'Damm it!! I knew that sleeping with that cursed 8 year old girl was no good,'e thought.

A few days ago, he and his buddies had paid to rest out the new merchandise.

Usually, they would do this to make the women easy for access to others.... but a few days ago, one stubborn 8 year old girl actually big him and lay a curse on him while dying.

He thought that it was a joke.... but seeing his dead friend life this, he couldn't help but became fearful.

How could such a wound appear from nowhere?

It was like the heavens had pointed at his friend's head... immediately killing him off.

The night quickly placed his dead friend on the floor and was about to run away, but when he turned around.. he gasped.

'Drip' Drip' Drip!'

Warm pee trickled down his pants, as he took in the scene before him.

All those around him were dead!

How...how did this happen?

He immediately thought of running away,... far away from this cursed area.

But before he could move, he too had been hit by the heavens.


He dropped onto the floor knees first... before falling face down on the hard cold road.

'This must be my retribution', he thought, before finally blacking out for good.

"Move in!!" Conce ordered, while leading his team into the restaurant stealthily.


Far away from the city at outskirts of entrance C, 3 esteemed guests were currently driving their carriage towards the forest entrance.... through a secret trail.

'Din! Din! Din! Din!'

The thundering of hooves split the forests silent musical tune, as the horses galloped through the secret trail.

The wind wisped the manes of these horses into the air, like black fiery flames that danced captivating around the darkness.

There was a noble carriage making its way into the forests for a fun night.

Fun indeed!

8 guards rode in front of the carriage, while another 8 rode at the back.

And of course surrounding this carriage, were another group of 4 there as well.

The guards were buff, with muscles that rippled from under their clothes.

But when has buffness ever stopped a bullet from hitting it's target?

'Peu! Peu! Peu!'

The men on dropped to the floor like flies, as their horses trampled all over their dead bodies.

One of the men within the luxurious carriage lifted the reddish carriage curtain slightly, and tried to peep out without getting caught.

Within the carriage, Baron Winchester, Baron John and Baron Ralph were scared silly.

"W... well.... what do you see?" Said an anxious Baron Winchester as he continued to poke Baron John who was currently on all fours on the carriage floor.

Baron John had closed his left eye, while using his right eye to focus.

His left hand trembled slightly, as he lifted the curtain ever so gently.

In fact at this point, he wished that he could see through the damn carriage.

While he was trying to spy, Baron Ralph was so frightened that his teeth began to chatter.

'Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!'

As for Baron Winchester, he truly felt like he was currently having a stroke due.

His heart kept beating so loudly, that it almost made him faint.

Baron John peered outside with his right eye and was taken aback.

Just a little distance away from the carriage curtain, he could see that the 2 guards who were guarding around this side of the carriage had dropped dead.

He tried to look for any arrow sticks poing around their lifeless bodies.... but funny enough, he couldn't see anything at all.

"I... I think they're dead. " he said.

"Say what?

So... what do we do now?" Baron Ralph asked anxiously as well while wringing his fingers.

Why the hell did he come out tonight?

He had lied to his 3 wives that he was going for a meeting at the city lords palace.

What bloody meeting?

He silently prayed to his ancestors and promised that if they kept him alive, he would never come to this place again.

Rather than coming here, he would get sex workers instead.

He would get service at home rather than outside.

Yes!!...this was better than risking his life in the middle of the night.

Before they could come out with a plan, their carriage door was literally smashed apart.

"Step out quietly... Any noise, and you're dead!!" Said a hard voice that was void of emotions.

The soldier was warrant officer Rinkoshime.

He was under 00Zer0, and was tasked with stopping those who tried to get close to the forest entrance.

They came out at once like frightened chickens.

"Kneel down now!".

"Yes.. yes yes"

They answered nervously.

Once they knelt, the soldiers hit their acute points... and the men immediately blacked out.

"Tie them up, gag their mouths... and keep them away from the trail.

Also, drive their horses and carriages away, and hide the dead bodies of their guards away from as well."  Rinkoshime commanded.


Near the entrance C's Cave, 00Zero had already finished his taske.... as all the men guarding the cave were all dead.

The bodies were cleared and now it was time for phase 2 of tonight's show to commence.

00Zero raised his hand to signal that the job was completed.

Following that, Landon in turn signaled his own men as well.

It was time for them to move out!!