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 10 P.M

The men all sat around Landon, discussing their plans for tonight's show.

Even though he had the map from those slave dealers, Landon had still decided to pay the system and get a better layout of this underground camp.

And his decision proved right.

The original map just showed 1 entrance/exit at the forest... but the system's own showed 3 entrances/exits in total.

2 entrances were within Reginal city, and 1 was within the forest.

More still..... the system's map was so detailed that it showed each room within thos underground camp.

Indeed, anything from and almighty being was bound to be top notch and well detailed.

With a better map, they could easily know each danger zone within the camp.

On this mission amongst his soldiers, Landon had brought: Gary who was a Major general, Trey who was a Captain, Conce who was also a Captain, Captain Bolivar, Captain Berserk Barath and 8 other warrant officers.

With these men leading these inexperienced recruits, Landon somewhat hoped everything would go well.

Right now, Landon had given copies of the maps to the men.


"Before we begin, I expect everyone to wear their bullet proof vests for this mission.

Now.... Captain Berserk Barath, you'll position 100 men at entrance A on the map.

I need you to make sure that no one leaves or enters the Camp area." Landon said while pointing at entrance A on the map.

Entrance A was actually within a Barn at the far back of the city.

From the map, the exact entrance should be a door on the floor that was located within the barn at its left hand corner.

2 hours, Landon had gone out to the city with 12 men.

They had seen the barn from afar, as well as how many people were actually guarding it.

Well... using the system, he could easily tell that there were just 230 men at this barn.

He and the men had made note of all their hiding points, so as to come up with an efficient plan for tackling them.

There were currently 50 knights hiding around the barn, 50 standing guard outside the barn.... and 130 people within the barn itself.

"Captain Berserk....Amongst the 80 men within your group, use 15 to deal with those gurads hiding around the Barn.

With your sniper guns, I'm sure that you all will be able to deal with this efficiently.

Once you've killed all the enemies, position yourselves there and kill anyone who dared to make their way towards the entrance.

Of course the other 65 men within your group should focus on tackling your enemies and conquering the barn.

Again once you succeed, 15 men amongst the 65 should set up traps and hide around the entrance of the barn." Landon said.

Even though the snipers could take care of those who were approaching the entrance.... nothing was guaranteed in life.

Maybe 1 or 2 could sneak passed them, so they had to be prepared just in case.

"As for the remaining 50..... they should continue staying within the barn and guard the entrance.

Is that understood?"

"Yes your majesty!" Berserk answered.


Captain Conce, you will also lead 80 men and guard entrance B." Landon commanded.

This particular entrance was different from the others.

This one was located within the busy part of the city.

The entrance was actually placed behind one of the doors within an old restaurant.

It was no brainer that everyone there would probably be working for this Nopline guy.

For this entrance, there were just 80 men guarding it.... 10 in hiding, 30 standing guard outside, and 40 within the restaurant.

"Captain Conce... amongst your group of 80, I need you to follow the exact instructions that I gave to Captain Berserk.

I need you to position 15 men and take down all the other men who are hiding around nearby buildings.

Once you get in position, kill only those who seem like guards.

Remember your behavioural studies and analyze your suspects before killing them."

One had to know that this was still a restaurant after all.

Innocent children, women, men also came here to eat.... so they couldn't take the risk of harming those with good intentions.

Landon would have preferred to wait until everyone left the restaurant, but time was of the essence.

He wanted this mission completed within the next 2 hours.... so that he, his men and the slaves could leave fast by the dead of night.

That way even if anyone noticed tomorrow, they would be long gone.

Well Nopline's guards were east to spot, since they wore blue knight wears, and carried white crested sword sheaths around.

With this, he was hoping that the men would kill the right people tonight.

For that scene, like could imagine it like how those old cowboy movies pictured it.

The cowboys would be on the roofs or rooms of several buildings, while looking down on the roads or the restaurant.

"As for the rest of your men... I expect you to lead them in attacking the restaurant.

Is that clear!"

"Yes your majesty" Conce replied.

"As for Captain Bolivar (A.K.A...00Zer0)... you'll hold of entrance C with 100 men.

Follow the same routine as the other Captains and secure this forest entrance.

There are only 200 guards there.... so do your best and deal with them undetected.


"Yes your majesty!' 00Zero answered.

"Now, Major General Gary and Captain Trey....you'll work with me and infiltrate the camp.

After 00Zero clears the forest entrance, we'll advance in... and work our way through till we get to the other entrances."

The reason why he didn't want to interfere or aid 00Zero at the entrance, was because this was a learning experience.

He wanted the men in that team to do their work efficiently without his help.

"Major General Gary, you'll lead 80 men towards this left wing here.... and kill every guard until you reach entrance A (the barn)." Landon said.

From his monitor screen, he could tell that there were just  213 men scattered around that wing... so you Gary should be fine.

"While you do that, I'll personally lead another 80, towards the right wing until I reach entrance B.

As for Captain Trey... warrant officers GoldenFox and IdleFox, will be your second in command soldiers for this task.

You and one of your second in commands should focus on getting the slaves fromm both left and right wings out.

while your last second in command officer will focus on providing back up at the entrance, should in case more knights dare to come towards the forest."

When Landon had checked out the base with the help of the system.... he had seen that within the forest cave-like entrance, there were several wagons and horses deep within the cave..

When one entered the cave, they would descend a bit and entire a massive room that had wagons and horses.

Because of this, he didn't feel the need to buy any wagons or horses within the city.

He had planned that when he got back, he would return Santa's money back.

"Is everyone clear on their responsibilities?"

"Yes your majesty!" They answered.

"Good.... now we wait."