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 --The outskirts of Reginal City, Carona--


After 8 long hours of journeying through Carona, they had finally made it towards their destination.

On their way here.... they had decided to pass through the forest trails, rather than the roads.

It would be somewhat suspicious, if people see over 500 cloaked men walking into Carona.

Even worse, people might begin failing them due to curiosity.

One had to know that for one of these camps to be so close to Reginal city, meant that those people in power within the city were aware of everything that went on there.

Maybe they were threatened to keep their mouths shut, or they were bribed.... either way, walking on the roads would bring attention to ther potential enemies.

They might even suspect that it was the queen or the nobles that had sent them, and that wasn't what Landon wanted.

That's why they had passed through a forest trail that was commonly used by Merchants during this journey.

There were several merchant forest trails that led towards Reginal city from the Loplin's coastal city..... but Landon chose the most difficult and dangerous trail of all.

In this way, they were guaranteed to not meet too many people on the way.

It was usually difficult because of the terrain, and dangerous because bandits hid there.

But all in all, Landon saw this as more practice for the men.

Funny enough, their entire journey was blissful... and no one had even attempted to attack them.

This was because they were too many in numbers, and those bandits were only like 50 or so in a tiny group.

Real blood gangs colonize villages, towns, and even cities.

They would never come out to hide in the woods just to steal goods.

Instead, they would have the entire town give them a certain percentage of their monthly products and money.

Hence these bandits who hid in the woods all day, were indeed small fries.

And generally since most merchants had stopped using these dangerous roads, most of these petty thieves had also changed their stealing locations to the other forest trails as well.

Anyway, Landon and his men had currently camped on top of a cliff that oversaw Reginal City.

Landon walked around their campsite and marked the entire region on the system.

In fact, ever since he had been moving about, he had been mapping and marking the trail on the system's map.

Granted, he could see every other place in this world if he wanted to..... but when it wasn't his territory, he would have to pay the system to do so.

He was trying to save more points to level up again, so how could he allow himself to be so thrifty?

Even though Carona wasn't his territory, he still marked and added the trail and this campsite as part of his territory.

In this way...  even if he wanted to view this particular part back in Baymard, he wouldn't necessarily need to pay the system again.

Everything costed points, and he was currently low on those right now.

He has spent points on getting information on making money, missile rocket launches for the city walls, food, toys and so on.


"Listen Up!!...

It's 5:35 A.M, and I assume that everyone is dead tired.

So.... I'll let you all rest till 1 P.M.

While you sleep, I'll stay up and guard the Camp.

Now, go to bed... That's an order!!"


Everyone was taken aback.

They hadn't seen his majesty sleep, so how could they allow him to guard the camp while they slept?

Wasn't he tired as well?

Somehow, the idea didn't sit well with them.

Granted, they were tired and sleepy as hell.... but how could they have the heart to allow their Commander and King stay awake while they snored away?

They truly felt touched.

His majesty was kind and selfless.

Gary and Trey were somewhat uncomfortable with the idea as well.

They felt like if they truly followed Landon's command, they'd have nightmares instead of a sound sleep.

How could they allow they king to accomplish such a task all on his own?

Immediately, several people wanted voiced out their complaints... But before they had a chance to say anything, Landon had issued out his orders again.

"I understand and appreciate everyone's concern.... but let's not forget why we are here.

When the night falls, you all will have your first rescue mission.

Tonight, all of you will save those poor children who have been captured by those animals.

To those innocent children, you will be their light and hope in this cold and dark world.

Those children have all experienced the worst of this world.

From being kidnapped, forced sexually, starved and even forced to kill others in a cage..... this children have seen it all.

Some of them have cried and even thought of killing themselves, while others have died due to poor health.

Some of them haven't even eaten for several days now, while others haven't even slept all through the night.

So tell me, is my sleep more important than theirs?

I can afford to this because I know how important this mission is.

I need you all to do your best during battle,  hence you must go to bed now.

Every single one of you here is very dear to me, so I wouldn't want any of you to loose your lives during battle because of sleep deprivation.

Now, I'll say it one last time.... GO TO SLEEP!!"

This time, the men immediately obeyed.

They knew that his majesty was right.

But it was just that as they drifted away into dreamland, they still felt a bit of pain in their hearts at the thought that his majesty wasn't sleeping as well.

Truthfully, there was nothing for them to be worried about.

'System..... inform me if anyone attempts to climb this hill from any direction.' Landon said inwardly.

The cliff was currently at the edge of a tall hill.... and just below the cliff was the official road leading into Reginal city.

'Yes host' the system replied.

"Also, inform me when any of my men have woken up as well!"

Normally, Landon would've used a Time capsule pill and rest within the sytem.

But in this particular situation, it would just be a waste of points.... which he didn't have enough of.

1 hour in the real world was 5 days in the time capsule.... so since he had asked the men to sleep for 7.5 hours, wouldn't that be too much time for him to spend within the time capsule just to sleep?

And even if he bought just 1 capsule, after 1 hour he would need to get out.... which would be around 6:30 A.M.

What'll he be doing from that time till 1 P.M?

Sleeping in the real world was the only situation.

Hence he decided to climb on one of the massive trees a little distance from the camp, and sleep on it's wide branches.

He had the system, so if anything happened.... he would know.

After making a comfortable tree bed, he quickly turned on his monitor and watched the campsite.


The fatigued men were all fast asleep.

He closed his eyes shut, and immediately joined them in dreamworld.

Tonight was going to be bloody show.