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 --Loplin City, The Empire Of Carona--


The night sky was dark, cold and cloudy.

It was currently 8 P.M, and Landon's ship had already docked at the port.

Landon stepped out of the Ship Captain's office, and felt the damp breeze sweetly blowing against his face.

The whole place smelled of fish and salt.

The city was indeed busy.

Landon could see several groups of moving goods in and out of their ships.

The were also fishermen on tiny boats a little distance from the harbor, who were leaning against their boats as they lifted a net filled with fish.

Some on the shores were currently selling their catch to the housewives and restaurant owners, while others stood there cleaning and cutting out the unwanted parts of the fish.

For them, the ocean was a source of cleaning water... as well as a good garbage bin for all their dirt.

The whole place was chaotic, as everyone hurriedly did their tasks.

As he stood on the balcony, he could hear the tiny whistles of the sea's waves singing their lullabies to the world.

"Are you sure you can get it done undetected?" Landon asked the hooded Santa.

"Of course!!!

Little bro..... just wait here for 2 more hours, and it shall be done."

And with that, Santa git off the ship with some of his men.

From the map, Landon had found out that there were 3 underground Camps.

All of them were around the shores, so as to make it easier for the slaves to get in without the authorities noticing.

The only point was that they were all scattered around different coastal cities within Carona.

For example.... the first Camp was situated 8 hours away by horseback , from the coastal city that they were currently in.

In fact, they needed to travel past a few villages and cities before getting there.

The 2nd one was a 14 hour ride away from the Windel Coastal City.... and the 3rd one was a day's ride from Grendyl Coastal City.

For Landon's plan to work, he needed Santa to get at least 4 other ships for the slaves to hop into when they freed them.

As for things like Wagons, Landon had decided that they would buy them from the towns or cities that were close to these underground Camps.

Of course, the money for all this would come from Santa's pockets.

Since they were aiding them in taking care of this issue, the least Carona could do was to pay the bills.

Landon wasn't that charitable.

Also, Santa had to get 502 War horses for the Landon and his men as well.

Fortunately.... Santa had a mansion at almost all coastal ports, since his goods got delivered and shipped in and out of Carona frequently.

One should know that Santa as a very wealthy merchant, had thousands of guards at most of his ports.

So for sure, he would have 502 war horses readily available for them.

While they waited for Santa, the men began eating their supper.

They were about to travel on an 8 hour journey, so supper was indeed essential.

Time flew back, and finally.... Santa was back.

"Everything is ready just outside the city.

Little bro, how many days will it take before you come back?

Should I send you more guards?

No no no.... should I go with you?" Santa asked anxioulsy.

Now that it was time for his little bro to head out, he couldn't help but get worried.

His little bro was actually going to go head on with Nopline's forces.

Sure... Baymard had indeed changed, but that didn't mean that they were strong.

He had a hunch that there would be at least one thousand men each, guarding these camps.

So how could 500 go against such huge numbers?

Plus.... from what he had heard, his bro couldn't fight at all!!

Wasn't this just rushing towards instant death?

He had visited other cities in Arcadina and had heard about his bro, so from everything that he had gathered..... he knew that this little bro of his was somewhat weak when it came to fighting.

And even if the knights had taught him during this one year period, it wasn't enough for him to improve greatly.

Sword fighting took years to achieve.

From the age of 7, the men were constantly being trained in the way of the sword.

Sure, his bro had practiced when he was in Arcadina.... but his bro was always the weakest in his class.

Plus how could a 16 year old compete with experienced men who have worked as guards, or even gone to war?

Some of the men that they would face today would be over the age of 25, and he would be a fool to believe that his bro of 16 years old had more skills than them.

Somehow, he felt that this might be the last time that he would see his bro.

He felt that he had pushed everything onto his bro's shoulders.

He...he felt sad.

But how could he have known that not only was Landon very capable, he had guns and bullets to kill all these motherf***ers easily?

Very soon he would know how silly he was in worrying about Landon.... but that would all be in the future.


"Bro... I assure you, I won't loose.

As for the number of days that we'll use.... I guess you could say that we'll be back in 3 days time, so wait for us here.

What I need you to do right now, is to ready the ships.

We need enough crew members and ships  to hold all the slaves from all 3 Camps.

But all in all..... the entire mission should be done in no more than 15 days.

As for your fears about Nopline, trust me a little bit more will you?

I meant what I said.

I won't be the one at at the loosing end, so there's no need for you to worry so much." Landon assured.

How could he loose?

As far as he was concerned, this was just target practice for the men... that was all!

Santa looked at him and helplessly shook his head.

His little bro was indeed as stubborn as his future wife.

Talking to him was like talking to a brick wall.... sigh...

"Fine.... I'll believe you on this one.

But if it gets too tough, do me a favor.... RUN!!!"


After Landon spoke to Santa for a while, he and his men quickly wore their hooded cloaks.... and immediately got off the ship.

Once the men stepped onto the harbor, they became extremely vigilant as they walked passed the busy crowd.

In their minds, their mission had already begun.