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 As Kim Listened to all of the examples of chemistry around us, she nodded in acknowledgment.

But when someone gave bread making as an example, some people giggled.... as they thought that it was definitely wrong.

How could bread making be chemistry?

"Good good good!!.. These are all good examples.

Now, let's focus on bread making.... which is essentially baking."

As she spoke, some of the students looked at her in doubt...they weren't buying it at all.

"Let's step back for a little bit and go back to the basics.

What is chemistry?"

Again some people raised their hands up, while others flipped through their books.

"Yes Kalis!"

"It's the science of different kinds of matter, and how that matter changes."


So how do we link baking and Chemistry together?" She asked.

Everyone thought for a while, before more hands were raised up again.

"Both baking and chemistry require careful timing and measuring" someone answered.

"Both of them are a result of the formation of a Mixture"


In baking, we can change 'matter' like eggs, butter, milk and flour into a new 'Mixture'... which would later be used in creating bread.

And likewise in chemistry, several substances form mixtures which give rise to new products.

So in essence, when there's a change of matter, then a chemical reaction has occurred.

Even mixing and creating the dough is chemistry.

And even more so... heating the dough under fire, will change the dough's properties and make it hard hence forming bread."

"Ohhh!!!" The students responded.

As mother Kim spoke, Linda and her group members continued to write down all the key points like mixtures, chemical change and so on.

Ever since she started taking Chemistry classes, her view on the world had changed.

She began wondering what chemical reaction would give rise to this, and what chemical reaction would give rise to that.

In fact, her whole world was now filled with chemistry.

"Can anyone give an example of a chemical change that cannot be undone?" Teacher Gophen asked.

Linda immediately raised her hand.

"When wood burns!!!

As the wood burns, it changes into ash.

The ashes can never change back to wood... ... so burning is a chemical change which can never be undone again."

"And what are the characteristics of chemical changes?"

"Some chemical changes make matter change color.. like the blackness of the ash"

"They also make the smell change, like when the bread is just removed from the oven."

"Sometimes they also release light and gases

"And other times, they give off or take in heat"


When teaching chemistry, Landon had told the teachers to always relate everything to the things done daily.

People were more inclined to remember something,  if they could relate it to things that they could see daily.

If they had just taught the children without these examples, Landon was sure that even if some of them had passed their exams.... most of them would have done so be my cramming.

But if they could relate everything to the food they ate, the things they did, and their life experiences... then most of the concepts would stick in their brains.

And because of this teaching method, the students had really become inquisitive as time went by.

They would ask about why the sky was blue, why the grass was green, or even why water was clear and so on.


Once their recap session was done, they finally began experimentation.

"If you answered the questions on the quiz correctly, then you'd be able to identify the tools in front of you.

Today, we will be doing 2 experiments.

Up first, we'll be making 'Elephant Toothpaste'...

As for the last experiment, I'll tell you all once you're done with this one.

Now, let's focus on making that Toothpaste!

Each group should find several beakers in front of you..... as well as 2 measuring cylinders, 1 round bottom flask, 2 stirrers and a thermometer infront each group.

Some of the beakers in front of you are already filled with ingredients like water, liquid soap and Potassium Iodide.

But for chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, each group would have to send someone to come and get it from me, once you're ready to begin.

Also, each slab has just 2 small electric bunsen burners on them... so since there are 6 teams on each slab, I suggest you share nicely.

Previously, I had distributed printed lab manuals to each group.

Hence if any of you still have questions about the instructions on the lab manuals, don't hesitate to call either me or teacher Gophen for assistance.

And remember, please label whatever chemical or ingredient you take from us before you continue your experiments.

Now, begin!!!"

Linda and her team immediately read through the instructions carefully, and recorded everything in front of them.

They recorded things like the color of Potassium Iodide and it's smell before experimentation..

Some people started measuring the exact volumes and quantities needed for the experiment, while the others focused on boiling the water.

The students went to the electric bunsen burners and heated the water to a slightly higher temperature than what was required.

And while the others kept measuring the proper amounts needed, those handling the hot water..... placed a thermometer in it, and waited for it to cool down to the required temperature needed.

Once everything was recorded, measured and ready,.... they immediately began adding all the ingredients according to their Lab manuals,  and stepped back just as the instructions had advised.

The solution started foaming up and instantly shot out of the large cylindrical flask.


Since Linda and her group were the first ones to complete this experiment, everyone looked at the foam in marvel.


"So cool!!

"Look!!... It's still flowing out of the flask!"

"Why does it smell like lemons?"


Those who saw it, got pumped up and wanted to complete their own experiments as well.

Linda and her team were still stupefied by what they were seeing.

'How... how did these liquid substances turn to foam?"

"We were just mixing the ingredients in, without fire... so why did the substances change their form so fast?"

"Was it because of the hot water?"

"Quick quick!!" Let's record what we saw before we forget!!" Linda said excitedly.

Linda was amazed at the rapid change that occurred right now.

See looked at the ink in her pen, the book she was writing on, and even the tiny veins that she could see on her wrists.

Chemistry was everywhere around her.

She breathed it, she lived it, and she herself was a part of it.

It was like a great force that connected everything in the world.

This was her own unique understanding of Chemistry.


Far away from the calm and busy Baymard, was a ship that had finally reached its destination.

Landon looked at the shores of Carona and smiled.

It was finally Gametime!