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 Back in Baymard, everyone was busy.

The public school students had already school, while those at the academies were already done with their final examinations.

3 weeks had already passed since his majesty had left, and the workers had immediately dived back into their work.

No one wanted to dissapoint his majesty.

At the Plastic making department, supervisor Moriarty was busy working supervising and inspecting the new dolls from the new doll making sector.

"Careful! Careful!" He said, as he watched the men pour the pasty liquidy plastic into the molds.

The workers carefully carried the large pocket if liquid plastic, and poured it carefully into the mold.

The liquid dripped like thick glue, as it fell onto the molds.

The liquidy polyethylene plastic used, had been mixed with an orange dye..... so as to make it look skin-like.

In this world, people had 4 main skin tones: white, black, blue, and pink.

And of course each skin tone had its own shade as well... like deep pink, pale pink and so on.

As for the people within the Pyno continent, their skin tone was whitish... with an orange undertone to it.

Of course due to the slaves and merchants from different continents, the people knew about some of these skin tones.... hence Landon didnt see anything wrong in creating them.

Who knows.... maybe merchants from those places can come over and buy them from him.

Another thing that was noteworthy, was the fact that black/deep drownish eyes were very rare.

Even those with black skin tones, had colorful eyes ranging from white to violet.

In fact, most if them looked like Storm from 'X-Men' when her eyes turned white.

Taking all this in to account, his Landon had also requested for the dolls to be made with different skin tones and sizes as well.


Anyway, the plastic was placed into the molds.... and when it cooled down, 50 tiny plastic body parts were formed.

So each mold could make 50 left arms, 50 right legs.... and so on.

When the molds were done, they were sent immediately to be painted....before they got put together.

For this part, the workers had to be careful.

Barbie's lips, teeth, eyebrows, nails and so on.... needed to be painted on carefully.

And if they made any mistake, then they could just use alcohol to wipe the paint off and start all over again.

As the workers painted away, Moriarty walked around and inspected the doll's makeup.

Before his majesty had left, he had left them with close to 30 different portraits for how Barbie should look like.... irrespective of skin tone.

In some of the portraits, Barbie had a smokey eye makeup.... with a long winged eyeliner and pink lips.

While in others, Barbie only had average makeup on.

In essence each portrait had a different outfit, makeup and accessories.

Landon had tried to relate her to every profession in Baymard.

In some, she was a knight..... while in others, she was a teacher, scientist, nurse, doctor and so on.

Moriarty was amazed at how clear and surreal the portraits looked.

If his majesty wasn't king, Moriarty was sure that by now..... he would be a renowned Painter.

"Supervisor Moriarty.... What do you think about this look?"

"It's good!!! But make the eyeliner wing a little bit longer.

"What about mine supervisor Moriarty?"

"Please look at mine too!!"

"Me too!"


At the beginning, Barbie's makeup was done very poorly.

Hence all those dolls that had been made then, had to be reheated back into liquid plastic and redone again.

But after 3 weeks of doing this daily, the workers had improved their painting techniques significantly.

Granted, there were still a lot of things that needed to be changed, but Moriarty was sure that by the next 60 days (2 months), they would definitely get it right.

After the paint had dried off, the rest of the body was put together.... while the head was sent off to the next group of workers, who would sew in Barbie's hair.

The hair was literally made from polymer Nylon, and was sewn into the head using those old steam sewing machines from the Textile industry.


The sewing machines churned, as they sewed the different colored nylon polymer fibres into Barbies head.

And once they were done, the head was sent to attached with the other body parts.

Body parts like the head, limbs and arms, all had ball sockets at their connecting joints.....so as to force the balls into the holes at places like barbie's neck and shoulders.

Up next, Barbie's outfit was gotten from the textile industry and worn on her.

Of course, her plastic shoes, bags and other accessories are also but tether in a next transparent plastic box.

As for how the max design got printed, it was done in a similar manner like paper money.

The box design and drawing was imprinted on a steel plate.

From there, a dye was added on the outline of each stroke and line within the design.

Following that, a thin transparent plastic sheet was placed on the top of the steel plate and backed for 8 minutes.

And at that point, the image and dye colors on the steel plate gets transferred to the transparent plastic sheet.

The whole process was very similar to making different colored paper money.

That particular transparent plastic sheet would pass through 6 more steps, before it would finally be used to print out identical designs over 100's of cardboard boxes all at once.

Well.... the first few process steps were only done within the first of the month.

Those first steps were only needed to get the exact design for Barbie's boxes.

But once they made specific designs for all 30 design types, they immediately began printing out hundreds and hundreds of copies on different colored boxes.

His majesty had stated that Barbie could only have 3 main box colors: pink, white and red.

Moriarty held the box in his hand, that already contained Barbie and her accessories within it.

3/4 of the box's front, was made of transparent plastic... while the rest of the box was made of a pinkish cardboard box

After inspecting most of the Barbie products for a while, he continued on to look at more dolls within the storage room.

This sector had 550 workers who were all in charge of making plastic toys.

They made several toys like Wonder Woman, Mulan, Superman and so on.

Generally, each toy had 20 molds that could produce at least 50 tiny body parts from it.

A day, at least 200 people would be present for each shift... and they would sit there for 8 hours and make over hundreds of plastic toys.

So every day, they make at least 600 toys from both shifts.

Granted, that 600 could mean 50 Mulan toys, 20 Superman toys and so on....

But all in all, 600 were made daily.... And by the end if the week, they would generally make over 3000.

The thing that took time, was to paint the toys.

If they workers got more proficient, then more toys would be produced daily.

Hence as time goes by, its evident that production will also increase as well.

All in all, Moriarty was pleased with the results so far.

It was indeed, a beginner's job well done.