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 --Riverdale City--


Major General Mark and his comrades were presently undercover.

His majesty had assigned him the task of collecting Intel in Riverdale City.

For this mission, he had brought his girlfriend Ava... as well as 5 other men and women with him.

Originally, he didn't plan on taking her along.

But when he said that he would be away for 3 while months, she immediately insisted on coming with him on this mission.

She was also excited, as this would be her first time being an undercover agent.

How exciting!!!

Before leaving, everyone had been briefed about their identities.

Mark and Ava were newly wedded peasants, who had moved here all the way from the Chusa Village 4 cities away.

Their village was burned and raided by bandits, hence they had no choice but to flee.

And ever since then, they had been wandering around from city to city like nomads.

As for his other male comrades, they were to take the identities of Mark's brothers.... who had also traveled with Mark alongside their wives as well.

It had been 3 weeks since they had settled in, and right now... the men jad successfully gotten work at the fields, while the women stayed at the Inn aiding in doing Laundry.

When they first arrived, they had pleaded with the owner of the Inn to hire the women as Laundry maids for the guests.

This was a great way to pick up Intel, since the inn had a bar at its ground level.

When there was a bar, they would definitely be drunk people who would talk about the happenings within the city.

Gossip was what they needed right now.

Just to be safe from harassment, the women had worn several layers of clothing to make themselves look fat.... and they had also put dirt and fake black spots on their faces to mask their beauty.

Anyone who looked at them right now, would be totally turned off by their hideous appearance.

So far, they had found out that some Captains from the Capital had left Riverdale a while ago.

And that Shannon's only son, Marder.... was bloodthirsty for his father's killer.

Apparently, the knights had escaped when his father was being killed, were immediately killed.... and their families weren't let go even after their death.

From everything that they had found out, this Marder character was a dangerous and tricky fellow who would uld be problematic for Baymard.

Hence it was best for them to keep an eye on him while they stayed here.


Carriages and horses passed along the busy roads, as the peasants walked through the busy city.

The roads were muddy and dirty, from the numerous cries from the sky.

It was Spring time, and the skies were always gloomy.

The cool breeze gently massaged the chests of Mike and his men, as they carried the last stack of hay towards their employer's barn.

On the way, the soldiers on horses, and even the snobby rich merchants and noble in carriages would splash puddles on mud water on their bodies.

"Puii!!... they stink!!"

"Honestly!!....Why must we share our roads with these filthy peasants?"

"Just look at their muddy clothes!... don't they have any awareness at all?"


As they walked by, these upper class men would sometimes spit at them or insult them alongside other peasants..... just to get a rise out of them.

But no matter would type of insults were thrown their way, they stayed firm and continued on with their work.

One false move, and they could be burnt alive as examples for all to see.

As they moved, they couldn't help but compare his Majesty's attitude to these so called nobles.

He was truly one in a million.

"Czar.... what did you find out, when you sneaked into the city lords palace last night?"

"Majo.... I mean Mark..... It appears that this Marder guy plans to send some of his trusted subordinates towards Omar City, which is just 3 towns away.

Apparently, he believes that Shannon was killed there.

So he's personally going there secretly to investigate."

In fact, there were so many things that had puzzled Mark.

Why did the survivors not confess about the fact that Baymard was responsible for Shannon's death?

Where they scared silly by the attack from back then, that they had made up their own stories in their heads?

No matter how he looked at it, something didn't add up.

Well.... provided they weren't looking toward Baymard for revenge, then he wouldn't be bothered.

"And what about Marder?

What will he be up to during this time?"

"He said that he would like to recruit and build up more forces for the time being.

From what I reckon, more than 90% of his father's soldiers had been destroyed by us..... so although he had his own forces, it would still be nothing when faced with a powerful enemy.

I think he plans to lay low and act docile for the time being."

"This is also good...

We need to make sure that no enemy heads on towards Baymard witjout our knowledge." Mark said.

Just to keep an eye on the road leading to Baymard, they had all chosen to work on the fields facing that direction.

From the hilly fields, they could see and observe the roads outside the gates while working.

The men continued their discussion as they walked towards the barn.

"Czar!... Hoden!.... when we get to the inn, you two focus on drinking with those at the bar.

Pay attention to every minor detail!

I want to know everything that's happening within the city."

The 2 men nodded as they listened on.

"Nymbo!... how much longer before the city map is completed?"

"I need 2 more weeks to complete it Majo..... sorry Mark." Nymbo replied.

It was hard for them not to call Mark, 'Major General Mark!

He was their Major and Leader for heaven's sake!!!

"Good..... continue taking your normal stroll around the city until you get it done.

As for me, I'll head on towards the market area to collect Intel as well.

But before that, I think we should lay low for the time being as well.

SOMEONE has been watching us!"