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 After escaping the palace, they quickly made their way towards the Venigard Tavern.

In this mission, the hooded Benvolio was in charge of talking.

The Tavern was filled with the strong aroma of ale, and sweaty men.

There were men seated around the wooden tables, that had been soaked with over spilled ale from their cups.

Some were toasting and laughing, while others were having a small organized bar fight at the side.

Some gambled on these fights, while others slapped the butts of the serving women that passed by.

Some were heading upstairs to have their fun with these serving girls, while others were heading downstairs while burrowing up their pants.

The trio moved closer to the front desk carefully, as they tried to avoid all the chaos that was currently happening around them.

As they moved, the servant girls would call them out seductively.

"Hey handsome, wanna have a good time with mama?"

"Ouhhh I love mysterious men... why don't I show you how mysterious I can be as well.?"


Since Adrian was dressed as a man, they also tried to seduce her as well.

They touched her arms and clothes as she passed by, while biting their lips and shaking their assets in front of her.

'Ladies...ladies....I'm a married woman okay?', she thought, as she tried to maintain her composure.

"Check in at Room 7!" Benvolio said seductively, as he tapped his hands on the front desk playfully.

Normally, he would have slaughtered every woman in this room for touching him.

But since they were undercover, he had to keep his cool and restrain himself.

Just thinking about killing them and seeing their blood spraying out of their bodies, made him smile even more.

It would indeed be a beautiful sight.

The young girl was confused..... but because he had asked in a seductive tone, she had chosen to comply with his request.

Strange enough, room 7 hadn't been booked all day.... which was very odd indeed, but what did she care?

The reason why she was confused was because she was usually the one who told people where to be at.

So why were these particular guests insistent in being at room 7?

Although she wanted to know the reason, she knew better than to let her curiosity get the best of her.

She had seen people get killed within this same Tavern because they poked their noses into things that didn't concern them.

Another thing that piqued her curiosity, was the fact that these people were all men.

Did they plan to sleep with each other instead?

If so.... then that would explain why they were turned off by women.

After all, it was very common for men to sleep with men.... especially those knights who camped out for years and years away from the taste of a woman.

'It made sense now', the front desk girl thought, as she tried to convince herself that it wasn't that she or any of the other girls were ugly..... it was that those 3 men preferred a man's touch to that of a woman.

How else could she explain the fact that 3 full grown men, would pass up the chance to sleep with hot women that were throwing themselves at them?

Hmhm... that must be it!

They liked men.

While the front desk girl was coming up with her own theories, the supposedly gay trio had just entered the room and had immediately went towards the large silver mirror on the left side of the room.

Apparently, this mirror was placed here so that those men could watch their woman's actions from the back as well.... so as to heighten their pleasure.

"Benvolio... Flik... gently lift the mirror away from the wall!"

The men nodded and did as they were told.

The space that was blocked by the mirror had certain tiny holes on it that were hard to see from afar, except one stood right in front of them.

Based on the positioning of these holes, it was safe to say that they would be able to hear everything that comes out from those next door..... provided they were on the bed.

From the holes, one could see the bedsheets just directly below them.

Meaning that these holes were placed on the front wall of the bed's upper frame.

Time passed by quickly, and they soon heard voices next door.


"Baby.... I've missed you!!" Cary said, as he closed the door behind Anthony.

Adrian on the other side, couldn't see them clearly.... and could only faintly hear them, as they were somewhat far away from the bed.

But when they climbed on the bed, she immediately knew who those voices belonged to.

She tried to calm her anger and breathed in and out.

'Sleeping with your sisters fiance?

What a good child!!'...she thought, as she continued to listen in on their conversation.

"Baby, how long do we need to keep pretending just to be together?" Anthony asked.

"You know that I want to be with you more than anything else.....but that bitches mother is still looking for her daughter's murderer.

If we hook up, wouldn't she immediately suspect us?

Even if she killed that slut Janette, I still think that we should lay low for the time being.

But don't worry..... I heard that my father has ordered for the old hag to be kept under lock and key within the palace." Cary said while seductively running her hands across Anthony's back.

On the other side of the wall, Argenia almost lost her mind when she finally confirmed that this shameless coupled had killed her beloved daughter.

She calmed herself down, and continued to listen in on them.

"True.... but how do we introduce our relationship?" Anthony asked.

"Hehehe I've already thought about it.

We could just say that we found comfort in each other.

After all, you're grieving and I'm also grieving..... so who would question our new found love?

When my brother becomes king, do you think that anyone would dare to question us?"

Anthony frowned.

Although he agreed with what she was saying, Eli would only become king in the future and not now.

So what do they do if they get discovered before then?

The old hag was indeed a problem.

"But baby... what if she finds out that we were the ones who killed Jenette?"

"Even if she finds out what can she do?

She's a bloody prisoner, who's life solely depends on my father.

If she attempts to kill me, Father would definitely not let her go.

Do you know why?" Cary asked smilingly.

Anthony knitted his brows and shook his head.

When Jenette died, Alec looked for the culprit for just 2 weeks... before burning down an entire town up display his power and might for his enemies to see.

So why would Cary's situation be any different?

"Its because of brother..... to appease brother, father would probably kill the old hag and her entire family with his own bare hands for brother.

It's simple, the old hag gave birth to a useless son.... while mother gave birth to the future king."

On the other side of the wall, Argenia frowned.

What the girl said was true.

Even though she wanted revenge, Alec would never support her if it conflicted with Eli's interest.

And if he ever dug deep into the matter and found her to be guilty, then her old father, mother, brothers and sisters.... as well as their families, will all be killed.

Today's revelation was indeed jaw dropping... but since she had made up her mind to kill her daughter's murderers, then the shameless couple had to die.

Adrian looked at Cary in particular and smiled coldly.

'Good child..... aunty here will play this game with you a little longer'