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 The next day, Argenia stretched her hands over her head as she groaned with displeasure.

It was 3:15 P.M, and she had just woken up.

All through the night, and well in to the early part of the morning.... she had been pleasuring that vagabond.

Everytime she had fallen asleep, he would wake her up 2 hours later and continue these tedious adult exercises with her.

When he left at 9 A.M, she felt like her ancestors had finally taken pity on her poor body.

Her lower body ached with pain.... as most of the time, she wasn't in the mood when that beast had penetrated her.

She could see blood stains on her beddings, as well as around her thighs.

The scoundrel had really forced his way through.

Thankfully before he left, he had told her that today would be her rest day... and tomorrow night, they would continue on from were they had stopped.

'Oh My Heavens!!!

What time was it?' She thought, as she looked at the gloomy sky outside.

Even though it wasn't raining, the air was cold and windy..... and the sun was still hidden away by the clouds.

Argenia quickly jumped out of bed, and hurried away to look for her maids.

Since she had decided to be at the tavern by 6 P.M, how could she dare to be late?

She needed to clean up and arrive there around 5:30.

For situations like these, it was best for one to come early.... as one could never tell if some unforeseen circumstances could occur.

The only problem now, was bypassing Alec's security.

He had specifically said that she needed to rest.

So if he found out that she had enough energy to walk about, then he would never give her any resting days again.

Before cleaning up, she immediately wrote a letter for her most trusted knight, Benvolio.

Benvolio had been with her way before she became queen.

He and several other guards had been given by her father, as a means to protect herself against Alec if any bad thing happened to her.

When she was done, she quickly went to her audience room and sent for Benvolio.


"My Queen!!" Benvolio said on bended knees.

The man's bluish hair, purplish eyes, and handsome face..... made him look extremely friendly and approachable.

Which usually deceived those around him a lot.

Most people who had never seen him fight, thought that he was weak and docile.

But when the smiled, most people shrieked in fear.

His creepy crazed smile, coupled with the numerous scars and injuries he had left on his enemies.... made people bellow away.

When he fought, he would smile and laugh.... while licking his enemy's blood off his face or hands.

It scared the sh**t out of those who observed his battles.

Hence his nickname, the Laughing Maniac.

Honestly, those back on earth would easily relate this guy with 'Hisoka' in 'Hunter x Hunter'.

Their pale skin and creepy smile literally freaked everyone out.

In fact, the only difference between these 2 were their dressing, eye color and hair color.

Their personalities were too alike.

"You may rise!!!

I called you here to follow up on your search for my daughter's killer.

Have you found him yet?" She asked, while throwing the letter towards his direction.

Since Alec had requested that these maids pay attention to her every move, that meant that they would probably be listening in on the conversation as well.

"No my queen!!" Benvolio replied with a creepy smile on his face, as he gently picked up the letter a few inches in front of him.

He licked his lips playfully, and unhurriedly hid the letter away.

"I only called you here to see how far along you were with the search.

Since you haven't found the culprit yet, then we had nothing further to talk about.

You're dismissed!!"

With that.... Benvolio unhurriedly bowed at her, winked at her and walked away while smilingly.

Lookingat him, she could help but feel helpless.

Honestly, all through the time that she had spent with him... she could never fully decode what the guys deal was.

In the beginning, he truly frightened her.... but after several years of complete loyalty, she had just concluded that he was a mental case.

Once he was gone, she quickly called her maids, cleaned up and then made up an excuse to go to the Royal Prayer Rooms.

She told them that she wanted to pray for her daughter's fortunes in the heavens.

"My queen, do you want us to pray with you as well?" Asked one of her maids.

"No.... I need time alone, so I'll only come out after 3 hours." She replied.

Typically, it wasn't weird for one to spend hours in a prayer home or a temple.

If one wanted the souls of their loved ones to have fortune in heaven, then they needed to sit within the temple and polish 'spiritual stones'.

These stones were just white pebbles that were found on the coastal shores.

If someone's loved one committed 20 sins that they were aware of, then 20 pebbles would be enough to polish.

For example, if Adrian believed that her daughter had sinned 12 times her entire lifetime.... then 12 stones would be polished.

But usually, one could polish as many stones as possible, just in case their loved one committed more sins than they were aware of.

White pebbles were used as a sign of purity... and were used to purify the souls of the dead

Once the stones were polished, they were thrown into the fire and until their outer appearance turned black.

It was believed that during prayers for the dead, as the burning process continued... the soul of the dead would  absorb the purity of the pebbles.

And in turn, the blackness of the stone showed that the souls sins had been absorbed by the pebble instead.

White pebbles were believed to be a natural Hertfilian blessing to the world, hence they were used.

Once her maids left, she quickly walked towards the backyard of the prayer courtyard and looked left and right suspiciously.

"Benvolio.... come out!!"

"You called my Queen?" He replied, as he popped out from a large wooden barrel.

"Where are Flik and Ron?"

"Here my Queen!" Said 2 others, who jumped out from behind a huge pile of firewood.

"Good..... now that you all are here, then let's make our escape!"

But first, where are the clothes that I asked for?"  Argenia asked.

"Here they are my queen!!" Benvolio said while passing on a bag towards her.

She quickly went into one of the empty rooms in the courtyard and changed.

She had changed her flashy clothes, and was presently wearing sack-like male peasant clothing.... which cheap male shoes as well.

She had also tied her hair like a man, and had chosen to wear a cheap mask to go with the outfit.

Once she was done, her surbodinates aided her in climbing and jumping over the 2 meter fence around the prayer courtyard.

On the other side of the wall, her other subordinates were already ready with 2 merchant wagons.

Previously when she was cleaning herself up, her surbodinates had quickly gotten merchant wagons and had immediately used Argenias name and seal to come into the palace as merchants.

They claimed that Argenia had specifically asked them to bring their jewelry and makeup products for her to see.

They would now leave under the guise that Argenia was praying... and would it come back later again to see if she was still available to see them.

"Ron, you stay back and make sure that no one comes into the Prayer courtyard.

Flik, Benvolio.... you're coming with me on this one."