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 Alec quickly held Argenia's arms, and took another piece of ornament in her hand that she was about to throw at him.

"Let me go you bastard!!!

You don't care for our child at all.

You...." the more she struggled, the more Alec rough handled her.

He hurriedly carried her and violently threw her on the messy bed.

Her clothes and body were all soaked from her sitting under the window the entire time.

"You there.... bring me a rope!!!" He yelled out angrily.

5 minutes later, he had successfully tied both her feet and hands together.

The smell of her fouled odor, coupled with the smell of her wet clothes.... had gotten the best of Alec.

He really couldn't take it any longer.

"Ughhh....You stink!!!!" He said while holding his nose.

"You there, get her cleaned and changed.

While the rest of you make sure that his room is spotless." He commanded

"Yes your majesty!!" They answered.

"Everyone, get out and leave us for a bit!!!" Alec commanded, as he looked and smiled at Argenia arrogantly.

Once everyone had left, he slowly traced his hands on her collarbones, shoulders and neck.

"My beloved.... wouldn't you say that I've given you enough time already?

Do you know how long 6 months is?

It looks like I've pampered you too much these years.

So starting from today, you won't have a choice anymore.

When I want you to perform, you do it!!

When I want you to jump, then you jump!!!

And if you aren't able to please me, then you'll just have to do it over and over again until you get it right.

And if you don't do it the way I like it, then you can kiss getting revenge for your daughter goodbye.

Remember... if I want you dead, then it will be so!!

This is your past chance, use it well.

I'll come back by nightfall, and I expect you to move your body the way I want you to." Alec said while smiling at the angry but frightened woman.

She looked at him, as if looking at a beast.

What he said was the truth.

If he wanted her dead, then no one would be able to save her.

So for the sake of staying alive, taking care of her son James, and finding her daughter's murderer.... she had to please this demon with everything that she's got.

She stopped struggling and immediately calmed down.

Seeing that she had thought it through, Alec unhurriedly untied the ropes and gave her a warning look.

"You know what to do after this, so do not disappoint me!!

See you tonight my beloved."

With that, he took off without giving her a second look.

She dug her fingernails on her bed in anger.

She couldn't breathe, as her heart pounded with force against her ribs from immense anger.

She wanted to scream and damage the things that weren't already broken within her room.

But she knew that if he lashed out, the maids might hear her and report it back to that damn motherf***er.


For the time being, it was best for her to act like a docile wife and wait silently.

And just like that, Alec had unintentionally added another enemy to his list.

Argenia swore that this embarrassment and resentment would be given back to Alec in ten folds.

He threatened to kill her?

'Just you wait!!', she thought.


The maids quickly came into the room and silently did what they were asked to do.

They led her into a bathtub the size of a 2 meter wide circular fish pond, and gently cleaned her skin.... as well as detangle and comb out her messy hair  carefully.

Because it was raining hard outside, the maids hard boiled the bath water so as to keep it hot... lest their master catches a cold.

After 3 hours of skincare and hair care, she headed back to her bedroom chamber which was now spotless.

Once they dressed her up, she walked towards her bed and asked everyone to leave.

She needed a moment to think.

For the first time in her life, she felt like a prisoner.

How ironic it was, that after so many years of love and loyalty... that bastard had decided to treat her like this.

The love had instantly cleared from her eyes, and all that was left was pain and resentment.

Even though she didn't hate him enough to kill him, she still resented him for not caring enough about her daughter.

She turned around and placed her hands under her pillow, and was taken aback.

She quickly held up her pillow and saw a rolled up letter there.

Who could have put it there?

Was it Alec?

Was it her son?

So many questions popped in her head instantly.

She slowly sat up and pulled the reddish ropes that were used to tie the rolled up letter.

[I know who killed your daughter.

If you truly want to know the culprits, come to the Venigard Tavern at 6 P.M Tomorrow.

When you arrive, check in at room 7 and gently move the wall mirror to the side.... and wait there quietly and patiently.

The culprits will be in the next room.

Oh... and you can call me Master G.P.

P.S destroy this note when you're done with it]

Argenia looked at the note in shock, as her hands trembled slightly.

Her first thought was that this was a trap.

What if this Master G.P was the one responsible for killing her daughter?

Wouldn't she just be playing at his hands?

The man had found a way to get the letter under her pillow...so wouldn't he be the most suitable suspect?

A person that could have things moved in and out of the heavily guarded palace, would definitely be a powerful and dangerous man.

Her daughter had died in a similar manner, with no one being able to trace it back.... so how could she truly trust such a mysterious person?

Then again... if it was really a trap, wouldn't she also be dead right now?

After all, he could poison her food, or even send his men to kill her in silence..... but he didn't.

So many he wasn't the culprit.

And if he was truly to be trusted, why would he show her who the culprit was?

No one would do or say anything for free.

Was this Master G.P an enemy to her daughter's killer?

Was that why he wanted her to know?

If that was the case, then it seemed that he wanted her and the enemy to fight it out to the death.

But even so, she didn't mind.

Janette's murderer had to die, and that was a fact!

Argenia was conflicted on what to do.

To go, or not to go.... that was the question.

After thinking for a while, she decided to go.

Screw it!

This was her first clue to finding her daughter's killer, so taking the risk was definitely worth it.

Could she rely on that bastard husband of hers? Nope!!

She had to make all the moves herself.

Right now.... the only thing that she was truly curious about, was the identity of her informant.

'Who the hell was this Master G.P?'