A few more days had passed, and Baymard had already had its first Christmas.

On Christmas eve, Landon had held a grand Christmas party to show the people how Christmas was celebrated.

During the party, some of the children came on stage, and acted out a play that symbolized the spirit of Christmas.

They even sang Christmas songs from the new 'Baymard Hymnal'... and did several other dance as well.

On Christmas day itself, the people stayed at their homes and gave gifts to each other.

Some celebrated with their guests and neighbors, while others celebrated with their families only.

Of course Landon stayed at the castle with his family, Mark, Gary, Trey, Josh and their girlfriends.

They celebrated all night long, as well as exchanged gifts too.

And just like that, Christmas had passed and it was time to get back to work.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

For this month, he had decided to focus on Tylenol, Advil, E-Lax and Penicillin V.

Tylenol could only effectively give in relieving pain, fever, headaches, cramps, fever and so on.

While Advil was good at relieving inflammation, as well as doing everything that else that Tylenol could do... like relieving pain, fever, toothache and cramps.

The difference between the two was that..... if one one got a flu and his/her throat got swollen or inflamed, then Advil would be used.

But if there's no swell, then it was advisable for the patient to stick to Tylenol.

Likewise if one had a sprained body part and wanted to relieve the pain and tackle inflammation, then Advil was the way to go.

But if there's no inflammation, Tylenol would be perfect to use.

It's very important for one to use the proper drug, as taking Advil when there's no inflammation, could actually worsen one's condition... and vice versa.

One could treat their fever, but have prolonged swells and inflammations instead.

The next drug type that Landon wanted to focus on, were laxatives.

There were different types as well, that focused on whether the patient's constipation was short term or long termed.

For now, Landon decided to focus on the short term one, hence he decided to make E-Lax.

In this era, constipation was still a dangerous affair that led to more intestinal issues and diseases.

Several people had even died from chronic constipation due to lack of proper drugs, and medical knowledge.

Hence E-lax was necessary to sort out these constipation issues within Baymard.

Up next, Landon wanted to look at Penicillin.

Penicillin was an antibiotic drug, that had over 10 different types that varied based on their uses.

For now, the only type of Penicillin that would be made.... was Penicillin V.

Penicillin V is generally used to treat soft tissue infections, mild infections and severe skin infections.

It could also treat laryngitis, pneumonia, scarlet fever and rheumatic fever.

All in all, Landon thought that these drugs were perfect for Baymard now.

And the best thing was that these drugs could be taken during pregnancy, and could also be helpful towards treating infections in Infants.


"Ramsey, I think we're all set now!" Landon said, as he inspected the last raw material sample in his palms.

Ramsey was the new Overseer for the new Pharmaceutical industry.

He was one of Wiggin's close friends, who used to be a supervisor within the Alchemy industry.

With his skills and experience, Landon was sure that he had made the right choice in promoting him to overseer.

Anyway, this new industry had alchemists/chemists, mechanical engineers in training, electrical engineers, chemical engineers in training and operation engineers.

Last week, Landon had focused on making Penicillin V and E-lax.

But for the next 4 days, he would only teach them how to make Advil.

And the week after this, he would follow up by making Tylenol.

Today was all about Advil.

The first step in making Advil, was to ensure that all the raw materials were available, treated and mixed properly.

For Advil, Landon had gotten 23 different raw materials which were plants that were grounded into powder form.... as well as several other chemicals like silicon dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate and so on.

Of course all these chemicals came from the chemical production department within the Alchemy industry.

Presently, Landon was currently in the storage building... that stored both raw materials and finished goods.

Right now, Landon and Ramsey had just finished checking samples of all the raw materials present.


100 of you should focus on sending these raw materials to the 2nd floor of building 2.

When you get to the loading station, send them up on the conveyor belt with the sign [Advil Raw Material Offloading] on it.

The rest of you will follow Chief Ramsey and I into the building."

Immediately, the workers loaded up several trucks and drove towards the building.

The building was huge and wide, and 5/6 of the ground floor was used by the trucks for loading and off-loading... while the other 1/6 of the ground floor had a bathroom, reception desk and so on.

Anyway, 5/6 of the ground floor had 48 wide conveyor belts that moved in different directions.

24 were going up, while 24 were coming down.

The building itself was 5 stories tall, so that meant that only 4 stories would be used for manufacturing.

Anyway, each floor had 6 conveyor belts heading up it's way... as well as 6 conveyor belts from their floor heading back to the ground floor.

So that would mean that each floor would accommodate 6 different drug making departments within the building.

The workers quickly drove to raw materials to the ground floor and found their spot.

One could imagine the ground floor to be like an airport baggage area for large containers and drums.

Each Conveyor belt had a large sign above it, that showed where it was heading to... or coming from.

As they drove by, they saw other workers off-loading drums of raw materials for Penicillin V and E-Lax... as well as other workers who were loading the finished products on their trucks.

Once the men saw the massive sign.... they immediately parked their trucks alongside the conveyor belt, and began their work.


The massive conveyor belt was already on, as Landon and the rest of the men had headed towards the building way ahead of those who focused on loading.

At the same time on the second floor... Landon, Ramsey and the rest of the workers immediately got to work when they saw the drums coming in.

Time to get started!