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 In a ward a little distance from the theater, Rwana was currently moaning and yelling out crazily.

The beds within the ward all had curtains around them for privacy.... as well as a stool and bedroom table beside it.

The girl looked weak, haggard and exhausted.

Her blond hair was messy and rough.... and her lips had little blood stains on them, from her biting them when trying to handle the pain she was currently experiencing.

Just who the hell said that childbirth was the best thing in the world?

She felt like after this experience, she may never allow her husband to touch her again... over her dead body!!

She honestly felt like someone was currently stabing her with hundreds of knives all over her body... especially her back.

If her husband were here, then she was sure that she would punch him hard and give him a piece of her mind.


If not for the breathing exercises, massages and medicinal paste given by the hospital, she was sure that she would be dead from the pains she was feeling.

What the hell?

"Ahhhh!!! It hurts so bad.

Papa... Don't you love me?

Why didn't you stop me when I said that I wanted to get married?

Now look at the mess that I'm currently in!!

How did I let Xander (husband) talk me into this?

And if Xander really loved me, why did he have to put me through all this?"

As the 19 year old girl aired her grievances out, her father who had been listening to his Hangol-like daughter, felt helpless on the side.

In truth, he was shocked at his daughter's transformation.

Does pregnancy change women?

Before he came here, his daughter had always been quiet, calm and sweet... but over the past 1 hour, she had been growing more aggressive and angry by the minute.

Honestly, this was his first time seeing a woman in labour, so he really didn't know what to do.

Usually, the neighbors wives and daughters would push all the men out and deal with the woman's childbirth process... so he didnt know what exactly went down inside the rooms.

He would just hear screaming and cursing.. and that was it.

"There... there...Lemon (nickname... like pumpkin).

It will be over very soon... papa can promise you that."

As they discussed, they could hear several footsteps getting closer and closer.

'Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!'

"Mr Zeke, Mrs. Rwana, it's time!"

Very quickly, they got Rwana on a wheelchair... while someone else took her her father Zeek away, so that he could suit up.

Rwana keep screaming from pain, as she was led into the theater.



Why me?

What did I do to deserve this?

Ahh!.. papa... where's papa?"

Once she was in, she was immediately put a bed that had two high leg holders at the lower part of it.

Rwana looked up and saw 6 people in the room... she didnt know who they were since they all wore face masks and hair covers.

But when she looked at the last person closely, she suddenly realised that it was her father.

She felt so happy... at least, now even if she died, she would die knowing that she didn't go without seeing or telling someone in her family that she loved them.

"Mrs... please concentrate!!" Said a doctor.. who for some reason, had a different voice from those who previously attended to her during her stay at the hospital.

But at the same time, she still felt that the doctor's voice was very familiar to someone she knew.

Who could it be?

"Mr Zeke, please hold your daughter's hands and give her support."

"Ye..yes doctor" Zeke answered.

It was only when he got here, that he realized how serious the situation was.

He was panicking about what he should do.

He held his daughter's hand tightly and ensured her that everything would be alright.

From there, everything became serious.... and after 35 minutes, Rwana felt like someone was instantly ripping her private part out.

"Push Mrs Rwana!!! Push!!!"

"Ouhhh aahhh!!!!"

Mr. Zeke was scared silly.

Is this what his wife went through?

He could see his daughter's red face, and all her veins that were popping out from her hand.l and head.

He could also see her baby's head struggling to come out.

The blood, the process, everything scared him silly.

He had no qualms seeing an animal's blood, or even his enemy's blood... but his daughter's blood whe a whole different story.

Plus he could tell that she was feeling unimaginable pain, just from the way she was gripping his hands.

He quickly used his other hand to massage her head lightly.

He was truly scared and afraid that she would die.

He tried to hold on and keep strong, but at the end.... he fainted.

"Nurse Shanelle, take care of the patient's father.

Mrs. Rwana Push!! We are almost there."

After another 11 minutes, Mr Zeke woke up to the sight of his daughter making her last push.

"Ahhhh!!!" The baby was out.

'Nwahhhh! Nwahhh! Nwahhh!'

The blood covered baby cried out loud as the nurse carried him.

"Its a boy!! Congratulations Mrs. Rwana"

"Congratulations Mrs"



"My baby..." Rwana said softly.

She was truly exhausted.

Zeke got up, dashed to his daughters side.

"Papa...", Rwana called out.

"Papa is here, sorry for leaving you earlier." Zeke said, while trying to hold back his tears.

He had never cried before, but now.... it seemed like the tears from his dried up stream, were threatening to flow out.

The 2 chatted as the doctors and nurses cleaned the baby.

"Mrs, would you like to hold him for a while before we check him?"

"Hm hm"

As Rwana held the baby, she now understood that after all the suffering came the biggest gift of all.

Her baby.

Zeke on the other hand was also emotional as well... but after this, if his daughter didn't want another child, then he wouldn't be bothered abiut it at all.

He had seen her almost loose her life, so when all was said and done... he wouldn't fault her if she decided to stop after this.

"So Lemon, would you still have another child after all this?"

Rwana looked at her papa and smiled.

"Before, I would have said HELL NO!!

But after looking at my little baby here, I feel like I want to have 5 more with Xander."

"That's my Lemon!!" Zeke said while kissing her forehead.

"Mrs... what would the baby's name be called?" Asked nurse Shanelle.

She had to fill the baby's form for all his information.

Rwana was well prepared.

On the first day that she was admitted at the hospital, they had told her to discuss such things with her husband before she went into labor.

Her and Xander had decided that if it were a boy, then they would name him Maximus.... and if it were a girl, then she will be called Maximillia.

"His name will be Maximus Delwyne." She said while lovingly looking at her baby.

Zeke looked at the little Maximus, and smiled.

He had just witnessed a miracle.

'Thank you ancestors, for not taking my daughter and grandson away from me'.


Landon stepped out with Doctor Gerson and Doctor Rufus, while the nurses took care of the baby and the patient.

"Did you all learn anything?"

"Yes your majesty", they both said while nodding.

This was Rufus' second time watching the delivery process.... and for Gerson, it was his third time.

"Good... because next time, Doctor Rufus would handle everything.

And after that, Doctor Gerson... you'll take charge as well.

This pattern will continue until all doctors within the hospital perform these procedures.

Of course everything will be done under my supervision, so no need to worry.

Can you all handle it?" Landon asked.

"Under your guidance, I'm sure we can your majesty" Gerson said, while Rufus nodded.

"Good!!... I'll train you all for 7 more months, before I can give you all free reign over the patients."

This was the only way he could complete his mission and move on to the next phase.