The people went wild with excitement, as they watched numerous guests arrive at the scene.

"I'm Emma Lackheart live at the Wembley Square Cathedral with my co-host Melvin Cooper.... and this is BBC Radio 1!

On today's local news... our beloved Queen Mother and our most esteemed defender, are soon to tie the knot any moment from now.

It is indeed a glorious occasion." Said Emma, who was currently standing in front of her team... who did their best to broadcast these radio wave signals throughout Baymard.


Even though they didn't have T.V's yet, it was still good for such live news to be broadcasted out on the radios.

That way, those in the hospitals, Landports and other workstations who couldn't make it.... wouldn't entirely miss out on today's news.


"You're right Emma..... today is a magnificent day for us all.


Ahhhh!!... it looks like more guests have arrived at the Wembley Square Cathedral." Co-host Melvin said excitedly, as he turned around to have a good view at those who were walking towards the massive Cathedral.


Well.... one could say that they had arranged the place to be extremely spacious just like those in the U.K.

The guests would arrive and walk certain distances, just like they did during Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding back on earth.... or Prince William's own.

And as they walked, the crowd would cheer loudly and wave their little Baymardian flags high up into the air.... while waving at these famous Baymardian celebrities.


They also had handmade sign boards that said things like: 'We love you teacher Kim', 'Long Live Queen Mother Kim', 'May The heaven's bless you Protector Lucius', 'Thank you for rescuing me Protector Lucius... and may you find your true happiness after today.'....



The walk through that the guests had to take towards the Cathedral's door, was as wide as a 5-lane road... and took at least 17 minutes for the guests to walk, as if they were walking towards Buckingham palace instead.

And at each side of this massive pathway... one would find 2 feet tall fences that separated the massive lawns from the walkthrough.


There were also several guards standing around various points along the massive pavements.

And behind these guards were the excited crowd that stood on those lawns.

They screamed excitedly, jumped about merrily, and even tried to mimic how the incoming guests walked..... as they thought that it was all cool and glamorous.


In short, the lawns were packed and filled to the brim.

And those who weren't lucky enough to stand in those areas.... could only stand alongside the roads before that and watch how several cars belonging to these esteemed guests pulled drive in and pulled up instead.




As the crowd continued screaming merrily, the radio hosts kept doing their jobs diligently.

"Oh my Baymard biscuits!!..... is that Chief Supervisor Waldo Zendier from the Food industry?"

"By our ancestors... I think you're right!!

That's him and his lovely wife Crystilla Zendier.

Did you know?.... she is also one of the most popular chefs as well.

I hear that she's a beast in the kitchen when she takes over."

"Hmhm.... I heard of her amazing talents as well.

But do you see her outfit?

Her blue hair matches her glorious emerald top, that seems to give out a certain shine whenever she moves.

How outstanding!!"

And let's not forget about her beautiful green colored hairpins that were as long as chopsticks.

Ahhh..... do you see how magnificent those hairpins are?

They have massive jade stones at one end, as well as lace netting attached to them.

Come on!!!

The way the netting falls over her face and hangs just above her eyes...  gives her an even more alluring charm to her dark brown eyes.

Even though she's a mother of 3.... one can't help to look at her stunning appearance.

How breathtaking!!" Emma said excitedly.

"Hmhm... I agree.

And did you notice that most guests who had previously arrived also had their own unique hairpin design as well?"

"Of course!

From our sources, this massive hairpin trend is now one of our proudest Baymardian cultural looks.

In fact,..... there are more than 7 different meanings behind these hairpins.

Apparantly... it could symbolize transition from childhood to adulthood, Romance and many more.

I was informed that articles about the trends were just published last week..... and BBC station 3 also has a segment coming up next week to further explain its significance.

Just know that this trend would be used for many years to come."

"Ahh... makes sense now.

Well... all I can say is that I love it all!!

So far, we've seen hairpins that have lace attached to them as if they were hats... as well as hairpins that had beautiful ribbons at their ends, and ordinary hairpins golden or silver plated hairpins that have rare gemstones on them.

And of course all of them have different shapes and designs as well... like Overseer Wendy who had a gold plated hairpin, that also had a moon crested design at its ends.

And.... ehhh?

Ahh!!... look over there!

Oh my heavens!.... we have Painting royalty here today.

Isn't that the famous Baymardian painter, sir John Rigoro?"

"Ahh... look over there!!

It's Sir. Crumbleton the famous comedian, who always looks like he's in a rush... but like his royalty majesty Landon always says: I guess that's what makes him a 'jolly old fellow'.

This guy....... even at a royal wedding, why does he still looks like he had just tumbled out of bed not too long ago?"



And so just like that, the radio hosts did their best to capture all spectacular moments for their listeners back at home.

People laughed and smiled as they listened to their animated reviews... while keenly listening in on their every word.

Even the people on the fields had also brought in their radios as well.... as they wanted to watch while listening to what the hosts had to say.

The whole ordeal was extremely entertaining for them.

It was also very informative as well, as it further explained certain cultural things to the people as well.


Soon all the guests had arrived, as they were told the time frame during which they could arrive before the doors of the cathedral would be shut tight.

And just then..... the radio host crew who had their Walkie talkies with them, had just gotten news that the bride's entourage was seen driving down the long crowd filled Wembley road not too long ago.


There were 5 cars in total... with the bride sitting with 2 page boys in the 3rd one.

And when they were somewhat close to the Cathedral, more than 100 men from heaven knows were... quickly brought in several red carpets and rolled them up until they reached the Cathedral's foor.

They did this all in just 11 minutes.

And by the time the cars stopped, everything was set for the bride to make her grand entrance.


After designing such a beautiful wedding gown for mother Kim.... how could Landon not allow anyone else to see it?

Even though the entire crowd couldn't go in.... he still wanted some of them to see how beautiful the dress looked.

This in itself was great Publicity.

The era of olden wedding gowns would soon come to an end with this one.... and that he was sure of.


Once the cars stopped, several guards quickly rushed forward to help mother kim step out.

Needless to say, when she made her grand appearance.... everyone else sucked in their breaths, while looking at the stunning wedding dress before them.

Looking at the dress.... they immediately knew that these sort of wedding gowns would soon be the new 'it' from now on.

And even some women who had previously gotten married not too long ago, seemed to curse themselves for their impatience.

Why didn't they wait until now,  so that they too could've also worn such glamorous gowns as well?


Mother Kim's gowns had a lace hugging figure design that flared only at the bottom.

And her immaculate white veil that perfectly covered her face... had a ridiculously long train at its back, which was currently being held by the two 7 year old bell boys.

Her posture, her walk and the well detailed designs in the gowns made everyone feel like giving a slight bow when she passed them by.

The radio hosts also talked excitedly, as they tried to describe exactly what they were seeing to those at home as well.

It was truly a stunning sight to behold.


Soon the bride was in the cathedral and the show went on as planned.

The rings got exchanged, the vows were made..... and when it was time for Lucius to kiss his bride.

He unveiled her nervously and almost

had a heart attack in the process.

God she was beautiful!!

Looking at her blushing face, he truly felt like the luckiest man in Hertfilia right now.


Needless to say, when he had to kiss her briefly on stage..... they both turned as red as a pumpkin, and everyone within the Cathedral giggled as they watched in amusement.

Heck!... even those outside and those at home who were listening in, laughed and smiled as well.

Ahh... love!!


The ceremony ended with Lucius and mother Kim getting into an open top car.

They waved to the crowd, as they drove away happily.

And at the back of the car, what really made people laugh and smile... ... was the ridiculous sign that said: 'Just got married at it's back.

They as ordinary people started doing this due to Landon's influence.... but who would've known that even the royals would join in on doing such things as well.

Somehow.... it reminded them of how humble their leaders were.


The people clapped and wished them well, as they watched the couple wave, and hold each others hands lovingly.

The entire scene made many of the people look at their partners dotingly as well.

And subconsciously, William who had been within the crowd this entire time.... also turned towards Paula too.

If she was truly the one, then he would give her an even grander wedding!!

Of course that was after he bought the wedding gowns, cars and everything else from Baymard.


And with that, the wedding was finally over... and now  Lucius and Mother Kim were officially married.

Landon smiled sweetly, as he remembered how happy his mother seemed from it all.

Hehehehe..... he truly wanted to see how Alec would react when he found out about this whole ordeal.

But first... he had to find that damn Ghostly Prince God-dammit!!!

Where the hell was he at?