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 'Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!'

"Sirs, this is room service."

'Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!'

'Room service.'

As soon as they heard who it was... Collins quickly went towards the door vigilantly.

Even though they had been told about the responsibilities of room service staffers..... since this was a thoroughly new experience for them, they still felt like being vigilant at all times.



Collins opened the door and was greeted by a 26 year old man who was dressed in one of the hotel staff's uniforms.

"Sirs... there's a woman downstairs who says she's a friend of yours.

Her name is Miss Paula Syers.

She has deep brown hair, green eyes, and is about yay tall.

Sirs... do you all know this woman?

And if so, would you like for her to wait downstairs for you all?..... or for her to come up instead."



Hearing this, the men all turned to look at their leader.... who had suddenly let out a very charming smile at the mention of that woman.

And who was she?

Well... she was someone that they had just met today!

Long story short, when they had arrived earlier.... William's acted as if he were weak and sickly, while the rest acted as they normally do.

And when they had gotten into the Landport.... someone accidentally bumped into William.


Typically, he wouldn't have fallen from such a weak nudge, but for his cover to seem realistic, he had to play the part out right.

But just as his body was about to hit the floor,  this stunning guard lady quickly caught him and even handled him princess style.

He didn't even know where her strength came from, as her body was lean and somewhat tiny.

Buy yet here she was, carrying him as if it were nothing.


His retainers tried their best to hold in their laughters, as they watched their ever strong master being carried away as if he were a toddler.

He secretly shot them glares, while still pretending to be sickly.

But even though he did all that.... for some reason, he wasn't annoyed or disgusted by this woman... unlike the others he had met across Arcadina.


In truth, he had never seen a woman who was as strong as a man.... or who could also fight like a man.

And judging from her quick reflexes and body language..... one would truly be a newbie to look down at such a woman.

So seeing this beauty who presented herself like this in front of him.... his curiosity was piqued.

Her soft voice and gorgeous face, made his heart beat loudly for some reason.

Was this what they called love at first sight?


At first, William thought that she might be one of the few women in Baymard who were allowed to take on such roles.

But to his surprise, the ratio of men and women doing these sorts of jobs.... were high with a 58: 42 ratio percentage, with 42% of them representing women.

Who would've thought that it could be so?


Just thinking about Miss Paula, made William's heart go all mushy with warmth.

What was this feeling?

It was definitely somewhat similar to what he had for his parents, family and men..... but at the same time, it was also very different as well.

He remembered what he had previously felt very distinctively.


In his mind, with his first impression of her.... she was very strong, overly excited and merry.... as well as extremely beautiful.

Her smile took every ounce of breath away from his lungs, when she looked at him.

And for some unknown reason, his little man down there had almost raised up for the first time in his entire life.

What the hell was going on with his body?


The more he thought about her, the more hit his body felt.

He felt like he longed to see this woman daily..... but he couldn't help but wonder whether this was what they called lust rather than love.

He felt like he needed more time to figure these strange emotions out..... and the first step would be to get to know this strange woman called Paula.

After all, if he did find out that he truly loved her, then he would do everything in his power to make her his queen.

So before he could ever confess anything towards her, he had to first take up the mantle as ruler of Arcadina.


Collins and McCain had pale ghastly faces, as they looked at their master in shock.

They had never EVER seen their master make such a lovey-dovey face before..... and in truth, it really scared them shitless.

What the hell?

Where was their ruthless, smart and stoic master?

Who was this person that they were seeing?

Their eyeballs almost popped out and rolled on the floor, as they took in all of William's expressions.


"Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!

Where are the new clothes that you bought today?

And what about that toothbrush thingy?

Ahh..... My good man, can you tell miss Paula to come up instead?

And ohh.... can you also send a meal for 4 up here immediately?

Collins... McCain.... you keep Miss Paula busy in the sitting room when she arrives.

If she gets bored or gets annoyed..... hehehehe.... I'll send you to the 'Twiply Pit' when we return."


Everyone in the room watched the flustered William in shock.


This wasn't their master but a substitute.


As they remembered what punishment they would receive if they didn't make miss Paula happy.... they couldn't help but shiver uncontrollably.

They'd rather kill themselves that go through that hellish training arena again.

And so, while William scurried away to the bathroom to have his bath...  the duo retainers quickly went to the living room within their hotel suite to prepare for Miss Paula.


Soon, there was a knock on their door again... and in came the stunning Paula.

"Ahhh.... how are you all enjoying Baymard so far?"

"Miss Paula.... it's amazing!!" Collins said excitedly.

"Everything is great Miss!!" McCain added while smiling broadly.

"That's good to hear.

Anyway.... I've brought the drugs for your little brother's headaches just as promised.

Here they are..... make sure that he takes 2 pills every morning, and another 2 every night.

If you want him to be well, make sure that he takes them no matter what!!

Well then, I better get going.

It was nice meeting you all again." Paula said while stuffing the drugs into Collins' hands.

And with that, she immediately turned around and walked towards the door again.

"Wait!!" Collins and McCain exclaimed anxiously.


Of course the duo panicked... as they knew that if she left just like that, their master would literally chew off their heads when he came out of the room.

"Ermm Miss Paula..... since you're our first friend here, we would feel bad if you just left like that.

So would you mind staying for a bit while we offer you anything here?" Collins said, while truly to plead with his wide puppy dog eyes.

"Yeah Miss.... Collins is right.

In truth, we had already ordered food just for you... so please can you stay just for a while longer?

Not to talk of the fact that you had gotten these medications for our little brother here.

So how else are we supposed to express our gratitude towards you if you leave us just like that?" McCain added as well pitifully.


Paula helplessly looked at the men before her and sighed.

Well, they were probably grateful for her hell earlier... so what more could she say?

Luckily... she had just got off work not too long ago, so she was as free as a bird now.

"Fine!.... but I wouldn't be staying for long, since I plan to attend Queen Mother Kim's wedding ceremony today." Paula said, while pouting at them too.


A few minutes later, William exited the room and immediately pretended to be sick and in need of help.

And just like he had expected, when room service had brought their meal up.... Paula continuously fed the pitiful William who was looking at her with teary eyes.

For her, she was used to doing these sort of things as she had taken care of her own sick comrades, as well as other sick people too.

For her, there was nothing wrong with what she was doing, since things like first aid and healthcare were taught to all the guards, soldiers and law enforcement officers here.


She fed him diligently, and at times, her hands would unintentionally caress William's face unknowingly.

These small actions made William his heart jumpy from excitement.

As this was going on, his retainers finally couldn't take it any longer.... and chose to excuse themselves under the pretense of getting ready for the wedding.

How could their master be so shameless?

Today... they had finally understood the famous saying that a man could change into a completely different person just for the woman he wanted.



Time passed by swiftly, and when they were all ready... they all got into Paula's jeep and headed towards the wedding Avenue.

Of course while in the car, they excitedly wore their seatbelts while taking everything about the car design in.

So this was what it felt like to drive these cars rather than buses?

The window was winded down, and the cool breeze made them feel very refreshed.

And as they passed through the busy streets, they quickly marvelled at the genius streetlight designs, road signs and so on.


When one was in a bus, they wouldn't really see all these things properly.... but getting into a private car was an entirely different experience altogether.

In short, this whole thing made them want to drive so badly.

But when they heard that only Baymardians and citizens from treaty-based empires could drive..... they couldn't help but sigh all the more.

But of course after Paula promised to take them for something called a go-kart racing.... their faces immediately lit up with excitement.



And so, their entire journey was filled with Paula explaining all the fun activities that one could do around Baymard.

As the men listened, they quickly made up their minds to enjoy most of these activities before Alec and his squad arrived.

William smiled slightly, when he thought about Alec.

Hehehe..... soon, the real drama would begin.


--District C--

'Mumble! Mumble! Mumble! Mumble!'




From amidst a massive crowd, one could hear a series of excited screams and praises coming all angles.

The people had all gathered around the massive church which had a massive open space at the front.

It was designed to be somewhat similar to the Vatican in Rome.... even though it was smaller.

One could see people poking heads left and right..... as well as merrily clapping and exclaiming excitedly, as they watched the scene before them.

Today, their Queen Mother would finally marry one of the greatest defenders in Baymard.