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 'Host..... the Ghostly Prince is here."



Landon almost fell off his seat when he heard the system's announcement.

Great!... he was finally here!!

After months of searching and waiting for this dude to pop up, finally..... he could now be at ease.

For him to complete his mission, didn't he have to meet the damn ghostly prince in the first place.... before getting him to ascend the throne.

So of course having him deliver himself right at Landon's doorstep definitely made things easier ten times over.


"System... When did he arrive?

Can you show me where he is right now?" Landon asked excitedly.

"Answering to host..... he arrived 6 hours ago, and is current within the empire as we speak."

"So why didn't you inform me when he had just arrived?"

"Answering to host..... the system was trying to be what humans would describe as 'caring'.

The system saw that the host was deeply engrossed in his work and chose to tell the host about it later.

The system is showing its caring side towards the host."



Landon didn't know whether he should laugh or cry at his own situation.

He truly felt like wrestling the system to death.

Now was the time that it chose to be caring towards him?

What about all the sudden missions that it had been springing up on him recently?

Where was its caring attitude then?


How the heck would one find a system like his?

Forget it, forget it..... sigh..... there was no use crying over spilled milk now.

The most important thing was that the Ghostly prince had finally arrived at Baymard.


"Fine..... you say he arrived 6 hours ago right?

Okay.... then just show me where he is on the monitors instead."

"Sorry Host... but this system is not permitted to show you what the Ghostly Prince looks like.... So I can't show you what he's up to with the monitors." The system said without a hint of emotions in its voice.

"Then how do I know that it's him?

Do you know how many people request to see me on a daily basis, and how many people I have to turn down from all that?

What if I accidentally turn down an audience with him instead?"

"Then that'll be the host's problem."



Landon threaded his fingers in his hair helplessly, as he quickly tried to calm his raging nerves.

If he just bursts out angrily now... wouldn't the people around him think that he was mad?

One should know that he was currently sitting in the royal limo, alongside his fiance, Grace, Little Momo, little Linda and Mother Winnie.

Right now, it was just 2 P.M.

It was time for the actual royal wedding to commence.


Of course before this event.... they had already held activities for entire week, to signify and show Mither Kim and Lucius' dedication towards the empire and it's people.

Currently, he was with the rest of the royals... as they made their way toward the wedding venue.

So if he just started raging mad, then wouldn't they think that he had finally lost it?

This was the system's plan wasn't it!!

Tsk!.... well it wouldn't work!... not on his watch.


"So my almighty system..... how the heck am I supposed to narrow down my search for this Ghostly prince."

"Host..... Like this system had said earlier, use your intuition when accepting and rejecting requests and you should be fine.

This is the system's caring attitude toward you.

But of course if you use your intuitions and reject him, then the system can only say that it will be disappointed in you."



The car speeded up towards District C, with Landon secretly sighing multiple times while leaning into his car seat.



Within the Gracio-Dero 4 star hotel in District C..... William and his men were currently sitting within their hotel rooms in shock at what they had just witnessed on their way here.

As for why they had arrived 2 weeks earlier than the rest of the royal family members..... that was because they took the shortest, but the most dangerous road to get here.


And in addition to that..... they had been travelling nonstop while their men took turns to switch shifts throughout their journey.

Hence they were way ahead of the rest in that aspect.

From the Landport to the cars, buses, buildings, food and everything else... they dared say that here really wasn't any other place in the world that could compare with Baymard right now.

This place was heaven!!


One should know that William never lost his composure no matter what!... But when he arrived, he had totally lost it for a while.

Seeing was truly believing.

Even though his men had told him of these things already.... seeing them for himself made him feel like they were suddenly bad at describing things.

How come they didn't truly explain how sitting in one of those buses felt like?

How come they didn't really talk to him about the amazing customer service here?


William felt like it was all a dream... as he stood over his balcony window in a daze, while looking at the busy streets of baymard, as well as the high-rise buildings around him.

The people smiled and went about their days merrily.... as if there was nothing in this world that could stop their shine.

The entire place was so futuristic to him, tagt he almost thought that he had traveled to another world instead.

But one of the best things about the place was it's people.


When he was at the Landport, as well as on his way to his hotel... He had realised that no matter what one's background was, whether rich or poor..... the staff here all treated people like kings when attending to them.

It was truly an eye-opener for William.... as he secretly made a mental note to instill such values when he took over Arcadina.

Of course these were just one of the good qualities and strengths about Baymard that he had quickly noticed.

The other thing was their technology.


When they had given him and his men keys to their rooms and led them in, they all felt like all this was somewhat impossible to believe.

How did clean water suddenly appear just from turning a metal stick whenever they wanted?

Even the lights didn't need fire to light them up..... they used something called lightbulbs.

There was another thing called the toilet... which he thought was really ingenious.

No! No! No! No!

The real ingenious thing was the toilet paper.


It felt so soft against his but compared to sponges, grass or even rags.

And one shouldn't forget about the fact that the room could get hot or cold if he chose to make it so.

In short, there were just too many good things within Baymard..... as well as too many secrets here, that could lead one to develop the temptation of dreaming about conquering the place if they were not careful.


He called it a dream because without a doubt.... he truly believed that for Baymard to open its doors to all..... that meant that it had enough power to protect itself for the time being.

From seeing the bank, to witnessing several other miracles within this empire... William couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

It looked like he was worried for nothing.

There was no way in hell this cousin of his would be bullied by Alec.


"Alright!... you all should stop joking around.

I want your honest opinions..... Collins you go first."

"Young master.... this cousin of yours really hides too deep!!!!

What the hell?!!!" exclaimed Collins excitedly, as he sat up from the cozy bed.

"Young master!

For the first time... I agree with Collins on this one.

But the real issue here young master.... is how we are going to see him.

Young master, as per your instructions... I did a little bit of digging on the matter, and I can guarantee that it's near impossible for anyone to see the king without taking permission.

And unlike Arcadina's palace that one could enter using disguises..... with this one, they thoroughly checked one's background and confirmed it with what they knew of, before one could use that route." Replied McCain, who was busy working down the food sent up by the staff.

"And that's not all young master.....

From my own research.... we only have 2 main shots at seeing him young master.

We can either do so, by accidentally bumping into him around Baymard.

But that route would also be near impossible to do.... since it wouldnt be easy to bump into a king anyway.

So young master, our final option would be to put in a formal request to see him.

Apparently, even if it were a king from another empire.... they too had to put in any sort of request before seeking his majesty Landon..... unless he was already expecting them from the get-go.

Young master... I suggest that we put in a request to see Princess Lucy instead.

She would definitely remember you after all this time." Collins said seriously.

"I agree young master.... plus she's less busy compared to his majesty Landon, so we would have a better chance going through her than any other person."



William calmly sat down and poured himself a glass of Dom Perignon, before turning towards his men.

"Hmmm... indeed!!

It's been a ling time since I saw those 2 friends of mine.

Alright!.... we'll put a request later on toady.

But for now.... how can we miss auntie's wedding just like that?"


And just as the decision was made.... they soon heard a gentle knock on their door.

'Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock!'

Who could it be?