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 The journey was a fast one.... as within the next 40 minutes, they had already arrived at Riverdale city.

It could've been a 30 minutes car ride , but due to the majority of the road being un-tarred and bumpy.... they had used up an additional 10 minutes just to get to the city.


Landon quickly got out of his car and headed towards the city lord's estate at the furthest part of the city.

This estate was where all the guards, government workers and others from Baymard slept when they spent their weekly shifts here.

He was going to stay here for 3 whole days.... so he needed to check-in with his guards as well.

Of course one of his personal secretaries was there with him too.

And after everyone had finally taken up rooms within the estate, Landon and his team quickly headed out to check on the city's overall progress rate.


"Good afternoon your majesty!"

"Good afternoon your majesty!"

"Good afternoon your majesty!"


As Landon and his group passed by, several citizens quickly stopped what they were doing and gave him warm greetings in return.

They had heard of his friendliness and openness from those who had previously greeted him everytime he came into the city.

So the people were excited, and somewhat anxious to greet 'God Landon' as well.


"Oh my God!!!!.... He just said good morning to us back!" Said one of the citizens in a whispery tone.

"Ahh!... my clothes accidentally touched his majesty's own when I was making a turn over there.

That's it!!... I'm never washing these again!!"



Landon and his men walked for another 20 minutes, before they arrived at one of the empty estates within the city.

One had to know that since word hadn't reached Roverdale city about Alec's decision.... most of the nobles were terrified, and left the city once they heard that Landon would take over it.

For them, Alec would definitely send troops to wage a war and reclaim the land back.

So why wait here for death?

Afterall during this war, anyone could die or get caught in a crossfire... so why risk it?


With all that in mind, they had quickly packed up their goods, as well as their soldiers..... and headed out towards other cities as well.

In their minds, they would either go to their Private bases..... or seek out their friends or families for shelter, while they sent letters to Alex explaining the situation there.


In addition to these reasons, after reading some of the new rules implemented within the city... many of them felt it all too preposterous.

How could a city function without slaves?

Who would do all their home chores?

And why do they have to pay their slaves that much?

Didn't they just have to give the slaves a little food, water, a roof over their heads and 50 copper coins?

So how did it suddenly increase so much?

And what the heck was that stupid equality rule?

To make matters worse...  they even saw a 'widow plan' there somewhere that stated that the government would give widows, single pregnant women and orphans a substantial amount of support.

Of course for them, this was a terrible idea!!!

What if they wives killed them just so tagged they could be receiving a steady monthly pay grade?


In short, many of them were very unsettled with many of these new rules.... and so they quickly made up their minds to leave the city A.S.A.P!!

And before they left, Landon had asked some of them if they were sure that they would never come back, because he wanted to use some of their estates as government buildings..... as we as a hospital and an orphanage.

So with all that said, since these nobles had given him their stone estates just like that... wouldn't it be a good idea to use them for his causes?


"Macmillan.... this is the last week of June.

Please run the stats for this month... in comparison to when we took over in May." Landon asked, while calmly stepping into his Riverdale office within the government estate.

'Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip!'

MacMillan quickly flipped through all 7 files that he had on hand..... until he spotted the 'Summary Report' file.


"Your majesty, we'll start from page 2 figure 1.

Within this month, the death rate alone has decreased by a substantial amount.

Before we took over, 38% of children under the ages of 7 died from basic things like fevers and even colds.

But With the help the help of our drugs and nurses who come here weekly.... several if the children have been able to keep their lives so far.

So now, the total amount of children under the age of 7 that died.... fell from 38% to 31%.


Of course your majesty, many still died due to lateness in treatment... but with time, if we can step in just before the children were at heaven's doors, then we should still be able to decrease the death rate substantially.

As for the case with pregnant women..... the death rate decreased from 42% to 35%.



As Government official Macmillan continued his thorough statistical presentation.... Landon listened on carefully, as he wanted to see if they were able to hit their target for this month alone.

For him, the only death that was acceptable was that of a natural cause.... like old age.


Looking at the report, Landon could see 8 main undermining causes of death on the pie charts.

The first was death due to plagues and illnesses.

One should know that even back on earth during the medieval times, common illnesses like cholera, fever, as well as plagues...  took 1/3 of a City's population yearly.

Heck!.. even food poisoning took out a massive number of the population as well.

But, the people also gave birth like pigs... which kinda made up for these deaths, as the women were taught that their life mission was to give heirs to their husbands and nothing more.


Anyway... now, Landon given the people of Riverdale their own passports as well.

And when they got to the hospitals in Baymard..... they would have 20% of their medical fees wavered as well.

And coupled with the fact that most of the drugs like Advil and Tylenol were cheap... the people didn't mind buying them at all  as they had seen what wonders these drugs had.


These people died of fevers, chickenpox, malnutrition, whooping cough, measles and many more.

So how would they not be impressed by these drugs?

Long story short.... the death rate due to ordinary illnesses had dropped down substantially within these past 2 months.


Moving on, the other main causes of death were:

•Death from Journeying



•Bad weather

•Wars/ fights within the city/ \u0026 everything violence


•Sudden death from body's breakdown... be it old age or overworking oneself.


As Landon listened on, he quickly went on to re-check what the system required for Riverdale again.

One of his main tasks concerned with taking over Riverdale city, was to decrease the death rate here ... as well as ensure that the people lived comfortably without building advanced technological items here.

He could use his heavy machines to make warm wooden 2-storey homes for them.

But he couldn't give them electricity and so on.



"So... right now, what's the total population"

"Your majesty.... it's at 29, 837."

"Hmhm... not bad.

Keep up the good job.

Your presentation was excellent."

"Thank you your majesty!!" Macmillan said excitedly.


Following his meeting with Maxmillan, Landon soon began his tour of the entire city.

He stopped by the construction sites first, as he wanted to see how many people's homes were still currently under construction.

The budget for all these works, as well as the pay for all the workers on duty here. ..  all came from his personal pocket, and those of the Baymardians.


In short, the offerings that were given after each church sermon... were strictly meant to help the poor and the needy.

Hence a portion of it had been used as 'charity' um situations like this towards the needy.

And in addition to that, Landon had also donated some of his money towards these projects here as well.

With how much he had gained from raiding Nopline's camps... one could say that Landon was a baller at this point.

So acting like all those celebrities who donated 10 million to charity, was no real issue for him at all.


For the next 3 days, Landon spent his time looking at Riverdale's overall improvement status.

Of course following that he later headed back to Baymard and drew up new plans for Riverdale city during the month of July and August.

And while all this was happening, the entire Baymard was getting ready to have an official Royal wedding.

Time had passed on again, and just like that..... they had already entered the 2nd week of July.

It was time for mother Kim and Lucius to officially get married.



'Host..... the Ghostly Prince is here."