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 A few days had gone by in a flash... and just like that, Baymard had already entered its last week of June.

Landon had already returned back from his glorious mission alongside his men.

The first thing that he did when he returned, was to see how far along the wedding preparations had gone.... because 2 weeks from now, the official Royal Wedding would commence.

And once all that was ironed out, Landon then decided to head out towards Riverdale city.


Speaking of Riverdale city... Landon indeed had plans to make it into his own.

But of course he would have to ask that Ghostly Prince fellow before he did so.

Either way, whether the city was given to him or not.... it wouldn't necessarily affect Baymard's growth all that much.


For starters, just because a territory was small, didn't mean that it wouldn't be powerful.

Back on earth, there were tiny but powerful countries like Singapore.... that could were well off, even though they were small.

It would be great if he could get Riverdale city.... but he wasn't going to kill himself if he didn't.

Baymard would still stand tall no matter what!!


Also, the more Landon thought about the System's suggestion of not taking other people's lands forcefully... the more he approved of it as well.

If he went about doing so... other leaders and rulers of several empires might be fearful of him, rather than appreciative.

And this could definitely backfire in the long run.


One could imagine land being equivalent to money.... if he had money, and someone who was more powerful kept taking or cutting his money away from him.... even though he wouldn't be able to do something to that person, he would still be resentful.

And who knows.... maybe he could get allies who faced the same issues or were fearful of that person to deal with him together.


Well, people could still attack him due to greed.... but that was much better and easier to deal with than him causing trouble and accumulating people's hatred points.

Just like other small but powerful nations back on earth..... Landon had chosen to remain true to his values.

Hence he would only take land if it was unoccupied, given to him or if the people were in dire need of a leader and the system had no one in mind.


From what he could tell, the Gods had already pinpointed particular people to rule certain regions..... so, even if the people were in need of a ruler, he had no right to step inno more, as he was only there to help the chosen ruler ascend the throne.

And that was it!!!



The sounds of cars driving along an uneven road, could be heard making their way towards Riverdale city.

As they drove..... several birds along the trees, as well as in the path soon hurried away while gawking at them endlessly.

Landon had left Baymard with several of his personal guards in 6 Baymard Jeep Wranglers.

The forest all around them looked vibrant and green, as the summer sun gently graced their leaves.

The sun was high up in the sky.... and one could see several birds all following an ancient path through the sky in a beautiful pyramid array.

No bird overlapped another, as they flew swiftly across the sky.

The butterflies fluttered about merrily, as they danced about the forest trails.

It was indeed summer.



The men drove at a moderate pace, as the road was now filled with carriages and pedestrians as well.

He should know that since it was his duty to take care of Riverdale city..... it was only natural for him to tar the roads leading up to there.

So all this time, the workers had been tarring the roads steadily.

They would select a particular area to work on first, tar one lane, before looking at the other lanes.


In this era, roads leading to major cities were usually wide, so as to accommodate leaving armies or incoming knights of massive numbers.

So the roads were large enough to make 4 lanes on them, as well as pedestrian sidewalks on both sides.

Of course at the center of the road, Landon had opted for them to put an elevated divider there as well.

This way, people would really distinguish between the roads that went toward Baymard... and those that left Baymard.


Also, this divider was a good idea for pedestrians who wanted to cross the line roads as well.... as there would be no traffic lights out here.

Anyway, for now.... some 2/7 of the road had been tarred.

So the workers still had a long way to go, since the contracted work was supposed to be done by October 1st... that was in 3 months time.


As for the people that Landon and his men kept seeing on the roads.... these people were most likely from riverdale city, as news of Alec's decision hadn't truly reached the ears of everyone in the Western territory yet.

Even though these people were scared of Alec's wrath.... it was close to 2 months now, since Landon had taken over the city.

And so far, the people had seen the great changes that this new leader of theirs had implemented in Riverdale city.

Firstly, he dealt with the corrupt nobles, made new laws against slavery, started constructing sturdy wooden buildings for them, and so much more.

This new leader of theirs was on their side.... rather than the side of those rich nobles.


Of course most of them still feared Alec's wrath, but what truly made them bite the bullet and take a chance...... was when they saw the goods from Baymard, and well as hear about the learning opportunities, jobs and worker pay there.

In their minds, even if Alec killed them... if they could send their children there for better education and a chance to have a better future, then it would all be worth it.

Hence they decided to have a leap of faith and go to Baymard themselves.


And so with that decision in mind, the first group of peasants nervously went to Baymard a while back..... and when they returned, they were all smiles and full of vigor.

They helped to spread the tale of Baymard even more, and soon... more people eventually went there and the rest was history.

They had learnt that Baymard was so rich that it used glass to make unique buildings that were as tall as a hill.


To them, all these screamed out power, and what the people wanted.... was a guarantee that even if Alec tried to attack them, they would be safe no matter what.

In addition to that, they truly felt safe when they saw the number of men diligently protecting Riverdale city day and night.


These men weren't like the lazy knights that they knew of.

These men never talked down at them, bullied them or even hot distracted for a second.

These men focused on their jobs, and had even helped them up once in a while.

And to further secure Baymard's rich and powerful status, every Sunday afternoon about 2 P.M...  several massive godly carriages (buses), would arrive at Riverdale city's gate.

Of course during that time, the soldiers, guards and government officials would switch places with the next batch that had just arrived.


One should know that these people had never seen buses in their lives... so during that time frame, many of them would rush over to the gate and watch everything as if it were a show.

They truly wanted to know how the inside of those buses looked like.

And when the Baymard workers also came over to build wooden homes with their machines during the day time, the perimeters of the construction sites were always filled with those who were either off from work or were at break.

So seeing all these things  who the heck cared about Alce's wrath again?

To hell with your wrath!!!

Who the heck wanted him as their king?


In fact, they had even held several meetings amongst themselves... as they had thought about changing the city's name and abandoning Arcadina on multiple occasions.

They felt like times had changed, and it was time for them to embrace this new leader as theirs.

He was all the people talked about now.

And so with all that in mind, on a daily basis..... one could see hundreds of citizens moving back and forth between both cities.


As Landon and his men drove by, several people kept waving at them excitedly.

"Look! Look! ..... those godly carriages are passing by!!"

"Wahhh!!!..... no matter how many times I see it, it still gets me every time."

"Do you think that they would be mad at us waving towards them?"


Look! Look!.... the glass thing (window) is rolling down.

Who could it be?"

"Ahh!!.... it's his majesty Landon.

Look!... he's waving at me!!!"

"How is it towards you?

Can't you see that he's waving at me instead?"

"What do you know old man?..... it was clearly for me and not you alright?"



And so as Landon drove away with his squad..... several people on foot and in their carriages, all turned towards his direction in hopes of spotting God Landon.

Now, he was a bonafide God!!!!