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 --The Capital, The Empire of Yodan--


The light summer breeze gently caressed the cheeks of the busy people.

Everyone walked and talked even more excitedly, compared to last week.

And all this was due to the fact that their eyes had now been open to the finer things in life.

Of course ever since the start of this week, certain stores had been getting a crowd of people daily.

And just like other regions, the people here had also become crazed as well.


"Boss! Boss!..... please give me that canned beef stew and Fanta again."

"Hey!... no cutting the line!

I was here first!!

Boss Jingo! Boss Jingo!... I need that red lipstick and Lavender Shampoo A.S.A.P."

"You women... we need more important things and you're thinking about that?

Boss!!..... please, I need that Ketchup, butter, Vinegar and canned Tuna again!"

"Boss Jingo.... please I need something called a pen, as well as exercise books, pencils and an eraser."

"Sorry everyone... most of the things that you've called out have just been sold out."



"Boss Jingo... are you joking with me?

My friend just bought the Vanilla Oreo biscuits yesterday, as well as apple juice... so how can you tell me that it's out of stock?

Didn't your goods just arrive at the start of the week?

How can it be finished already?"

"Boss Jingo!.... so what do you want my baby to use now as diapers?

Sure, I could use rags again... but do you have any idea how soft those diapers are for my baby's buttocks?

Do you have any idea how much those diapers can absorb without letting any spill out?

And do you know that compared to rags that I have to change every 30 minutes due to my baby's mess.....  these ones could even stay on for more than 5 hours without me changing them?

Boss Jingo..... it's either you give me more diapers or you fight me!!"

"Boss Jingo!!..... I had rushed here to get pens and books because I had finally found someone to teach my children how to write.... and now you tell me that everything is out of stock?

Hehehehe..... Boss Jingo, it's like you want to block my family's road to success tight?"

"Boss Jingo.... how can blankets and watches run out so quickly?

Hmpp!!.... I suspect you of embezzling some of the goods here.

Sir. Benjamin will definitely hear about this!

Just you wait!!"

"What are we even discussing with him for?

Get him!!!!!!"



And so, the angry crowd soon pushed down several guards and stamped all over them, like a heard of angry hippos.

Bods Jingo quickly shut the door tightly, and prayed that this stone building could stand still against these crazy people.

When was the last time that he had ever run like this?

It almost made him feel like he was a thief instead?

What the hell?

How was it his fault that Baymard's goods were so darn good?

He had made up his mind that when he sees Santa again.... he would ask for a raise God-Dammit!!

'Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!'

"Boss Jingo..... open up alright?

We mean no harm..... we just want to talk to you one-on-one"

As the people continued banging the iron doors, he couldn't help but say a little prayer to the guards outside.

Goodbye old pals

[  ' ^ '  ]


But of course, while some people were busy harassing the workers within these stores, others who had already been satisfied with how much they had previously bought.... all walked and hoisted about all the grand things that they had heard about Baymard goods ... from the merchants, store workers and many others.


"Wahhhhh!!!..... there is this new thing I saw today in one of the stores, and I just got the last one.

It's called a mattress!!"

"Mattress?... what's that?"

"Are you living under a rock or something?

That's one of the latest goods to hit the city since the beginning of this week.

And it's only sold at any of sir Benjamin's stores."

"Ahhh!!!.... you mean the sir Benjamin of Carona?"

"Exactly!!... that same one.

Apparently, the goods were gotten from a magical place called Baymard!

They even passed several things called brochures and Pamphlets around for several schools as well!"

"Really?.... buy wouldn't that be too expensive if the place was really that magical?"

"Like I said.... you're living under a rock!!

It's quite cheap compared to knight Academy by far... and there, they offer several other subjects as well.

And you know what.... I even heard that the poor and the rich still sit in one class there."

"You're lying!!!!

That can't be right!!"

"Would I lie to you?

Look! Look! These are the pamphlets and brochures!"

"Ehh?... so it's true?"

"Of course it's true!!...

I also heard that there is some sort of magical ship that only needs a couple of days to travel from Baymard to Carona

Tsk!!.... Do you see why I say that you've been living under a rock now?



The streets were filled with new rare products that had never been seen in the entire Phymo continent before..... and surprisingly, everyone soon realised that at the back of every Baymard product, the words: 'Made in Baymard' would be that as well..... lest someone wanted to scam them.

The streets were also filled with kids with new toys, be it Barbie, action figures and so on.... As well as cards, puzzles, jump ropes and so on.

In short, there was everything for everyone there at very reasonable prices.

But of course with the citizens buzzling about Baymard and its goods, how could the royals be exempt from it all?


"Are the rumors true?" Asked a young man, who was currently standing on a massive terrace.

"Your majesty.... from all that we've gathered, it appears that these merchants aren't lying at all!

And there's also more about this Landon fellow."

"Ohh?" The young man said, while taking the report from his subordinate's hands.


And after 4 more minutes, his deep husky laugh could be heard echoing all around the room.

He looked at the sky and chuckled a bit more.

Indeed.... there are 2 many hidden swords within this world.

Who would've thought that the bastard prince that everyone looked down on, would one day take the entire continent by surprise?

In several ways, Landon was quite similar to himself..... as he too was thought to be a useless prince.

And now, he was the ruler of Yodan.


Sirius smiled, as he continued to read the report.

What really amazed him, was the fact that all these ideas came from Landon himself.

If any of this information was true, then this Landon fellow was really a gem!!

He created new rules, reorganized the land... as well as developed the place to such an extent.

And from what was written here, people needed to have something called a Passport before they could enter Baymard.

And there were things called cars, trains, and buses as well.

But no matter how much they explained it to him, he couldn't believe or understand it at all.

How could anything move without a horse or an animal to pull along?

And he didn't even want to think about the schooling situation there.


He had seen the brochures and pamphlets for all the schools there... and his first thought was how they had managed to get colored paper done.

Followed by, what sort of paper was this, and Why was it much sturdy than the parchment paper?


Looking at the school programs that they offered, he himself couldn't help but want to enroll in one of them as well.

He had to say that whoever was in charge of wording these documents.... truly knew how to reel someone in at first glance.

This was marketing at its finest!



"Yes your majesty!" Answered his second in command.

"It seems like we've been cooped up in Yodan for too long.

After all, the world has changed drastically... and here we are, with no clue about it whatsoever."

"Your majesty... will we leave officially, or unofficially."

"No.... we'll be leaving unofficially!!

If we tell people that we're going to Baymard, dong you think that we'll be moving targets for our enemies?

Don't forget all that we've been through just to avoid my all attacks from my father's wives.

No... that wouldn't be wise at all.... so we'll announce our departure towards our other official base instead.

And along the way, you, myself and 10 more men, will disguise ourselves and head on towards the shores.... just like we always do.

So I need you to make the arrangements immediately, because we'll be leaving in a month's time.

It's time that we see this Baymard for ourselves,  wouldn't you agree?"


And of course Sirius was not the only one making plans as well.


--The Capital, The Royal Palace of Deiferus--


"So when do we leave your majesty?"

"In 2 month's time of course!!"


--The Capiral, The Royal Palace of Terique--


"Mother... so when are we going?"

"Silly child.... we are enemies with Arcadina, and baymard was once their territory as well.

So they might not even welcome us at all.

But not to worry... soon, mummy will give you Baymard on a platter of gold alright?"