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 'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

The explosions caused a loud bang... and several ships around the perimeter of the Square formation, were all completely destroyed by these strange attacks.

And immediately following that, one could hear the horrifying screams of several men wailing in agony.


Their screams were the type that belonged to those that had one foot out the worldly door already.

It was one that manifested true Mortal terror, as its ghastly wails quickly echoed out throughout the region.

In short, the only surviving ships were those within the center of the formation..... as well as those at the front.


So because of the huge burning wall of sinking ships surrounding them, it was absolutely impossible for those at the center to escape or sail out.

Basically, with these fiery sinking ships going down, the air became hot and filled with soot.... while the waters on the other hand, was filled with planks, massive ship parts, dead bodies and so on.

So they had no choice but to wait for those at the front to sail further away.... or wait there until the whole fiasco ended.


Kirkwood's entire face soon became pale with fright, as he felt despair quickly grip his heart tightly.

Adrenaline flooded his entire system, as it caused his heart to pound loudly..... as if it was trying to escape from his chest.

He felt like swimming as fast as he could from it all.... as his body shivered uncontrollably from fright.

And even though the weather was quite hot..... for some reason right now, it felt extremely chilly and cold as it would be on a winter's night.

As Captain, he was usually fearless.... but for the first time in his life, he had known what fear truly was.

Of course it wasn't just him who was feeling like that, but everyone else who was on an unharmed ship as well.


Everyone desperately prayed that no 'invisible attack would hit their ships, as they watched the whole ordeal go down.


Just who the hell was responsible for doing this?

Or was Adonis annoyed with them so much that he had decided to send massive invisible black powdered arrows towards them?

doing all this?


Back on the 'giant metal boggle', those within the viewing room were busy watching the entire show with shock and amazement.... while eating snacks and drinking some light beverages.

The attacks were extremely brutal, and they couldn't help but get goosebumps just from watching.

How was one supposed to fight off such attacks.

And even if anyone survived, right now.... there wasn't any land close by.

So how were they supposed to rest or get saltless water or rum around?


Actually, if they were still on ship.... it would take them a month and 2 weeks to reach one of Arcadina's towns.

But now without a ship, swimming there without stopping...  would definitely take them several months to accomplish.


And one shouldn't forget that this was the ocean... ... home to several dangerous life forms and species.

So Long story short, even if they survived the whole thing.... the chances of them dying before reaching Arcadina's shores were pretty high..... unless they met with a merchant ship or any other random ship that would be ready to take them in for the time being.


"Good Heavens!!!

Did you see how big those explosions were?"


Now I want to learn how to launch these weapons as well.

With these ones, how would some enemy even dream of attacking Baymard from its shores?"

"Aye!!.... you're eating my Pringles!

Get your own alright!!"



While the excited men watched the entire 'movie scene', those who were in the movie felt like crying instead.

"C.... Captain.... what do we do now?" Asked a shivering man besides Kirkwood.

After what he had just witnessed, his intuition had immediately told him that they would be next if they continued to stay on any longer.

Hence he swallowed his saliva, built up his courage, and swiftly approached Kirkwood.

It was better for him to be shunned, than to die without trying just like that!


Kirkwood was soon reeled back into reality, and without any further delays ..... he began issuing out a series of commands to his men.

"Quickly! Quickly!..... move out!!

Abandon formation!"


And just like that, everyone else hurriedly dashed away towards their posts, while others also did their best to inform the other ships of their plans.


However, with all the screams and wails coming from the men that were on those targeted ships..... communication was a little hard to do.

But when the other ships saw the ones in front of them move, they in turn followed them as well.

And to their surprise, once they started leaving the formation..... the massive boggle soon began speeding up towards them.

What the hell???

Could anyone tell them why they were so unfortunate today?



While they were trying to flee the scene, those within the metal boggle's control center soon started preparing for Phase 2 of their attacks.

This was still part of their training..... so you best believe that they would use every weapon embedded within this battleship.

"Warrant officer Mayer... set up the main unlock system pattern!" Gary said, while climbing onto his high seat.

"I'm on it Admiral!"

"Station 1 to 9... get ready to engage the enemy.

I need clear shots and I need them done swiftly."

"Yes Fleet Admiral!"

"As for the rest of you all, follow my every order as we go along!

Now... begin phase 2!!!"



Kirkwood watched the boggle swim at a ridiculous speed towards his fleet, and subconsciously held his sword's sheath... as if preparing to slice the creature into half.

But when the boggle swam very close by his ship... he was immediately taken aback by what he was seeing.

It wasn't a boggle but a ship?


Kirkwood's face soon became distorted.

How could that be?

Who was the owner of this ship?

How could it go so fast?

And more importantly, how could it not sink when made from metal?

He squinted his eyes, and tried his best to peer through the high-ceiling massive glass windows on the battleship.

Just how rich were they to use glass on their ship


As for the rest of the men, they too had never seen anything like it before.

Was it that they had sailed into the wrong region, and had somehow passed through another world?

They truly had to wonder if they were still within Hertfilia or not .

The ship made their own look like child play, as it was taller, wider and bigger than the rest.



The massive ship swiftly drove towards them, and soon, they saw several massive metal stick-like objects all pointing towards them.

And for a brief moment, they couldn't help but wonder if those previous attacks were done by this strange ship.


Kirkwood on the other hand had a bad premonition about the whole thing... so he hurriedly bellowed for his men to go as fast as they could.

Several veins popped out of his head, as he gave out his orders.

"What the hell are you all looking at?

Hurry up and get us out of here quickly!!!"

I said get moving Dammi...."


'Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo! Doo!'



Sigh..... as usual, the person launching these attacks was quite rude.

Kirkwood had once again hadn't even finished his sentence, when he saw a series of flashy lights, as well as heard a series of explosions and screams again.

How rude!!!!


'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'




This time, the men were hit with several massive gun turret artilleries instead.

The huge guns were ridiculously long.....  and had enough fire power to damage the ships by 85% once hit.

Its attacks were still lethal and deadly, as they were quite similar to the previous attack that the men had seen.


Typically, if their ships had been made metal, then it would sustain a 60~70% damage.

But with ships made entirely out of wood, the blast made them scattere and erupted with several plank pieces randomly flying about in the air.


'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Kirkwood immediately dived into one corner of the ship, and tried his best to hide from the blinding lights coming his way.

He peaked at the strange ship that was currently sailing around his fleet and felt his back turn sweaty.

Just how did he offend these people for them to attack him so brutally?


The ship rocked and trembled, as more wails could be heard from his men.

"Ahhh!... help me!!"

"My leg! My leg!!!"

Blood trickled down their bodies, and soon..... most of them quickly began loosing consciousness.

As for Landon and his men, they speedily drove their ship around the perimeter of these ships.

They shot at all directions and angles, until they were sure that those on the ships were dead.


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

Kirkwood closed his eyes, as he felt the heat become more intense.

The ship had already been damaged to the point where it started sinking on it's own, yet more shots were still fired at it.

As he bundled himself up at his hidden corner, he couldn't help but curse his supervisors who had sent him here to die.

Why him?


As the heat cranked up once more, he could literally feel his body shredding away from the fiery waves of the attack that seemed to be targeting his exact position.

Disintegrating into thin air was painful as hell... but what could he do?

His end was drawing near and he knew it!

He laid on the floor with a bitter smile on his face.

And soon, the pain stopped and his mind had finally left his disintegrated body.

In his mind, Adonis was the cause of his end.


The battle didn't last very long, and soon..... all the attacks ceased, and the enemies were all dead..... with no survivors left.

The battle was finally over, and with this.... he could finally focus on Lucius' wedding.


'Congratulations on completing your mission Host!'