Back on the 'great metal boggle', Landon and the men were as relaxed as ever.

In short, previously when their enemies were dying from the hot weather..... they on the other hand didn't feel a thing, as all the rooms on board had controlled heating and cooling within them.


So even when they were parched, there was ice water and cool drinks from the kitchen coolers and fridges to quench their thirst.

And fortunately for them, even their control center and other major operating stations were in rooms..... so they were kept cool at all times.


So with all of this, the only time that they noticed any extreme temperature changes... was when they went out on the ground deck to chill.

Those that had previously stepped out and faced the scorching sun, immediately felt like crying.


Had it always been this hot while they were inside all day?

No one liked to suffer or punish themselves, so they immediately made a U-turn back into the ship.

Goodbye Mr. SUN!!


With the battle vastly approaching, they had initially come out with the intention of watching the show from the deck..... but who would've thought that the sun would have other plans?

Well... the sun's plans had nothing to dk with them, as they were still going to watch this show no matter what.

So they went to the massive viewing room below deck that was placed side by side with the control tower.

This viewing room was built for scenarios where the weather conditions (rain, snow, etc) all made it hard for the others to watch the battle.

watch the battle from the deck.


The viewing room was like a large cinema hall with several arranged seats that were all facing massive glass windows.

Of course some people even brought out snacks and drinks while waiting for the show to begin.


Back within the control center, Landon, Gary and several others were all seated at various stations within the room.

For today's battle, in order to give every army type a chance..... he had placed an equal mixture of both the Marines, coastguard guards and Navy seals within the room.


All 3 groups would participate in this battle.... and it was his wish for those who did so, to further teach the rest on what they had learnt so far.

Because for sure, there would definitely be more water-based missions like these ones..... and he wouldn't always be there to babysit them always.

Hence he needed several others to do the job of guiding the rest of the men as well.


Currently, everyone within the room all looked at their targets that were currently sitting ducks out there in the open waters.

Right now, the fleet of ships were all arranged in a square-like formation.... with 10 ships at the front line, followed by the rest.

And rather than facing him, they had tilted their ships sideways... which allowed several spears to stick out from their sides.


Landon looked through his binoculars, as he zoomed in on his enemies even more.

"Listen up!!

There are 46 practice ships out there today, and I expect no one to escape from our grasps by the end of the battle.

Well, its not like they can sail far away anyway.... but still, we'll use this to our advantage.

You all can target as many times as you want, so as to learn how to get precise hits on any enemy.

By the end of this experience, I expect everyone within this room to be very familiar with: targeting an enemy through the detectors, as well as make critical decisions during battle.

From here on out, your Fleet Admiral will take charge of today's operations.

Everyone... Do your best!!!"

"Yes your majesty!!" They replied excitedly.

Finally, it was time to test out their skills on all that they had learnt so far.


And just like that, everyone excitedly took orders from Fleet Admiral Gary.

"Warrant officer Golden Fox, how are the readings looking?"

"Fleet Admiral.... from the radio frequency detectors here, they haven't moved from the original positions very much."


Station 1 to station 2, you'll target the rear end of their formation..... while station 3, 4, 5 and 6, will target the formations left and right sides simultaneously.

As for station 7 and 8, you both will attack the front view instead.

So is everyone ready?"

"Yes Fleet Admiral Gary!!!" They all responded enthusiastically.

Now..... prepare to launch missile attacks.

Remember, those at the rear will launch at count 2, while those at the sides would launch at count 1..... and those attacking at the forefront will launch at count zero."


With this positioning, the attacks would alm hit at the same time.... and that was what they were hoping for.

"Warrant officer Ripdose..... Start the countdown!!"

"Yes Fleet Admiral!

Starting countdown now:

10..... 9...... 8..."



As warrant officer Ripdose counted down, the men hovered their hands above the red button found in front of each station.

The button was enclosed in a glass case when not in use, and had a locking system to each, just in case some idiot accidentally launched an attack that wasn't called for.


'Puitch! Puitch! Puitch! Puitch!'

At their various counts, each team quickly punched ..... the men at ll punched their buttons as hard as they could, as if their lives depended on it.

And soon, several missiles were launched from the ship just like that.


'Tchoop! Tchoop! Tchoop!'

Several missiles soon left the ship and speeded up towards their targets like hungry sharks.

Their speed was ridiculously fast, and hard for anyone to escape from.

And while all this was happening, their enemy was also puzzled at what was going on as well.


A massive crowd of men were all impatiently waiting for the massive metal boggle to start running towards them like crazy.

And the more it stood still, the more anxious they became.

Was the creature afraid of them instead?

"Captain..... why isn't it charging straight for us?" One of the men asked in a fearful tone, while anxiously clenching his sword tightly.


Kirkwood squinted his eyes towards the beast... as if trying to decipher its next move.

What in Adonis's name was it waiting for?..... and why did it stop so far away from them?

Well, today was his lucky day (or unlucky if you will)..... as all his questions had been answered in just a few seconds more.


"Captain! Captain!..... there are several tiny sharks swimming very fast towards us from the  boggle."


Hmhm... true enough, he saw several white lines form on the surface of the water as they moved at absurd speed towards his destination.

He looked at the size of the whitish lines.... and immediately concluded that such sharks would never be a real threat to his fleet, so he quickly relaxed.

And even if they were, the metal spikes on his ships would instantly kill them if they were running toward him at such speeds.


Soon..... one of the lines passed under his ship and travelled onwards.

And for a brief moment, most of the men on the ship sighed from relief as well.

"It wasn't coming for us Captain!


"It wasn't..."

'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'


Once again, just before the men could fully jubilate, all 4 corners of their square formation... as well as the mid sections of each side ( excluding the front view).... were all caught in a massive explosion.

All explosions occurred at the same time, instantly trapping those within the squire formations with no way out..... except ahead of course.



The ocean water splashed vigorously around those ships, as the heat from the explosions literally made it boil up.

The ship shook unrelentlessly, massive orange fists of flames punched it's way through the ship's base... moving upwards into the air.

Everything was just too hard to believe for these men.

These unfortunate ships were now engulfed in a cloud of smoke and fire, as the wooden ships served as a great catalyst for the chaotic flames that seemed to spread about everywhere.


And at that moment, the waves became somewhat powerful ... as if it was a dangerous stormy night.

One could almost hear the song of the mermaids viciously pulling down the ship into the depths of 'Davy Jones Locker!'


Men screamed in pain, while clutching their grievous wounds, from the explosions..... as some men had wooden boards pierced firmly into their bodies, like vampires on a stake.

While others had bruises and deep wounds from the explosion's impact.

Of course others had also suddenly found themselves in the hot steamy waters with several wooden objects floating around them.


And let's not even talk about those that died from the explosions and how many dead bodies were floating about the waters.

So even those who managed to jump out on time, still had to deal with the falling flaming objects that came directly towards them below.


The whole scene made those on board the 'safe' ships feel like kneeling down and thanking Adonis for saving their lives.

Because even though they could see, they still all felt blindfolded ..... as they had never witnessed such a thing in their lives.

Who or what exactly was this enemy of theirs?

And how did these attacks get launched without them noticing anything drop from the sky?

How the hell did this happen?

'Adonis please save us!'


[Adonis: '__' ]