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 'Crieeekkk!!! Crieeekkk!!!'

The early morning chimes of nature continuously resounded within the city unhurriedly.

And rather than waking the people up from their deep slumber.... the melody instead provided a subtle lullaby for all who subconsciously heard it.


And within a particular region, several people could be seen  .

'Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!'

The alarms went off, and the men and women woke up confusedly.... as they heard the loud annoying alarms echoing throughout their dormitories.

Since when were alarms used in waking them up?

What the hell was going on here?

The ringing sounds were too out of the norm for them... and soon, a sense of crisis quickly washed over them.

And just like that, they were up!


They jumped out of their beds hurriedly, wore their clothes, and fled out of their dormitories as if their lives depended on it.

Some ran while trying to tie up their shoe laces.... and others ran while wearing their pants, shirts and so on.

It was really helter skelter around their living quarters.... as people from other dormitories met up with each other and ran towards the massive hall.

And once they stepped out, they saw their supervisors who then hurried them towards the largest hall within the premises.


The hall was as large as 2 massive warehouses joined together..... as it was meant to accommodate all of them at once during formal occasions.

"Move! Move! Move!

Follow the person in front of you!!" The supervisors bellowed.

'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

As the men ran, they also conversed amongst themselves.... as they felt that the whole scenario was somewhat odd to begin with.


"Do you have any idea about what's going on?" Asked a confused soldier, who was currently running alongside his friends.


Not at all...  I'm as lost as you bro!!"

"Are we under attack?" Asked another in a whispery tone.

"Ahh!!.... we might be under attack right at this very moment!!"

"True!!..... but who would do so, so early in the morning?"

"I agree!!!

I don't think that it's an attack at all.

Maybe they're introducing a new method of training to us?"



'Mumble! Mumble! Mumble!'

A series of whispery murmurs, could be heard from the confused running soldiers.

'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

As soon as they got into the massive hall, they swiftly lined up within the massive hall.

They were currently at the Coastguard, Navy, Marine Academy within the Upper Region.

And standing before them, was his majesty and several other supervisors and leaders within the Academy.


A few minutes went by very quickly.... and soon, everyone had been thoroughly brought up to speed about the whole situation.

Of course for everyone here, they had all assumed that Landon had gotten this info from those hidden spies of his.

And even though they didn't know if the news was fake or not.... they chose to believe in Landon instead.

They now had a brief understanding of this temple of Adonis.... and had also gotten info about their purpose in sailing towards Arcadina.


The more the soldiers listened, the more excited they became.

One should know that they had been training within this academy for close to a year now.... and had yet to take on any missions.

So how could they not get excited?

Plus they truly wanted these battleships in action.

It was time to test those bad boys out!


"For this mission, 400 Marines would be participating in it... as well as 200 Navy officers and 200 Coastguards would be going too.

So if anyone here wants in on the mission, once this assembly is over..... they would be given just 5 hours to pack up before we head out!!

We will be carrying out sign-ups within this same hall for the next 2 hours tops.

And remember.... only the first 400 Marines, 200 Navy officers, and 200 Coastguards that sign up, will be able to take on this mission."



At this point, the soldiers all trembled slightly.... as they felt that it was finally their time to prove themselves to his majesty.

So once the assembly ended and Landon had gone.... everyone quickly dashed towards the tables stationed all around the hall and immediately signed up under their different job categories [Marines, Coastguards, \u0026 Navy officers]


'Din! Din! Din! Din! Din! Din!'

"No running please!!" Bellowed some of the supervisors, as they watched the energized soldiers dash towards them at full speed.

And while sign ups were going on, Landon, Gary and the rest quickly made their way towards  the Coastal region.... specifically to the Coatalguard  Navy and Matine headquarters there.

They had stock the ship up with food that could last for the duration of their journey back and forth.... as well as deal with other main concerns too.


One should know that since Lucius was already head of both the police and army forces.....  Landon had previously made Gary the head of operations within the Navy, Marine and Coastguard headquarters instead.

Now even though Gary was the head, Lucius could still technically step in if \u0026 only if it was an emergency.


So since Gary was the head, Landon had also decided to bring Gary along as well... as it would be great if he too got battle experience as well.

Of course once they left Baymard, Captain Trey would then take charge and ensure peace and order around Baymard's shores and coastline.

Like Landon had said.... only in cases of emergency, would Lucius truly step in and take charge.

So until then, if Gary wasn't present... Trey would now act as the second-in-command and watch over Baymard's shores instead.


Needless to say, food wasn't the only thing that they needed to stock up on for the trip..... as they needed all ammunition ready and good to go for the upcoming battle!!

Presently...  Landon, Lucius, Gary, Trey, and several other coastguards, Navy and marine soldiers.... were all inspecting everything that was loaded onto the ship.


Time flew by quickly... and soon, it was time for the selected soldiers to board the ship.

"Listen up!!!!

Before you all step into the ship, you'll have to cross out your names on the lists that we have provided.

For each category [Marines, Nave \u0026 Coastguard].... there will be 5 people assigned to each of them.

And these people will have name lists in alphabetical orders.

The first person in each group will handle soldiers who's first names start from  A-J.

Only by crossing your name out from the list.... will you then be permitted to get on board.

Any questions?"



And so, they began striking off their names from the list and stepping onto their ship.

Of course without wasting any more time, the soldiers were quickly led to their living quarters in groups of 16.

One should know that even though they had been practicing with these battleships for a while now.... there were still several compartments like the living quarters that had always been out of bounds for them.

Long story short, when they were on board.... they had only spent their time within the control center, battle stations and so on.


The soldiers all stepped into their sleeping quarters in shock!

It was very similar to the staff sleeping arrangements done for the cruises.

But since a majority of them had never been on those cruise trips before... the whole thing immediately blew out their eye sockets.

Heck!... they had never even seen the dining area before.... so everything right now definitely came as a shock to them.


Nonetheless, even though the rooms were similar to those within the cruises.... several luxurious elements were taken out of it, since the men were here for war and not for fun.

The ship had 5 massive decks above ground floor that solely focused on the living quaters.


Within each resident unit.... one would 3 spacious rooms within it.

One of the room was their bathroom with had a massive walk in shower that could allow 5 people to take their baths all at once.

As for the other 2 rooms..... they had been designed to look like the soldiers' dormitories back at the Academy.

Each room had 4 bunk beds that were evenly placed out within it... as well as space for them to keep their boxes and so on.

So with 2 rooms and 4 bunk beds placed in each room..... one resident unit was made to take in 16 soldiers for the trip.


But even with alm thes, the soldiers couldn't help but marvel at the architectural design of the rooms.

"Wahhh!!!! Everything looks so high end!"

"Look!... we even have out one wardrobe space behind each bunk bed."

"Hmhm... I like this bed the most.

That's it!.... I call dibs on the lower bunk by the balcony!!"

"I call dibs on the one closest to the bathroom."


The men quickly settled in, while exploring their new home for the next few days.


When it concerned their dining..... of course just like in the Academy, their food would be served on particular hours.

And if they missed those hours, then they could also buy snacks and light foods from the open food regions found within the ground floor.


And who will be the cooks and cleaners on board?

The soldiers of course!!

They would have just if chores that ecaj of them had to do daily.

Be it cleaning, cooking or even compacting the garbage... it would be their sole duty to do so.

But even so... Landon had gotten several cooks, engineers and so on, on board the ship too.

In a nutshell..... the soldiers would take orders from these people when doing their daily chores.


With everyone on board, Landon and Gady quickly said their goodbyes to Lucius and the rest.

And just like that.... they were off to meet these new foes of theirs.

The Temple Of Adonis!!