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'Update! Update! Update!

The ships carrying the people from the temple of Adonis, should be arriving within the coastline of Arcadina 2 months from now.

So if the host sets sail now, the host will be able to reach them in a matter of 3 to 4 days at most.


The system is reminding the host that as stated in the mission clauses... the host only has 1 week to complete the mission after this announcement.

So if it takes 4 days at most to get there..... I suggest that the host doesn't waste anymore time.'

Landon opened his eyes widely in shock, as well as bafflement.

What the hell?!!!

'System.... can't you just give me more time for this mission?

Isn't it too sudden right now?'

'No it is not host!

The system had previously alerted you on this mission clause right at the start.... so the host's complaints are irrelevant right now.

The system would like to remind the host that the countdown has just begun host.

And the system feels like it has gotten somewhat closer to the host over these past few years... it wouldn't like to see the host perish just like that.

The host's life is hanging on a thin thread here... SO GET OVER  IT!!!!!!'



Landon looked at his bedroom ceiling and literally pulled his pillow over his head in sorrow.

He had just come back from his date, and still had the lingering feelings of his fiancee's warm embrace.

But of course, how could this devil-like system leave him to have a moment's peace?

It was like every time he had a little fun here and there.... it would always spring out with random missions about doing things for the greater good.


Landon quickly looked at his monitor, and reviewed his mission again.

Sigh..... it was better for him to prepare for the inevitable.

After all, no matter how much he protested..... the system wasn't going to change its mind.

So what was the point in crying over spilled milk?

▪Side-mission 6: Stop the Temple of Adonis from setting sail into Arcadina.


After reviewing his mission again, Landon looked at his monitor... and looked at the triangular 'travelling' formations of the fleet of ships.

The ships were old but sturdy... and had several bluish black sails hung over them.

The sails also had the word Adonis painted om white and enclosed within a massive red circle as well.


Looking at the way they moved, Landon quickly came up with a plan of attack... as the enemy was making its way towards Arcadina with 46 ships.

He closed his eyes tightly, so he tried to force himself into sleep.

Tomorrow, he would have an emergency meeting with the Marines, Coastguards, and Navy officials.


Typically, even though the marines were generally the forefront for water-type missions out of Baymard.... Landon still felt like giving each unit the chance to witness real battles.

Because in the end, if these ships had made their way into Baymard's shores rather than Arcadina's.... the Coastal guards and Navy meant to protect Baymard, still had to join the battle and give assistance when needed.

So they were always supposed to be ready for any incoming attacks as well.

Hence this experience would benefit them immensely.


Landon laid on his bed and soon dozed off with one thought in mind..... and that was to sue this black-bellied system when he finally let those damn Gods.

NO! Scratch that!!

He would deal with them first.... since it was all their fault that they created such a system anyway.

How annoying!!!


--Somewhere around the coastlines of Arcadina--


'Shwoooh! Shwooosh! Shwoosh! Shwoosh!'

The waters were somewhat calm and steady,  when compared to their rocky appearance a few days back.

On a massive fleet that was leading over 45 other ships..... several burly men were spread evenly accross the ship.

The light breeze turned on their loose clothes, as they faced the tranquil waters before them.


Some of the men were on the sails, ensuring that it was always properly tied.... while others were on the deck, gisting away with their other comrades.

Of course there were those that spent their entire time gambling, while others were doing some 'physical activities' with each other.


One should know that as this mission screamed out war, it would definitely be a distraction to bring women along.

Hence, they could only pleasure themselves during these 6 months.

But of course when they thought of all the Arcadinian women that would soon be within their grasps, they all didn't mind the slightest...as soon, they would have their just rewards.


Rather than looking like an organized army..... they instead give off the feeling of being renowned pirates who had sailed the seas for ages.

Their skins were super tanned,haggard-looking and leathery.... as it looked like the toughest piece of flesh out there.

It was very hard, and more often than not.... it would be filled with blisters and other injuries that were gotten from handling such the ships.

And even without their swords, these men were well equipped right down to their teeth!!


Their beards were unkempt, they all looked like ramshackled beggars, the ship smelled of rum.... and they were always going things like wrestling, breaking objects and so on.

But who could really blame them?

They had been on sea for more than 6 months now..... So who would they keep up their appearances for?


"Lads... We've made it!!" Yelled out one of the men excitedly, as he looked at his fierce Captain who was currently holding booze him one hand and steering the ship with the other.


What did you say there Bidzy?

Did you say that we've made it?

Are we truly at Arcadina's coastline?"  Said a sailor who popped out from a large rum barrel.

"We've made it?"

"Captain is it true?

Have we truly made it?" Asked one of the men, as he truly wanted to confirm it for himself.

Soon, everyone quickly quieted down and looked at their Captain anxiously.

As for their Captain  be smiled a bit, as his eyes soon twinkled at the notion of seeing kand soon.

"Of course its true!

Boys!!!.... soon it will be time for us to make our move on these sinners.

I know that you all are tired of staying on this ship.

But not to worry.... when we reach land, I'll show you guys how to really have fun.

For now.... let's celebrate!

By Adonis!!!.... We've made it!!!" Captain Kirkwood said, while smiling towards Arcadina.

'Just a little bit more' he thought.


The men all gathered around excitedly... and just like that, someone yelled out the message to the other ships as well.

And Very quickly, the entire ship... started to sing and jump around merrily.

The massive wave of cheers, laughter and song could be heard all across the ocean.

And when the other 45 ships saw this.... one by one, they too decided to have their own party as well.

After all, what was life on the open waters without any music and rum?


"Ohhh!!!..... the life on the waters...

it's a great place to be... .. where we drink all day, laugh a day and chop off a few heads....

Ohhh the life on the waters....."


They sang merrily, while swinging their daggers animatedly.

And soon, some of them got drunk again and slept in weird places on deck, while others continued wrestling, gambling, dancing and engaging in more 'physical' activities again.


During their entire 6 month journey..... they had also raised several other merchanships, and killed others as well.

And coupled with their massive fleet of 46 ships.... it was pretty hard for their victims to put up a proper fight against them.


As for Captain Kirkwood....  he on the other hand went back toward his private cabin.

He had to review the mission again and make sure that there weren't any mistakes.

Their ruler, the great Perulius.... had given them one task.

And that was to conquer Arcadina.

To start off, they were to go toward the most deserted regions, and make lain to those regions first.

Then they would slowly build up more forces and eventually overrun Arcadina..... just like they had done when uniting all the empires within their own continent.


"Greg!!" Captain Kirkwood bellowed.

"Yes Captain!!" Replied a one-eyed man, who was coated with a veneer of thick luscious black hair across his chest and face.

His visible tan and tough exterior....  usually made others shiver with fear at the sight of his gigantic frame.

His face had several dried up stab wounds.... as well as well as some men

Indeed, to many a men.... this fellow here could even frighten the dead with his gruesome appearance.


"Greg..... take a look at this!!!" Kirkwood said... while passing a parchment paper towards his second-in -command.

Even though Kirkwood was confident in the rest of his men.... one could never be too sure when it concerned important missions.

The walls might have ears.... and spies might be listening in on them even at this very moment.

Hence he passed the paper to Greg instead.


A few minutes later, Greg lifted his face in an understanding manner.

"Consider it done master!"


Soon with this in motion,... Arcadina would belong to Adonis!!