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 While the men were having their heads chewed off.... the dancing duo continued their lovey-dovey act  while embracing each other gently.

And at some moment during the dance, the duo subconsciously stopped swaying and just gently nudged themselves back and forth while looking deeply into each other's eyes.


"From the moment I succeeded in wooing you..... I knew that you would be my world and the mother of my unborn children.

My Goddess Lucy..... we're still 17 now..... but when we turn 20, I plan to give you the grandest wedding of all time.

Because I'm sure that even then..... my love for you would still grow in leaps and bounds.

I love you Lucy....  now and always"


Lucy's heart trembled chaotically  and tears suddenly streamed down her beautiful face.

As Landon spoke, he secretly gave out a signal with his fingers..... and just then, fireworks went off.

'Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!'

The fireworks had spelled out the words: 'I love you Lucy' brightly in the sky..... and when she saw it, she clasped her hands around her mouth in shock, befor turning around to see Landon's charming smile.

Subconsciously, they leaned closely to each other..... and just like that, they had a perfect date kiss under the illuminating fireworks.

At this point, the ladies at the other buildings couldn't take it anymore.


"Oh my heavens.... I'm going to faint from all this!"

"His majesty really knows how to treat a woman properly."

"That's it!!

The next man who talks to me had to show me his resume.... and I should be able to see Romantic as one of his strong points."

"Honey... why can't you do this for me?"

"How romantic!

Why can't you at least send me flowers every now and then?

Is that too much to ask for?

"Yeah... the cheapest flowers cost 5 copper coins for a hand full.... so why can't you?"

"Its all so beautiful!!!

You see!!.... this is how I want our wedding to be like, so you better prepare.

And if we don't have enough money to make it work... then we'll take a loan from the bank.

Oh... and don't forget the flower petals.

I want a shower of flower petals raining on me too during the wedding."



And so... the evening ended with the duo dancing, eating and basking in each other's company..... alongside their rowdy uninvited guests from the other buildings, and their background squad that did their best to ensure that the date was perfect.

Tonight would definitely be the talk of the Empire in the next few days..... as many of the women retold the story countless times after this.


On their way home, Landon carried Lucy princess style to the car.... as he had noticed that her feet were beginning to hurt.

Lucy held on tightly to her man while being slightly embarrassed.... as she saw her bodyguards lead the way.

If she knew that many other people were also watching her, she would probably burrh her head even more.


Again, this move again set yet another wave of emotions to the other women as well..... and the poor men couldn't help but look at his majesty with pleading eyes.

'Your majesty.... did we do something to offend you recently?

If you do too much, then how are we supposed to please all these women?

Your majesty.... Even though we respect and love you, aren't you raising the bar too high for us now?'



And so, mission: Date night had successfully come to end.... and the organizers finally let out a long sigh of relief.

What a day!!


But while all this was going on..... somewhere far away from Baymard, someone was still going through the contents of a particular letter in shock.


--The Capital, Arcadina--


Sitting across from a massive fireplace within a well decorated bedroom chamber... a chubby looking man with thick fatty fingers, was still reading a confidential letter while mumbling to himself like a crazed person.

How could this be?


Soon.... a beautiful woman about 30-something years old, calmly walked into the room and tried her best to bring her husband back to sanity.

If he ended up going mad, then wouldn't she be the laughing stock amongst all the nobles?

How could she let herself fall so low?

It was all that b**tch's fault!!!

Even after her death.... that pesky daughter of hers still made all her efforts fall in vain.


The woman quickly walked towards her man and massaged his shoulders slightly..... while thinking about the entire thing.

Life was truly unpredictable.

She had killed her husband's first wife during her early stages of marriage, and had managed to drive out the b**tch's daughter as well.


During that time, she had heard that the riffraff used to walk from place to place as a beggar..... and somehow ended up being pitied by the unfavoured disgraceful wife of Alec Barn as a maid.

She had let the girl live because she felt like the people in the palace would probably do a better job at bullying the girl than she would.

And at the time, she was right!!


She had witnessed the girl's treatment there on several official visits to the palace, and had even sneered and spat at the fool back then.

In her mind, there was no way that this little brat would turn out to be better than any of her own daughters.

In fact most of the time, she had even forgot the girl's name.... as no one could possibly remember someone who was now a maid, now could they.


What was the girl's name again?

Lubly, Launchy, Lichy, Lichen, Lucy.....?

Well whatever her name was, she was exactly like her mother.

This 'Lichy' girl was still a thorn in the woman's eyes.

Even after everything that she had done, the whore's daughter had  still managed to have a better life than any of her own daughters.


If she had know all of this before, she would've found a way to get close to mother Kim and Landon back then.

Who knows.... maybe by now, it would've been one of her own daughters standing next to Landon instead of that vixen.


At the time, she had tried everything..... as well as taught all the seduction methods to her daughters.

Their only goal then was to seduce one of the princes and elevate the family's status higher.

One of them succeeded in seducing Prince James, but now he had been 'kidnapped' and no one knew his whereabouts.... so that plan would definitely have to be halted.


As for Prince Connor and Eli, those 2 weren't easy buys to crack.... as they jad never been roped in by any of the noble women since she could remember.

So her daughters were really out of luck there.

But who would've known that it would be that harlot's daughter who would succeed in being a royal instead?

In the woman's eyes, Lucy had clearly robbed her children of their bright futures.

And this wouldn't do!!!


But thinking of the fact that 'Launchy' hadn't married yet, the woman saw a golden opportunity instead.

And even if 'Launchy' had already married Landon, so what?

She would have her daughters step in as second wives and later eliminate 'Luanchy' anyway.

(*Even till this moment, the woman still didn't know Lucy's correct name.

Who the hell was 'Launchy, Lubly and Lichy?

Pick one will you?)


The more the woman thought about the entire situation, the more vexed she became.

From the note that she had read, apparently.... this new empire was even grander..... and might even be richer than Arcadina, as it had glass structures and unique goods there.

It was also said that the people lived like nobles, and all had beautiful clothes and carriages as well.

So how could she allow 'Lichen' over there enjoy all these benefits?


Very quickly, the woman soon came up with a new game plan in her mind.

Mission seduce Landon was in full effect now.

Very soon.... she would definitely kick 'Lubly' out and send her own outstanding daughters there.

She didn't believe that this Landon fellow would have the balls to resist her succulent daughters.


While the woman was engrossed in her own thoughts..... Baron Gustav on the other hand, still felt like the entire thing was just one big bad dream.

Several months ago, he received his first private letter from Alec Barn.... and its contents were what shocked him silly.

The daughter whom he hadn't seen for the past 11 years or so.... was now the future queen of a rich newly established empire?

And to make this news all the more jaw-dropping... it was to that useless prince that everyone looked down upon?


Apparently, that bastard prince had been acting a fool and making his plans on the low.... which utterly shocked the Baron.

At first, he thought that it was all a joke.

Buy when he saw Alec's orders... he subconsciously knew that this matter was indeed a serious one.

Alec had requested for him to write a note to this daughter of his, and try to mend his relationship with her.


He was supposed to act pitiful and place her under his family's care once more.

And as the fatherto the bride, wasnt he supposed to receive several benefits as well?


In truth, he had a lot of regrets about disowning her.

If he had known that she was going to be such a big money bag in future..... why the hell would he have kicked her out?


From Alec's note....  it seemed like that daughter of his would be used as bait at some point?

Well no matter the reasons, he didn't care about the girl's safety..... as what he truly cared about right now, was how to take as much benefits from this foreign daughter of his.

Even if it meant that he had to force her into acknowledging him... then so be it.

But no matter what.... he had to get his hands on this golden opportunity that had presented itself before him.

Now... he finally had a chance to climb from being a middle ranked noble, to an upper class one.

So he wasn't going to F*** it up for nobody!!!


Baymard huh?

It seemed like he too would have to go to that at some point.

What was his daughters name again?

Ah yes... it was Lucy.

Indeed, it was time to pay Lucy Gustav a 'warm' visit.