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 "I like whatever Lucy gives me"



In the end, Lucy shook her head wryly, and gave up on finding answers from this fiancee loving maniac before her.

Sigh... ..... she felt that she was truly lucky to have such a dedicated man who within all these years, had never looked at another woman not even for a second.

His entire heart was hers alone to keep, and honestly.... she hoped that it would remain like so forever, as even know polygamy was a common thing within today's world, no woman was ever placed with the thought of sharingher man with someone else.


A man who just professed his undying love in one moment, and in the next, he was in the arms of another..... wasn't what Lucy wanted for herself.

But luckily for her, the heavens had crafted this particular man just for her..... and this alone, made her feel like the luckiest woman in Hertfilia.

She leaned into Landon's arms, and took in all his warmth.

'Thank you for loving me the right way.' She thought, while looking at Landon's side profile.


8 P.M

They drove towards the 'location', while enjoying each others company... and soon, their vehicle stopped.


The guards all rushed and lined up alongside the limousine, while the limousine driver on the other hand.... quickly opened the door for the lovey-dovey couple.


'The Quartz'

That was the name of the building that they had just stepped into.

The building was just 3 stories tall.... and was surrounded by several 5-storey tall buildings.

And those on those tall buildings, could see what was going on at the terrace of 'The Quartz'.

Today, many people had seen several workers set up some fancy things on the roof terrace.... but they didn't know why or what it was all about.

So many people within these buildings, did their own things while keeping an eye on the terrace.

Just what was so special about today?


"Watchdog team 1, we have arrived.

I repeat!!.... Watchdog Team 1 we are currently at ground level right now.

The targets are approaching and should be ther in 5 minutes tops.

"Copy that P.L team 4!"

The bodyguards kept communicating with each other... while keeping their distance from the couple.

A warm smile slowly creeped onto her face, and Landon led her into the building hand in hand while they made light conversation.

And Landon had already prepared everything, they had used a private elevator to get onto the terrace.



The elevator door opened up, and the duo were immediately greeted with complete darkness..... with only the moon and a single trail of light illuminating the terrace.

The bright yellowish lights on the floor created an enchanting pathway...  which led straight to another string of lights that formed a massive heart at the center of the terrace..

Lucy subconsciously walked very closely towards Landon.... as she didn't know what to expect at this moment.


Meanwhile, those hidden away in the background..... soon issued out several other commands.

"Team 1, get started.

Team 2, follow up not a second later you hear me?!!

Team 3... what the hell are you waiting for?

Send out the band now for heaven's sake!!!!!

Team 4..... are you blind, the lights are already on, move out now!!!!"


The lead operators were having their hairs turn grey, while they issued out multiple orders with their Walkie-talkies.

They couldn't accept any flaws in tonight's plans.

If assassins ever came out tonight, they were pretty sure that they would hack them into multiple pieces!!


While all this was going on within the background..... Landon and Lucy walked towards the center unhurriedly.

"I still remember when mother brought you into our home.

I still remember the first time you tried to act as my personal maid.

Mother told you not to take it too seriously..... but you insisted on doing your job, since you were going to be paid for it.

You stuck by my side, and even drove numerous bullies away from me.

At that time, I was so weak and worthless.... that no matter how much I tried to protect you  I ended up fainting from just a single punch.

While you on the other hand fought to ensure that no one harmed my passed out body.

You were, and will always be the only woman in my heart.

And in truth, some part of me wishes to thank your father for kicking you out of his noble household.

If he hadn't done so..... then I wouldn't have met my one and only life partner.

For all that you've done for me my dear fiancee... this is the least I can do to show you how much I love you."

As Landon spoke.... Lucy's heart fluttered profusely, as several emotions soon overwhelmed her.

She raised her hand slightly, her blush intensified even more.

This was her man..... her one and only true love.

She couldn't help but also thank that Baron father of hers as well.

Wasn't she just the luckiest woman in all of Hertfilia?


"Action people!... Action for crying out loud!!" Yelled the leader ag the background, who was watching everything as if his money was on the line here.


'Click! Click! Click!'


Several lights were turned on in series when they had reached the center of the terrace.

These lights all had different colors that perfectly blended together, forming several images and figures.


The lights created a stunning heart at the center, as well as an image of Lucy that took over a large chunk of the wall.

How the hell did they do all of this?

In short... the entire terrace was also designed with a 'Paris' theme in mind.... as there was even a fake Eiffel Tower at the back that lit up like the stars in the sky.

And amongst all these things, Lucy immediately spotted over 500 reddish flower petals spread all across the floor romantically.


Joy instantly filled Lucy up...   and her lips trembled slightly, as she was made speechless by the sight before her.


He had gone over the top again, but so what?

She loved everything that he did.

Landon took in all of her stunned expressions and smiled, while pulling her into his embrace.

"Do you love it?"



Did she love it?

How could she not?

Who in their right minds wouldn't love all this from their partners?

"I love it.....Thank you." Lucy responded, while looking at Landon warmly.


Just then out of nowhere, another dark corner lit up... and the band began to play their lyres.

"My dear fiancee.... won't you have this dance with me?"

Lucy who's mind was still blown away.... just nodded without even thinking.

Landon chuckled at her cute expression, and pulled her super close to his body.

They swayed to the music.... just like how Cinderella danced with prince Charming.

And as they danced, white flower petals soon  began to rain from the sky..... making it seem like they were dancing under the winter's snow.

And unbeknownst to the lovey-dovey couple, they had set yet another high expectation for men within Baymard.


The women who were secretly watching from those towering buildings, all screamed out excitedly as their hearts began melting from the show.

There were some buildings that had workers there, and there others that were restaurants and offered other fun couple activities as well.

So of course, some of these people there also had their boyfriends, husbands and fiancees with them too.

They had all lined up around their own varandars, windows and terraces..... as they tried to watch the entire show.


"Is that his majesty?

Ahhh!.... So romantic!!!"

"When can I have a man do all these things for me too?"

"I... I want my own romantic confession too!!"

"Ahhh!!... they are so cute together that it's literally making my eyes bleed rainbows."

The men on the otherhand, were also very appreciative of such gestures.... as they also felt like their woman would ever be able to resist such a heart-warming confession and date.

Damn it!!

All this had made them realize that they really had to step up their games now..... as they saw the expectations lingering within their women's eyes.


Some even tried to make their women come back to reality  but it was no use at all.... as their women were all hooked with this romantic gesture.

They were eaten alive instead.

"Darling.... since we've been together for so long, isn't this too much for our own date?

Isnt this done when one is trying to woo the woman into marriage?"

"Yeah I agree!.... I think you all are missing the poing here!

This something to do before marriage."

"Yeah!..... yeah!" Some of the men added.

The women looked at them as if they were looking at aliens.

"What do you all know?

Romance has no time limit at all!

So don't try to change our minds here."


If you really can't do it, just say so..... rather than talking us out of it."