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 Leaving the school premises, Lucy and Landon first headed towards the park first.

There, they met with Lucius, mother Kim, mother Winnie, Grace, and other people whom they considered to be close family members to them.

In a way, this was considered to be a family picnic in itself, as little Momo and the rest played with the royal dogs, ate while sitting on the grass, and told funny jokes a day.


They also played a lot of outdoor games, and fed several birds and ducks as well.

And by the time it was 6 P.M, they all went home.

But of course for Lucy and Landon, they used this time to rest a little, freshened up and change their attires.. ... because tonight, their real date night would begin.


Mother Kim, Mother Winnie and the girls quickly dressed Lucy up.... ensuring that she was drop dead gorgeous.

While Landon on the other hand, was already dressed up and spent his time talking to the guys downstairs.

The entire thing reminded him of prom, as he waited for his date patiently.


Soon, the large massive doors at the top of the stairs opened up.... and mother Kim and the rest first came out with broad smiles on their faces.

She was ready!

Subconsciously, the men all stood up at the sight of the women making their way towards them..... and when Lucy stepped out, Landon's heart stopped.

Her hair was pulled all back, making her facial features standout even more.

And coupled with her alluring red dress, her beauty seemed to be something mythical to Landon.


'Tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!'

Lucy's hips swayed gently to the rhythm of her footsteps..... and as she walked Landon's heart on the other hand felt like it would pop out any moment from now.

It was like no one else in the room existed, but him and her.

Maybe it was because he was already too in love with her..... but in this moment, he felt like no one's beauty could ever match hers.

He felt like whether it was back on earth or here, she was... and would always remain the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen in his entire life.


Lucius gently nudged Landon back to reality, and the men all chuckled at their king.

He was hooked!!

Landon came back to reality and calmly walked towards the blushing Lucy.

They stood close to each other without saying anything.... but in truth, their eyes did all the speaking.

There was great care and affection in them, as they looked at each other dotingly.


Everyone in the room could literally feel their affections at this point.

It was so bad that someone had to yell out: 'Get a room will you!'....before both of them snapped herself back to reality as well.

Landon coughed lightly... while blushed even more, as she realized that she had just been ogling Landon in front of everyone else.

How embarrassing!!

They held hands and walked out of the room amidst everyone's smiles, and immediately got into the royal Limousine.

And just like that... they were off!!


But of course even though they were on a date, her bodyguards still had to follow her at some distance of course.

They were called the P.L Security team..... weret P.L stood for Princess Lucy.


And since they had to be around her at all times when she was out of the castle, of course they would still follow her for today's event.

Hence they drove 2 cars ahead of Landon's own, and drove another 2 behind them.

Since they were already informed about this date a while back, they knew all about today's destinations.


Infact, everyone in Lucy's team knew about today's plans except for her.

They were all involved in making today's theme come to life.

As they drove, they also communicated with the guards who were already at the 'location'.

"Watchdog team 4.... we are taking a left turn at Palmer street.... and should be arriving in 17 minutes time.


"Copy that P.L Team 1."



As they spoke, those at the location hurriedly rechecked everything once more.

"Places everyone..... they will be arriving in 17 minutes time.

The countdown starts now!!"

The entire place had people running left, right and center..... as they did multiple checks all over again.

This was a royal date involving his majesty and princess Lucy for crying out loud.

If they couldn't even get this done perfectly... then how could they be trusted in handling other important tasks.



In the meantime unbeknownst to all the craziness that was going on, the 2 culprits involved with the whole fiasco.... were currently basking in their own world of happiness.

They drove in a limousine, had had utmost privacy at the back.

"What do you mean by it's a secret?

Where are we truly going to?" Lucy asked curiously.


By now... she was already used to Landon's romantic side.

Sometimes they would have simple dates, and other times... this fiance of hers would go over the top in screaming out his love for her.

And to be honest..... she loved both date type scenarios, provided she was with him.

She also loved the fact that their dates were somewhat unpredictable.


Today, she didn't know if it was going to be a simple date or not..... but all that mattered to her was that her man had planned it out just for her.

She in turn had made a mental note to plan a date for him as well.

After all..... the more she stayed within Baymard, the more her mentality changed over the years.

She was also 17 years old now.... and had mentally grown up under Baymard's influence, when compared to her initial 15 year old self 2 years back.

She now knew that women could also profess their love to the partners as well... and this phenomenon was common with most couples in Baymard.


Sure.... the women would never make the first move initially.

But when they had gotten into relationships, they soon planned out their own dates for their partners as well.

She had heard from her female colleagues, as well as some of the married and  engaged women, that they had taken their men for racing and other activities as well.


And they had also bought items and other things for their partners, which made many of the men happy and proud to be dating such women.

After giving and giving and giving all the time.... from dates to basic household needs, it was important for women to also give and night receive from their men all year round.


It was the simple things like these that made the men look at them with different eyes.

They had even heard that some of their men bragged about their wives gifts at work.

The times were really changing, and Lucy felt like she should also make plans for Landon as well.


"I actually wanted to ask you about something too.

Ermm.... what do you like doing the most?

And what's your favorite meal now?

And what's..."

Lucy went hard on the questions, as she realized that Landon... as well as everyone's favorite things kept on changing while in Baymard.

This place produced new goods on a regular basis, so it was nearly impossible for one to stick to one favorite thing for some time.

Why.... just 2 months ago, her favorite snack was ice cream.

And now, it was something called Pringles.


In short, if one stayed here for a while.... they would soon realize that almost every month, something new would pop out now and then.

Be it on new academies, food, entertainment activities and many more..... Baymard was always advancing.

Of course Lucy was right.... as even now, new musical instruments and cleaning supplies like vacuum cleaners were currently in the works.

Not to talk of Landon preparing to open the theater, museum.... and even train actors for the cathode TVs.


Landon looked at his future bride with warmth, while gently kissing her soft hands.

Looking at her cute inquisitive face, he couldn't help but grin a little.... as he listened to all her questions calmly.

She was too darn cute when she was serious.


As she spoke, he had been lost in his own 'Lucy-World'... while gently massaged her hands.

Lucy's face flushed red from Landon's actions..... but she forcefully pushed down her embarrassment as she had a mission at hand.

She had to get her answers God-Dammit!!!


"How come you aren't answering my questions?you haven't told me what you like!" Lucy said while pouting angrily.

This man was always quick on his feet, so why was he now silent?

Landon on the other hand chuckled lightly, while taking in his fiancee's angry expressions.

She glared at him, while crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.

'Too cute!!!', he thought.

"Well... what do you like?"

"I like whatever Lucy gives me"

"Yes... but what is that in particular?"

"Whatever Lucy wants to give me."



Forget it!!.... it was better that she talked to a tree, than talk to him about what he wanted.