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 It was a warm day in Baymard..... as these few days were the last days of spring.

Soon.... it would be time for Summer.... the season that signified fun activities for all.


Landon looked at his watch and unhurriedly made his way towards the massive crowd of refugees.

It was currently  10 A. M.

And since Lucy usually taught within the public school till 2:30  P.M.... it was a no brainer that he still had an ample amount of time on his hands.

So he decided to focus on other important projects as well.


With these new batch of refugees, Landon quickly sent them towards every workplace within Baymard..... as well as academies.

He especially selected a large number of people to be professional performers.

As even though the theater and Performance Academy was still under construction..... Landon felt like they should start practicing now rather than waiting for construction to be completed.


Also.... Landon had to start preparing for the cathode TVs.

So he had also decided to start training actors, directors and crew members as well.

There was no time like the present, so why not make the best of all this construction time?


With all that settled, Landon couldn't help but smile a little, as he felt that he now had enough manpower to further Baymard's development.

"Tim... I need department 6 to start working on these new items A.S.A.P.

I need the first batch done and ready to use by the end of the next week." Landon said, heile handing Tim a notebook.

'Flip! Flip! Flip!'

Tim swiftly glanced through the notes, and quickly hid his shock while listening to Landon.

From what he had seen, his majesty wanted them to make new musical instruments?



Landon wanted them to make Pianos, Violins and saxophones.

With Lucius' wedding taking place on July 25th..... he had planned that during this month of June and early weeks of July, he would continuously teach people how to use these instruments.


When one thinks of a wedding, one of the first thoughts about it.... would have to be heavenly sounds coming from the piano.

Using drums and these other crude instruments, wouldn't do any justice to the event.

Of course the lyres could still be used, as they were very similar to harps..... but that was it!!


Tim looked at Landon's head.... as if trying to pry into his brain with laser vision.

Again..... his majesty was truly something else

How did he come up with these ideas once more?

His majesty was like a well of overflowing ideas... that never seems to run dry for some reason.


New musical instruments!!

It seemed like nothing..... but one had to think of how each sound or note produced had to differ from the rest, as well as resonance and so on.

So if they weren't done right..... the sounds that these instruments could produce could even be similar to devil-like screeches.

"Your majesty.....I'll be sure to get the first batch done by the end of next week." Tim reassured.


Now these instruments aren't the only things that I need you to focus on for the time being.

During our last meeting, the cleaning industry complained about not having enough people to use of mops and brooms .... as they had to clean massive areas within all industries and workplaces.

So now.... I need you to produce 3 professional cleaning machines and 1 commercial one as well." Landon said.


In essence, even though the cleaners were large in number... they still found it tedious to clean several areas with just a mop and a broom.

So for them..... all this still was definitely because they didn't have enough people at hand.

But that wasn't necessarily the case.

Imagine if industries or schools were cleaned that way?

Indeed.... most of the time, they had to do overtime just to meet their cleaning target.

Hence it was a given that this issue would be raised.


Actually, what they asked for... was more people to be sent to their company.... as they already felt like these brooms and mops were already heavenly.

Previously, Landon had upgraded their tools and given them those basic ones.

So they just didn't think that there could be anything better than those standard cleaning tools.

For them, what they needed was more people.

Buy for Landon, what they needed were the right industrial cleansing tools instead.

Hence it was time for yet another upgrade again.


For industrial sized cleaning machines..... one would've easily seen them being used by janitors in schools, superstores, hotels, and even companies.

There were just 3 main industrial ones that Landon wanted:

•An automatic Floor Scrubber; which essentially mops the floor as it moves.

•An Automatic Floor Sweeper

•An Automatic floor Polisher


Back on earth, each machine type had 2 kinds of maneuvers: Walk-behind or Ride-on ones.

Of course the walk-behind ones were cheaper than the other, hence it was commonly seen everywhere... as one could see their janitors push the machines left and right.

The Ride-on ones on the other hand.... required the workers to sit on the machine and drive it like a mini toy car while cleaning.

Both would be created, as he wanted to let the workers within all workplaces choose which one they preferred.

And of course everything depended on price..... as one would be way expensive that the other.


As for commercial cleaning machines, Landon had  just decided to make 1.... and that was the vacuum cleaner.

He felt like pepe having standard mops and brooms at home was good enough for the time being.

And in addition to these tools, the vacuum cleaner could properly handle things like carpets and other surfaces that don't require a mop or broom to pass through them.


"Tim... with this one, I need the first batch done before the end of the month."

"Not a problem your majesty... it'll be done by then."


After rounding up with Tim, Landon quickly headed towards District C.

It was time for him to pick up his date.


2:27 P.M

Within Baymard's public school, the entire premises looked isolated and deserted..... as most people were either in class, at the library, the clinic or the cafeteria instead.


Of course since this was a school for children from ages 3 to 14.... Landon didn't allow them to leave the school premises until it was closing time.

There, the buses and even their parents could drive in and take them home.


2:30 P.M

'Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!!!!!!!'

The school bells resounded throughout very regions within the school's premises, and the previous graveyard scene soon miraculously turned into something a rowdy and chaotic jungle.

The hallways were filled with similar conversations.... as everyone soon spoke about their weekend plans.


Some people laughed excitedly as they joined their friends to talk about heaven knows what.

While others, quickly rushed home instead.

It had been a long day... and right now  all they wanted to do was to get some damn sleep.

Of course, there were others who wanted to meet up and go out together instead.

In short, each and every student here had their own plans patented down as they left the school's premises.


"Ahhh!!!..... thank the heavens that it's Friday.

Now I can listen to my favourite fantasy stories on the radio."

"Finally!!... I can go to the skateboarding park.

Hey you wanna come?."

"Going out?.... Nope!

Bro... I'm too sleepy to do any of that today."

"Me too!

Plus teacher Timithee just gave out new assignments as well.

And you all know how hard his assignments usually are.

So forget about me joining you all out there."


Of course even though classes were over... a handful of students still chose to stay behind instead.


Lucy stood at the front of her class and helplessly looked at the group of students who kept bombarding her with numerous personal questions.

"Teacher Lucy..... please look at this!"

"Teacher Lucy.... if we do this, then will we get the answer that you had arrived at previously?"

"Teacher Lucy...."

"Teacher Lucy....."




They surrounded her for quite some time.... as most of them had questions on their assignments and examinations sheets as well.

And after 17 more minutes, Lucy decided to send everyone away.

She had a date God-Dammit!!!!

And right on queue.... she spotted her brave soldier, who was smiling at her broadly from outside the classroom.


On the other hand, Landon stood within the hallway ..... and nostalgically observed the crowd.

The scene reminded him of his past university life... as he watched the students swarm around Lucy, as they tried to get more points for their courses.

It seemed that no matter what era it was, students would always do the most for marks and grades.


"Alright! Alright!.... times up!

I have to go now, so I'll l only be able to answer all your questions on Monday." Lucy said, while packing her teachers work kit, which was essentially a cute backpack filled with chalk, pens and so on.

And once everyone had left, Landon calmly walked towards her, carried her backpack..... and gently held her hands.

"Are you ready?" Landon said in a deep loving tone, while lifting her chin upward.